CRAZY BITCOIN PREDICTION THEORY! This Actually Changes Everything…

In in the present day’s video I wish to share with you a loopy concept on precisely predict bitcoin value, or on this case precisely predict bitcoin value, what Bitcoin prediction will do on quick, medium and long run time scales. Bitcoin echnical evaluation, basic evaluation, bitcoin halving, buying and selling, and so forth be damned.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. I said we're all going to buy yachts

  2. RJV12 algorithm everywhere 😀

  3. Nice try, but read about RJV12 algorithm first

  4. Back to your 'lovable best' bro!

  5. Ayyy Crypto Daily still poppin with his fresh crypto memes

  6. When i chart ta these days. I purposefully look for areas that look like "i'm a puppet" zones and i play either side of these zones. Helps a little lol

  7. Everyone was just saying "TO THE MOOOON!!!" A couple months back and then we got a big drop to 4k again.. let's see how this plays out

  8. Make more videos! Please

  9. Can you do a video of what will happen if someone shuts down the grid and attacks the bitcoin network with their farm of minors run by generators

  10. haahahaahaha best crytpo news ever

  11. this has to be good…very good for bitcoin..

  12. You are not saying it correctly, the entire thing is a massive P & D – that is the purpose. The practice is similar to penny stocks of companies that have 0 revenues, it's just that crypto is completely unregulated.

  13. Should really change the name to crypto fud. This channel is practically anti bitcoin at this point

  14. Hey daily,
    You should check Nash Exchange. They have non-costodial Bitcoin trading, REAL BITCOIN, not some wraped sh*t

  15. Ur an independent thinker, that deserves a follow.

  16. Great video! I'm curious if there are any good institutional volume brokers like Prime XBT for those of us in the US. Thanks for any help. I would like to purge Coinbase asap.

  17. Lol gosh dude u fell off

  18. DO NOT USE PRIME XBT just play the TURBO and try to match it w/ any other btc chart and you will see the scam!!!! YOU WILL LOSE IT ALL!!!!!!!

  19. 06:37 💀💀💀I'm so weak, May the 4th be with you

  20. this is another great video bud! Really glad you are back and keeping us in the loop. it's quite clear that BTC is an accumulating crypto, leading to the next uptrend/ bull market,

    with all the knowledgeable speculations  in the crypto community it will never cease to stop inflating with time.  On the other hand I making way more profits with the help of Mrs Kyle Holt Karens platform, she proved to me that trading btc is still very lucrative just more demanding and she has the perfect resources. Its been  3 months already since I ventured into her platform and I have received almost (10) btc to my wallet within this period. A quick search on Google would give a bit more insight about her " Kyle Holt Karens "

  21. Another price prediction….just what we need….

  22. Cheers everybody!
    Awesome content so thank you for.

  23. Im waiting for a new vid evry day, plz upload meen. So much happening now.

  24. Excellent mate. Honest perspective. Tired of hearing a "to the moon" analysis

  25. PrimeXBT use Lmax not Elmax for Liquidity 👍 much better Haha

  26. Can some recommend something better than Coinbase for me please

  27. That's why I have a savings plan. It buys more when low and less when high. Because trying to time the market is just plain stupid and you are invested at all times because MOON! Also, TA sucks and is boring and useless as fuck.

  28. Great vedio , lot of idea's, nice insight into the world of crypto

  29. 00:59 buenas re lindo video lo disfrute bastante deseo el proximo éxito me despido les dejo cariños gracias

  30. 00:59 hola increible video me encanto ansioso de el proximo material me despido les dejo besitos muchas gracias

  31. Finally someone who isnt mooning all the time.

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