01:23 Market Replace
01:43 Bitcoin Halving
09:30 Bitcoin and Oil ETFs
14:04 Tether Mints 1.6B USDT


Bitcoin Halving – Below 1500 blocks left to be mined earlier than halving hits. Will this paint one other bull case for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin buying and selling and different markets

Tether Printer Goes Brrrr: 1.6 Billion USDT Minted In April As Bitcoin Recovers From March Loss
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  2. 01:23 Market Update

    01:43 Bitcoin Halving

    09:30 Bitcoin and Oil ETFs

    14:04 Tether Mints 1.6B USDT

  3. Look at the 3 year chart since 2017 were still in a bear market unless we break past 9.8k. 0% chane we pass 15k this year

  4. I,am bullish for now it’s fine

  5. Do u think a big dip will come before or after halving?

  6. I'm going to break the record on converting my free $1200 on Wednesday to BTC. Right before the halving….why not?

  7. Any mainstream economist knows nothing about Austrian economics.

  8. Nobody thought of a bitcoin mining farm running on oil yet?

  9. Good o🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  10. 3:49 Looks like Harvard and Columbia Universities are grooming morons as economists.

  11. I am not sure how Tether isnt shut down, I mean what the hell are they doing, get them out.

  12. Tim Draper knows technology investing like no other. He predicted $250,000 by 2023. Not this year as you stated. He’s circled back and said that’s conservative. Let’s hope he’s right as he was in 2014.

  13. Prize I won in a drawing never made it to me. Who do I contact? Love your show and watch it as much as possible. Quinn in Sonoma California.

  14. With the market in such erratic state I still get trade returns on all and it comes weekly with the aid I get from Mr Robert Kirk

  15. EDI (Freight Trust), small marketcap project is just entering the market, thanks me later 🚀

  16. Id love to hear their reasoning…I need a good laugh.

  17. Halvings gonna blow up more and more Gettin ready before that

  18. Great Video Here. Its refreshing to hear an honest view of crypto news rather than listening to the usual brigade talking nonsense, the secret behind crypto currency is to build a portfolio now that Bitcoin is sitting around 9,OOO. Amazing tips from Jackson Ben was all it took to excel in the world of crypto. Finding Jackson in a video of which I even coincidentally stumbled upon, was a divine encounter and I owe him my sincere appreciation. After watching the video, it was an eye opener to bitcoin trading strategies, My earnings has increased drastically from 4 Bitcoin to 17 Bitcoin in just 3 month..I have full confidence in his trading abilities.. Little wonder they call him the Blockchain Master( success at its peak ). You all can reach out to him through his TeIegram (BenjaminJackson) Good luck every one


  20. Tether is the biggest bubble. If you divide BTC marketcap with USDT marketcap, we are actually downwards.

  21. Massive money ‘printing’ continues. 👀

    Bitcoin 🌾☘️ spring mining reward halving getting closer every day …….

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