WARNING: Bitcoin Maximalists Chamath Palihapitiya & Raoul Pal BOMBSHELL: The Markets WILL IMPLODE

►Early Investor and Bitcoin Maximalist Chamath Palihapitiya reveals ON TV that the market is propped up by false narratives and grasping CEO’s who’re actually DESTROYING their firms and in flip the ECONOMY (this makes us ALL indignant and Chamath is RIGHT! Allow them to fail!!) ! Plus, we evaluation an important piece of Raoul Pal’s manifesto “The Unfolding” which lays out the timeline of the market collapse (and he is been proper about every thing up to now!) Plus The Fold card and SCAM OF THE DAY!!


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  1. i agree with your perspective on day trading. I used to be a professional gambler. it became a drug and it destroyed me. Now that im some what back on my feet and in quarantine I wanted to study this day trading thing ……when I spent 10 days learning it…….I came to the conclusion that its basically just gambling. Day traders make decisions based on chart analysis but say their decisions is based on human psychology…..you might as well play poker then?

  2. I’m late to the party but yes. I think he is right. You could write a book on this but for me the defining BS of this all was when individual investors – speculators – lost money on oil futures. There’s no reason that a person, a person who can’t process the goods, should have an oil future. Other than to create a bet for bet sakes.

  3. We're in the first inning of a total collapse, it's very obvious at this point.

  4. Chamath is right. “Let them fail” is true capitalism, not this crony BS that exists today.

  5. Sigh… sensationalist nonsense.

  6. Guys………… when moon?

  7. Most traders fail. Maybe around 95% or more retail traders fail. Maybe 90% of professional traders fail. However, DCA will not magically transform a trader into a successful investor. They just stay a trader who can't read a chart.

  8. HEX does not exist ?Hex is the only thing doing anything in crypto

  9. Cool! I just signed up and DL Fold. I'm liking it. Thanks for the link. I did get the 30k sats too. Easy $2.74 LOL

  10. I'v been DCA sense I entered crypto markets in late 2017. I am still rekt and keep seeing my money deplete. If I swing traded and sold the rallies I could have at least 5x my money for 2.5 years. Instead I am still rekt hodler crypto moon boy. You want the truth. Only people who make money are smart money swing traders, they use algos to buy and sell and making fortune in the process, while fools keep holding thinking they have "strong hands"

  11. As long as the rest of the world is tied to USD, your Bitcoins success is subject to it. You may be buying your weeds with Bitcoin, but your landlord, where you get your groceries, where you fill your car – don’t accept it. Well, maybe your landlord – I’d accept it. ☺️ But people keep saying Bitcoin to the moon! If everyone is broke, what ya buying Bitcoin with? Not your looks… People will need USD to pay bills…their BTC will be all of “value” they have left…They WILL be selling. Bitcoin will dip below $3k by August. Thank me later with flowers.

  12. Every big daytrader on YouTube or Twitter – They all first became rich by having invested early bull market stages of 2010. Or Crypto in 2014-2015.
    Held through many years and became rich. Then started trading with 10% of their portfolio and sell themselves as "pro-traders".
    This is a joke.
    They didnt get rich from trading.
    They all became rich from investing early and holding a few years – then they start trading.

    Thats what I Saw from every Trading influencer.
    I never saw any to get rich from solely trading from 1k to 100k or more.
    And I am in this space for 4 years already and studied trading for 3 years myself.

  13. Buybacks are companies investing in themselves, its not evil like everyone thinks. Companies should fail in a free market, no bail outs. People cant save 6 months of money because of inflation and taxes. Men & women both work which drives down labor costs. Illegal aliens drive down labor costs even more. The stock market has been propped up since 2008.

    Ultimately the sole problem is government.

  14. No one knows what’s going to happen.
    Holding 1-2% of NAV in digital assets is smart
    Holding 10-15% is speculative if financial independence isn’t achieved
    Anything more without financial independence is foolish.
    “Don’t bet against America” it’s multi dimensional message.

  15. Reward by bailouts to those who mismanage through greed at all levels.

  16. Bro i got rekt, lost 70% of my portfolio now im betting against the Pump. Don't be me.

  17. Can you provide me the link for 'The unfolding' Thank You

  18. Keep working on with this website link online maskoffweb,com I confirm 7btc on from this website link maskoffweb,com

  19. This is NOT a pandemic crisis, it's a microeconomic and debt crisis. Those that lost their jobs in the bricks and mortar retail sector from 2016, 17, 18, and 2019 stopped mindless consumption (and investing) long before the corona virus. Poor biz models were living on debt and poor investing and they got a second chance to get out. If you didn't….

  20. Sooo…investors who have crypto with Robinhood. Cash out and rebuy on Exchange? Or hold on Robinhood …is it worth it to sell to own the keys, ?

  21. Max Keiser has been saying this sort of thing forever. I bet Chamath watches the Keiser Report. 😉 This isn't really a revelation, It's great that he's saying it ,don't get me wrong, and its great that the CNBC audience and their shill presenters are hearing it too. It's time for these old corrupt boomers to be weeded out of the global economy and those positions of power that they have abused so that the rest of the worlds population can go on into the future with a proper well functioning economy. No boomers, you can't have it all, fuck off.

    And yes, DCA + hodling is the best policy re Bitcoin IMO. It will be worth infinity more in 5 10 years.

  22. ah yes, digibyte is pumping because the crypto market is not real.

  23. Buy BTC today sell it at 50% rise Greed is bad adviser

  24. The big question for me is, when the market finally comes crashing down hard, will cryptos go down with it, or will it decouple and make gains?

  25. Every time Chamath Palihapitiya opens his mouth I listen. He should be President what a great human being he is……….

  26. You should do a video on Outlet Finance

  27. 1:23 hey amazing video me encanto necesito el proximo grabación me voy les dejo besis agradecido

  28. Chamath is wrong about letting the airlines go bankrupt.

    He’s a bit of a lucky guy who got in on Facebook in the first year and worked hard to climb up, but he really doesn’t get it.

    You don’t kill the airlines. That would be stupid.

  29. A stimulus package won't do. They'll have to either go into negative interest, which is more stifling that helpful, or… they'll have to rev up the chopper, for real this time, and de-regulate the loan market, to make sure as much people as possible, get 0 interest loans, with little to no questions asked. Of course, that's when the real inflation will start. It's kind of like music chairs. In the end, there'll only be one chair left to sit in.

  30. Chamath is absolutely correct. Nothing to be angry about. If you invest in a business with neither reserves nor fundamentals able to sustain a crisis, it is on you alone. Get wiped out.

  31. PUBLIC NOTICE: ALERT: THERE IS Robert Kyosaki BTC giveaway live now. Report it please … It's nothing but scam

  32. no liquidity in btc. cant sell my coins

  33. If Bit Coin is illusion, then what kind of mirage is FIAT money. I think it’s a joke that people still buy bonds.

  34. "…a crisis created like this."
    It's hard to keep secrets.

  35. I’m watching YouTube within YouTube

  36. In 29 fed didn't start buying every single piece of the market for trillions of dollars….just to make people realize the difference…not saying is ok, but is just a fact. I suggest to buy btc and gold indeed cuz hyperinflation risks are real…gold in particular have these strenghts: benefits from inflationary events, and benefit from a deflationary sistemic risk. I think gold is 100% a win next years.

  37. Do you know if Cryptobravos is a legit brokerage company?

  38. 3:40 – WHO CARES? WHO CARES? hahah love you Chamath!

  39. I recommend you read Doug Casey on this subject, he aligns completely with Chamath … this disaster hasn't even begun.

  40. Thank god someone who thinks TA is a bunch of BS

  41. I’m a crypto convert however one thing confuses me. Doesn’t crypto’s value come from fiat money?

  42. Chamath: are you from Bombay or Gujarat or Kerala ?

  43. Don’t day trade it’s gambling! I’ve wrecked my bag a bit and lost a few coins!☹️

  44. I stopped watching when he started to praise that Freemason Zuckerberg.

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