Satoshi Nakamoto Apparently Didn’t Mine Bitcoin for First 5 Minutes

Sergio Demian Lerner, a researcher recognized for his work on the mining patterns of the unique Bitcoin (BTC) miner whom he recognized as “Patoshi,” printed a brand new weblog submit during which he discusses his new observations. This time, Lerner centered on the Bitcoin block timestamps.

Apparently, Satoshi (we’ll be referring to the unique miner as Satoshi) barely mined a block within the first 5 minutes. This can’t be random, because the likelihood of a miner discovering an answer to the hash puzzle within the first 5 minutes is zero.39. The likelihood of a dominant miner akin to Satoshi attempting to mine within the 5 minutes with none success is nearly zero.

Patoshi block timestamps (the X-axis exhibits buckets of 10 seconds every). Supply: Bitslog.

It’s not clear why Satoshi was not mining within the 5 minutes of the brand new block interval. One doable rationalization is that he wished to present a chance to different miners to mine some Bitcoin for themselves. 

Patoshi mining

Patoshi mining. Supply: Cointelegraph, Bitslog.

To start with, there have been only a few miners moreover Satoshi, and he possessed considerably extra hash price than the remainder of the community. Satoshi was totally conscious that it was paramount for the success of Bitcoin to get as many individuals concerned as doable. In a manner, Satoshi might need been “recognizing” different miners — first 5 minutes it’s all yours, but when there isn’t any one to mine, he’d get the job carried out:


Supply: Twitter. 

Later, Lerner agreed that the dynamic hash price adjustment inside a single block interval would have been “overkill.” Additionally, based mostly on these observations, he concluded that as much as block 16,000, Satoshi will need to have had about 99% of the full hash price.

Satoshi’s share of Bitcoin hashrate

Satoshi’s share of Bitcoin hash price. Supply: Dan Held.

Seemingly, Satoshi’s objective was to offer simply sufficient hash price to make the community safe with out disincentivizing different members. In accordance with early Bitcoin developer Laszlo Hanyecz, Satoshi was paranoid about malicious actors attacking Bitcoin earlier than it had an opportunity to realize sufficient power, and he even had a GPU miner able to defend it.

That is another fascinating indisputable fact that we can’t totally clarify that will counsel a certain quantity of altruism on the a part of the Bitcoin creator.

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