Trading Bitcoin – $BTC & $SPX Hold Court, but $OIL Drops

Trading Bitcoin – $BTC & $SPX Hold Courtroom, but $OIL Drops
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  1. Yeah! Bitcoin is indeed the next generation gold…

  2. Does not matter if they cut oil to zero, there is a glut of it that is not moving and there is almost no demand for it…….high supply and low demand

  3. i believe with time it would become one of the strongest currency, i meant bitcoin actually lol

  4. I support Bitcoin, however I feel like the government is going to brainwash the people to go towards the digital dollar

  5. U have to click sell button on lev ETFs to make money 🤣. Just kidding. Btc bull div on weekly

  6. Stock Market is currently 80% overvalued!!!!

  7. You gotta use Sous Vide method to get resturant style Steak at home!!!

  8. Get a splatter screen on amazon. Its a wired lid

  9. You are blaming the DEMS for closing everything?? THE WHOLE WORLD CLOSED EVERYTHING!!! lol.. so closed minded pun intended

  10. Can we get a chart for MNK tomorow? Thanks

  11. if your oil is going everywhere you have too much in the pan. Brush some oil on the steak, season it and drop it a hot pan. Cast iron is the best for a pan as it holds heat well and wont lose the heat when you drop the steak in. Preheat the cast iron pan on high heat for 5-10 mins before you cook. If you are still worried about oil splatter get a mesh splash protector, from any homewares store for a few bucks.

  12. Background just awuful, without it much relaxing to watch

  13. the worst nerd design on that bitcoin card, can't take it seriously like the flag of nepal.

  14. Make a small BBQ with charcoal briquettes for the steak…make all the difference.

  15. Wtf I came here to see the guitar playing

  16. If we have another volatile drop in the stock market, Bitcoin will test the swing low.

  17. Hey Tone, how do you explain the fact that usdt dollar market cap raised up from 4 to 6 billions in less than 1 month?

  18. When you go for the right source, you recover your lost which I did. I know of a good website where you will invest and make your maximum profit. If you are interested let me know.

  19. We were rejected at the 50DMA again so we could see $4-5K at the Halving in my opinion. Sorry for my english

  20. you have no idea what you're talking about

  21. Check your twitter, you'll find (for real) how to make a steak like at the restaurants. 🙂

  22. Nice, many views for mr Tone. He talks about all kind of markets and stories, we like that.

  23. Use avocado oil, healthier and much higher burning point

  24. Do you take into account the new geopolitical dynamics?

    USA is cutting off chinese import to rebuild own production and favour alternative imports like from Vietnam.
    Another effect. Growing antichinese sentiment in the world. Thai Web Army is basicly doing antiCCP revolution in internet.

    Actual question. China will strongly oppose dollar system by proxyinfluence or redistributing us bonds, proping gold, silver and btc. Because this is their last leverage they still own. Except cheap production. If they can't sell in USA they will make a strong pressure on other countries Europe, EM, Bricks.

    USA doing herd immunity scenario (it is not a suprise USA is nr1 infected country in world, all ariplanes in USA are IN MOVE! this is a political plan). Lots of dead but also the first nation in western World to start with immunity again with a full steam.

  25. What do you think?
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