Why THIS is THE MOST Important Metric on Bitcoin (It's Exploding)

Why THIS is THE MOST Important Metric on Bitcoin (It is Exploding)


Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this is not monetary recommendation.

Bitcoin technical evaluation, bitcoin prediction, bitcoin indicator, purchase bitcoin for the search outcomes yada yada.

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  1. I gave my cats a bath today that must be good for bitcoin.

  2. When we get to the point where all our bullish dreams come true, quantum computing will break BTC and hack our wallets. Good night. 🤣

  3. Was wondering what mic you use? Thanks.

  4. hey crypto daily, is been 3 days

  5. The info on BTC is so so, pretty much just shilling… The memes are fire though.

  6. Okay let's be rational, oh I looked at the chart and we've been in a bear Market since 20K. Bitcoin is just now testing the downtrend line of that bear market and it just got rejected. Sorry to disappoint you but the bear Market is still ongoing. After all three years is not long enough consolidate a 10-year run from 0 to 20K.

  7. Awsome, i hope you stay on the technical metric update side. keep us up to date on the twitter fomo, and tether, ( i think tether is going to fuck bitcoin up, whatever) the tether production.. that big drop in bitcoin,, i think was the corona drop,, maybe institutional pussies panicking like they are used to in the stock market.. what ever it is, love the metrics, i am anew fan who cant type well.

  8. The world economy is headed into a recession, it's the first economic recession for crypto. Take that as you will. Imo it's bearish news. Why? If people need cash in tough times, they sell assets. Simple. The US seems to be just printing money tho 😂

  9. @Crypto Daily easily the most entertaining way to get bitcoin info. Thank you for the laughs and insights.

  10. 3:03 Crypto Daily's face when he found out he can get paid Bitcoins to play: https://donnerlab.itch.io/bitcoin-bounty-hunt

  11. Thank you man first time here and i like it

  12. I watched the intro twice

  13. the intro alone got my sub lmao

  14. I think you're wrong about XRP "permanently" losing the #3 spot in market capitalization to USDT. USDT will go up linearly in value whereas XRP will scale exponentially. As USDT is a stablecoin pegged to the dollar, it only gains value as more $$$s are put into it, but XRP gains both in $$$s invested and intrinsic value of the coin. USDT may overtake XRP in the short run, but XRP will very likely regain the #3 spot and possibly even move up.

  15. All your videos are just hopium, none of you are ever right about anything. BTC didn't boom during a halving because it's dead turns into BTC Isnt booming because it will one day. OKAY RIGHT. Theres a fucking worldwide crises they are actively printing the dollars usefulness out of existence and BTC still has no use it never will.

  16. LMAO BTC is not exploding. See even though major currencies are taking hits its because stuff isn't being made. If stuff isn't being made then money no matter the form doesn't have a use. This small little spike that we have seen over the last 30days is people panic buying because they do not understand the first point that I made.

  17. Zilliqa a must have in your Portfolio!!!!

  18. Bitcoin trading is really the best way to make money in bitcoin.
    It requires a real professional.

  19. Took a poop today. It was good for bitcoin 🤪

  20. its a good channel…like it…my fingers are tired

  21. He's like SomeOrdinaryGamers in the crypto world, and funny too 😂

  22. Hey guys! TBX is having a trading contest starting May 25th! 1 million TBX prize! Only 16 mill total out! Go get it!

  23. Being able to predict the future price movement, this has helped greatly in making investment decisions with service Nazira Mark offers different people around the world. Plan your trade and trade your plan…

  24. Great analysis.. First time viewing but have sub'd 👍

  25. Loved your funky intro man.

  26. That intro was incredible…

  27. Still enjoy your videos! Grounded realistic zynic fun entertaining! And thanx don’t showing me any analystic diagram Charts with fancy colorful lines and triangles and circles and comparisons to charts in the past! Thank you so much….😘

  28. Anyway I’m very BEERish this days….🍺

  29. Is there a longer version of this intro meme ?

  30. I was thinking the rules of Bitcoin was set in stone, and then we came to a fork.

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