ICO Review

Pecunio – Crypyto currency fund

So what is Pucunio? Well, Pecunio is the world’s first fully decentralized investment platform. All the products of Pecunio are fully tokenized. Pecunio also helps the blockchain community and they are building trust by uncovering fraud schemes. Important ICO Pecun.io recognizes Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Fiat Currencies (USD, YEN, EUR, …

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TokenBox – For Traders and Funds

With TokenBox you can create and manage crypto funds legally and secure. You can also invest with TokenBox in crypto Funds and assests in one place. TokenBox has also professional software and it has a foolproof system. Via a reserve management procedure and an if truth be told neatly disposed …

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Rootproject, With the crowdfunding aim

Rootproject is a new type of crowdfunding platform and anyone can start a project and organize a campaign. but not like most of the crowdfunding projects the projects here are made by Rootproject themselves or by one of its partners. And most of the donations are tax deductible. RootProject offers …

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Flixxo : A decentralized video sharing platform

A new and promising project has come to the forpage of the crypto sphere. It’s an project which is holds the promise of LBRY credits, Youtube and even goes far beyond that. Because when an individual sends some form of cash to someone else online it is vital the sender …

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Bitclave – Decentralized Search

Bitclave will be a new generation of search data privacy The target on the crowd sale is 50 million dollars. With a supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens. Instead of the ad companies that gets the money you get compensated a lot. The Lively Search Engine Ecosystem-Bitclave BitClave is a dynamic internet crawler …

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Electroneum – The mobile based cryptocurrency

Installment will have to be made in Ethereum, Bitcoin or USD Global Financial institution Switch. We now have deliberately made 1000 fold the collection of Electroneum cash as there are Bitcoin obtainable, to transport the decimal puts advances and make the coin extra to be had to the standard consumer. …

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