Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Biggest BTC Bull Trap In The Making (April 2020)

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation: Biggest BTC Bull Trap In The Making (April 2020)

The worth of Bitcoin has seen some minor retracements right here and there but it surely appears able to shoot in direction of $8k and doubtlessly greater than that in direction of $eight.4k-$9k to fill the CME Futures hole within the wake of Bitcoin halving. We’d as soon as once more see a lot of retail bulls get overly excited and this time, they could be strolling into the largest bull entice in Bitcoin historical past. Whereas we all know that BTC/USD is printing a serious bear flag which may be very prone to result in a serious decline within the weeks and months forward, we additionally know that this time sure circumstances could be totally different.

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  1. I think so man. I always like your view.

  2. Do you think Bitcoin will see another bullish cycle?

  3. Oof posted this durring a 600 dollar green candle. Please stop calling for a major crash evertime there is a 20 dollar correction. Bitcoin shrugged off the oil crash in a day. How much market strength do you need to see before you realize we are still going to moon? How you are STILL bearish and people on these comments think your right is beyond me.

  4. Damn, a little bit late. But, you have been talking about this move in recent videos.

  5. 🤣🤣 u will never learn until u lose all ur money u will never get in waiting for 1k btc u will wait forever just buy and hold long term smh

  6. Trump the whole time has been trying to get out of wars!!! Think! Dr. Fauci is deepstate it will eventually be exposed he is in cahoots with the W H O, CDC, Bill Gates to line their pockets behind an international vaccine.

  7. You must be a multi billionaire since you know the future price movements of btc!

    Oh, no you are not a multi billionaire. In fact you are not even a millionaire.

    In fact, you have no money since if you did you wouldn't be trying to make a pathetic living by uploading YouTube low income videos.

    Put your money where your mouth is and sell your house, your car, your clothes…everything and short the shit out of bitcoin if you think you are so clever. You dont need to make these garbage uploads if you can become rich trading cryptos. Right?

  8. It's gonna see a big sell off def 3K, even much much lower! The only thing is that I got into Crypto as I was desperate in the UK – No jobs, beurocracy and extortionate rents pushed half the population into a poverty trap – This poverty trap will get bigger – People need a dream to hold onto, but with the onset of quantum computers I can't see this antiquated slow money transfer system having any legs – Big money can create a faster better branded system that the public will jump upon and create yet another manipulated market!

  9. Appreciate your video, Crypto market is still small and the market makers, bankers, brokerage companies, manipulators I guess could step in to start a sell off once US market crashing. I continue to watch closely and trying to be ready if happens. Appreciate your view. You did say in past video bullish long term, but incredible times and volatility! Thank You

  10. Starting a war in the middle of a global crisis doesn't sound like something that would make people happy

  11. Saying that bitcoin is a parallel currency is incorrect. As well as saying that it will be worth less when US goes digital is also baloney. Bitcoin is the ALTERNATIVE to the massive printing that is diluting the purchasing power of the US Dollar. You recently changed your tune and said that we may see a pump to mid-8k…that would invalidate your Bear Flag thesis. Posting that we will see a severe decline in the future for BTC on a day when Bank of Japan announces that it will launch unlimited QE & Double Corporate Bond purchases just keeps people uninformed.

  12. i think you will realy be successfull with IOTA 🙂

  13. Tanks for your content. You keep it real and this helps alot

  14. 03:20 the metaphor ist just truly amazing

  15. I can't say for sure if you work for the rooobini guy. But unless the tech sector crashes hard Bitcoin will continue going up. Most Bitcoin investors are from the tech sector and it's doing great so far relative to other sectors.

  16. The biggest moves in the market comes from the bigger bet is on the wrong side of the trade, look at the chart and you can see who is winning in the tug of war, price action is telling the story!

  17. Great info Bro !!!
    Thank you.

  18. Thank you! Just got back from work and was thinking a lot of what you are and have been saying. I’m starting to see the opportunity forming

  19. Thanks for the informative content, I have regularly watched and read your articles for a while now. Keep it up

  20. Your indian accent pisses me off

  21. Just Incase you didn't know, on tradingview you can click "compare" In the top right, and then select whichever market you like (i.e s&p500) and it will overlay that market over the current chart. Shows the clear effect the stock market has on crypto.

  22. Good analysis bro. Your analysis already show some sign.

  23. You are always bearish and mostly your analysis goes wrong…so dont know if I have to trust you on that…

  24. Trump WILL be the President come November this year! No Matter what… Theres no Doubt in the real American peoples mind.

  25. as long gold is bulish, so will bitcoin. When there is no more gold to buy (banks keeping gold themselves for insurance especially even more now), the only option will be crypto for all kind of people to get a feeling of insurance. So the banks can not watch inactive due to liquidity as soon the hyper inflation comes in – and this is for sure: The inflation it will come.

  26. Bitcoin i=can't be used to buy anything needed in common life. So when time gets tough, fiat cash is still king. Btc is just another asset class at this point.

  27. Wow u sound like u want to unsubscribe the few subribers u have. U sound like the cryto analyst of death haha

  28. Very good video Moon Boys are ignoring. Bitcoin gaining price for a decade because stock market was in a bull trend for a decade too. And that decade bull run is coming to an end, simple as that. Also Bitcoin dragged down by stocks 50% cannot be ignored. It just can't be fixed in a blink of an eye.

  29. Here we go get ready for takeoff

  30. 1:23 buenas amazing video lo disfrute deseo el siguiente video los dejo les dejo besis agradecido

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