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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Right now: Ross Ulbricht predicts Bitcoin’s worth to $1,200. Additionally, I am going to use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra!

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    DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!


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    I don't do sponsorships, so I have these affiliate links above for products I personally use, to keep this channel profitable. Also, I don't accept donations, use that money to invest in yourself or buy Bitcoin! If you want to support me, use any of the affiliate links above and leave a like & subscribe! THANK YOU!

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  2. Lollll this guy really dont understands stimulus bill. Coronavirus will go away and stimulus bill will pay the rent meanwhile. Trump wants to get reelected, he will do whatever it takes to please Americans

  3. if this or this happens so you don’t really know so what the f…

  4. He is wrong. But not cause he'd be mistaken. His "speculations" are carefully dictated by those who own his ass. Why? That's another story and it goes a couple of years back. We'll be talking about it soon and that's a promise 😉

  5. Got my 10BTC from spantools on ¡Nstagram

  6. at 1:06 when you say, "you should deflshwliwdshtvisdo" what do you mean???? its not the first time you do that what is that all about? it's like a splinter in my mind, if any of marketing ideas, its working really well, Id like an answer from OP, thank you.

  7. I think it only fair that if you reccomend NordVPN that you should be aware that US users are free to use Exchanges outside the US but NOT without RISK. Many exchanges require KYC and report to the IRS. Stiff penalties would ensue if caught!

  8. what software do you use monitoring bitcoin?

  9. Bitcoin to $1000 lol what are you smoking my man? I need some lmao

    My opinion 3k bitcoin is the lowest it will go now

  10. I watched this video 4 said after it released. bs

  11. краткий перевод на русский – вот тут видите три линии одна верх другая вниз. короче битку пизда. спасибо за просмотр.

  12. Dude stop spreading this nonse, you dont serve 100K followers mupped

    Edit: nothing happend LOL, BTC is up to 7K again LOL

  13. Garbage. Your two sources are a guy in prison and credit Suisse a company that makes all it's money when people fear what is happening with the world .

  14. BTC to 1k would rip the market. no more bullrun. it'd be plain dead. not happening

  15. Really guys if you want to reach something you need to invest first. The way you bring news the way you behave looks like a carseller who sells rotten cars. It looks so cheap. I greedy times be wealthy in rich times be on the background you and the rest are f7cking it all because of your greediness. Your income my ass you do not have a clue from shares

  16. This channel is going to shit….

  17. Shouldn't he concentrate more on not dropping the soap? Instead of being there spreading fud.

  18. is there any reason why the halving cannot be skipped or postponed this time around due to the current epidemic?

    if there is no valid reason why an exception should not take place, then we HAVE to ask ourselves why are they moving forward un-necessarily knowing very well that combined with the financial withdrawals taking place due to the ongoing pandemic that btc is likely to tank hard??

    why? anyone please?

  19. Come on dude! Such vids make me so angry! Why don't you say, people sell ur coins so I can buy in cheaper?
    Fuckin bullshit talk! It will do the opposite its my opinion… Btc is growing up slowly but steady…

  20. Lmao if you counter trade everything said in this channel you would be very profitable

  21. Guys bitcoin is the future and it is the best investment someone can think of.

  22. Lol so comical that those predictions still being made

  23. 1200 bitcoin!!! im buying as much as i can

  24. So a dude in jail says something? Who cares?

  25. Who gives a rat's arse! If it goes down, buy If it goes up, hold.Simple logic!

  26. 1:29 hey excelente video lo disfrute bastante deseo el proximo video me voy les dejo besis agradecido

  27. Gets views but I really cant see this scenario with the amount of liquidity central banks are forced to pump into the system.

  28. I hope this works when i use it. i have seen a lot of these videos and read a lot about binary trading but whenever i use the strategies i see, i rarely win. infact i have lost the $10,000 demo money in my Nadex and Iq-Option account. What am i missing. i am getting frustrated.

  29. soon ok ! can you tell me when ?

  30. In the Utopia you can chat with other users and ask them questions.

  31. 1:23 hey amazing video me gusto deseo el siguiente material me voy les mando besitos muchas gracias

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