Joe Rogan Reveals the TRUE Potential of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2020 | Invest in Bitcoin 2020

Comic Joe Rogan lately mentioned the true energy of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the US in 2020 on The Joe Rogan Expertise Podcast via the privateness safety of the Courageous Browser. Reggie Watts joins in on the dialogue, all whereas the community impact of Bitcoin in June 2020 continues to develop. Let’s focus on.

We additionally focus on Joe Rogan’s dialog with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and how he expects make investments in bitcoin 2020 to change into the web’s ‘single foreign money’ in about 10 years. That’s the reason Altcoin Every day is the greatest cryptocurrency podcast in the US in 2020!

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Podcaster Joe Rogan Makes use of Crypto-Powered Courageous Browser

Bitcoin Core simply obtained an improve. Right here’s what’s in it

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  1. All good for me. More traction. Cheers Rogan.

  2. You ROCK AUSTIN, thanks for your work!!!

  3. Cult? It says IN GOD WE TRUST on fiat currency.

  4. It is never too late to invest in bitcoin though, but I have choosing the way of new project that I believe they will explode significantly. has not disappointed me with their passive income

  5. once again everyone is shilling that bitcoin and when u see the comments so many fuckers and mooning too

  6. XRP will be the next bitcoin in regards to growth and potential

  7. What do you think about brave and their referral link I just seen that on Twitter today

  8. You can get free cryptocurrency through an app called the pi network that you download on your phone from Google play or apple app store, the app is free. It gives you pi that could become the next bitcoin. You need to be invited to use the app but anyone can use my code. When asked for a invite code or invite username just type in pb1980.

  9. 5:47 car reving up in the background.

  10. Btc still slow and expensive

  11. Buy BAT, UTK, ZIL and any other low cap crypto and watch them go to the moon in 3-5 years!

  12. why dont you have brave rewards turned on?

  13. Just read a news article that says if bitcoin is to see $100,000.00 investors need to invest $90 million a day. Back in the day I was turned on to a business that followed this same ponzi scheme. And it is a legal business. Those in first get the biggest piece of the pie. So it's not for me. Bitcoin does exist, it follows the Ponzi scheme model to the letter.

  14. 5:34 "Bitcoin just got a major upgrade!"
    6:51 "So these aren't massive upgrades, they are just efficiencies. The nodes are just slightly more efficient"

  15. Well I can say that back in the day when Rogan streamed his show on Ustream I used to watch the Andreas episodes and many more and he would occasionally get tipped by viewers in bitcoin and announced it live as it happened on the show like 2013, 2014 ish

  16. ya
    respect to Joe, but… He is a fighter and just a smart man. Not a financial god

  17. Releases a video in June, 2020
    ''Actually this clip is almost 2 years old''
    Refers to a clip from February 2018

  18. Why do you keep saying "fined-tune"? Its "fine-tuned".

  19. Wollo, the sleeping giant, Filippo Yacob, I believe in this man.

  20. Rogan is getting paid to say he uses Brave. Dont you get it. Cryptards…

  21. I prefer Brave browser. No problems and difficulties

  22. I dumped Bitcoin and start investing on Algo. That's the best thing I have ever done. I like the staking program of algorand.

  23. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zilliqa and ada will be the future

  24. Buy DigiByte: it’s faster and more secure than BitCoin.

  25. Hey Joe!!! Love your works! Lets do some Eboga run into an Aya ceromony and then bust some nuts over our HEX crypto stakes!!! craziest project I love it check it out!!!

  26. Awesome. Joe bringing more attention to the future of industry. Blockchain, as long as the worlds government don't ban it, is gonna completely change the world in the next 10 years.

  27. Cashapp literally does everything. Stocks, bitcoin, payments. Those dudes are trying to be a one stop finance shop. It's actually where I buy my Bitcoin every week. I get 10 bucks worth a week, and cashalp buys it automatically for me. Most of my money goes into alts but I believe Bitcoin is digital gold, a hedge(eventually), a store of value, so I co tune to get a little over time…and honestly, Cashapp is the easiest place to do it. Quick and withdraws to my ledger nano x quickly and easily(as long as the blockchain competes the transaction within 24 hours lol

  28. Bitcoin is really a blessing to me and my family I was scammed few times but now no more I am with the right management Mrs Jaclyn moo

  29. I like Bitcoin but for the best blockchain UTXO tech nothing beats Digibyte. I diversify and own both but I think my real wealth would come from DGB than BTC simply because it is dirt cheap and extremely undervalued. Smart people who are not blinded by Bitcoin maximalism would appreciate that Digibyte is superior as a blockchain than BTC and also LTC.

  30. I have never made such profits i made today, this weeks monday i came across mrmichaelanderson, i explained to him that i was a beginner and he accepted to help me make a trade, i traded $5000 and $15,800.

  31. That Jack Dorsey interview with Rogan is from like a year and a half ago – the date is shown in this video. That's cool and all….. just don't refer to it as 'another recent episode."

  32. (AVA)…
    The Priceline/Expedia of Crypto.
    Only .33c as of writing this. 60m supply. $13m market cap in a $80b+ industry. Do the math.
    Good Luck.

  33. 2/ To the individual(s) that have my USDT, please if you can find it in your heart, please send me back some. I was so close to my goal and dream of my own apartment.

    This is my wallet address:
    Please help me start again

  34. Joe Rogan is one of the celebrities who helps crypto become more popular.

  35. Joe Rogan can get an audience interested. I think that his words interested many.

  36. What about just recently it was found out about the Brave browser scandal?

  37. &Add $tfuel 100x made by YouTube creator Steve Chen. Backed by Google Spacex & Samsung deploying on 75 M smart devices.

  38. Question. If us dollar collapses and is worth nothing what will happen to the bit coin I bought in US dollars? I am freaking out thinking I will loose it. I mean it’s only half a coin but still. Someone help me out with thoughts…

  39. Who cares if he uses it. Why make a big deal about it?

  40. the title of this video is gonna pull a muscle

  41. Pi cryptocurrency… Download the PI Network app and use Anthony619 as invite code… Start mining these coins right from your phone for free… The same way you were able to mine Bitcoin when it first launched..

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