About us

Our goal is to publish useful news articles, interviews, and other bits of information that help med advice you better understand Bitcoin and работа в питере cryptography in general.

Our editorial vision is to deliver hard news — not bitcoin price speculation and rumors. We jobitel.com hope to share the awesome start-ups and projects the Bitcoin community is working on. We also aim at publishing news and information about the most popular altcoins. There’s so much http://jobitel.com/ innovation going on in the field of cryptocurrencies!

We do our very best to be one of the most trusted names in bitcoin news. Part of that is being ethical. We do not spam or submit our own links on social media (we do post them to our own Twitter/Facebook accounts, as you would expect), we don’t работа в питере buy Twitter followers, and we don’t write for the sake of getting page views.


We write about bitcoin and other crypto because we believe in it’s potential. It is as simple as that.




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