The Epic Bitcoin Dump of 2020

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  1. It’s all pump and dump. 0 value. The rich are taking poor peoples money.

  2. Update it this shit went 10k+$ bro😂😂

  3. Hahahaha who else noticed dancing Chika at the end

  4. This is fuckin amazing hahaha 😂

  5. I need more memes like this!

  6. 😂f u dan Pena keep talking shit

  7. Over a month later since watching this for the first time… and i'm still searching for it again.

  8. practice media distancing

  9. hahhahhaha fuck you MSM we bounced straight back
    take your government controlled digital shitbux and shove it up your ass

  10. Great video! Mike cameo was epic lol

  11. awesome song. needs to be about 5mins would go off!

  12. mike novogratz making billions with his billions

  13. 1:13 からのキマッてる外人のとこなんていうか分かる人います??www

  14. the morning person i am, and my wife is not, she dont like crypto like me, and i designed a alarmclock that playes this at 5.30 every morning on my 14.2 system, (two 7.1 systems). lets see how long i get to keep my wife, and my appartment. good thing is my landlord and neigburs is a chill 😉

  15. Should have bought at $4k btc oh well lel

  16. Who is Christopher soper to bitcoin Google it.

  17. Mike Novogratz survive the coronavirus here 😁

  18. Dan pena is a wizard financially, but he isnt exactly up to date with crypto. Cant know everything. But great meme 👍🏻

  19. Welll, don't party too soon. We're not out of the woods yet. The next big swing is decisive. If we hold above 7500-8000, a bull market from this point might still be a viable option. But if it just drops straight though you are not seeing any bullmarket for the next 5 to 7 years or so. As a matter of fact, in that case tou will be seeing a 1200-800 btc.

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