In immediately’s video I’m going to check out bitcoin worth reaching multi-yr resistance final evening and the implications of bitcoin breaking via these multi yr ranges with the halving developing in 14 days. Be a part of me..

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  2. Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown 10 days 21 hours

  3. A tap in you back from here xd

  4. Not your keys not your coins that’s why

  5. Bullshit breakout more like it! The majority of volume is from Tether! The price of Bitcoin is way over valued in comparison to real volume!!!!

  6. even if btc dumps to $10 . moontards will never stop screaming the halving and 20k.

  7. "unprecedented!" 😉

  8. Why don't you refer many things like other crypto youtubers? Such as phemex, bybit, traderview, etc…

  9. I love you bro but it's not going to break out for about 6 months. There's always a dump after the halvening from smart contrarians.

  10. Great video Crypto Love!!, the best part 3:00 LOL!

  11. got it, time to short ;D thnx

  12. You look like Chuck (God) from Supernatural TV Series

  13. I love the confidence and prophetic views something promising to watch even if it isn’t fulfilled. Pay attention to macro and micro is what he is analyzing

  14. Love your channel mate but we are going lower than 8100 imo. If not before the halvening then not soon after

  15. Is your MACD strategy still working out for you ?! I usually just have a hodl position but i just got myself a 0.25 BTC for trading purpose and i'm looking for a strategy to use 🙂

  16. I’m crazy not that crazy friend..tempting but nahh..bitcoins stay in ledger unless I want to sell..that company wanna close up shop..get hacked..get robbed..say good bye to your bitcoins ..forever! No insurance or anything will get them back..a risk I’m not willing to take..can’t speak for others but ..if you don’t hold the don’t hold any bitcoin

  17. Too early to rekt city.
    I anticipate a big selloff before it finally take of for real.
    Too much delusionnal moonboys on youtube.

  18. I lost all my invested money by longing BTC and now I don’t have anymore free cash to buy BTC😢😭 Please donate few dollars to the guy that believes that Bitcoin is the best money ever created! 1AKkYCbcJejuVG66tQi9i82FdYcihatZ7x

  19. Celsius is the real deal! They pay you in crypto so as the price increases your interest payments get multiplied.

  20. yes, shout out to CryptoFace! I use his indicator on my channel!! We are killing it!!

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