80 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Exit Plan

Bitcoin – 80 Trillion Dollar Exit.

I discuss how Bitcoin will finally grow to be an exit ramp from the crashing 80 trillion greenback monetary system, the financial disaster, in addition to the market affect of the worldwide pandemic. Should you take pleasure in it please, share, like and subscribe!


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  1. What are your thoughts?

  2. As soon as I heard that beat drop I liked the video.

  3. Bullish after a consolidation. Let's go check out the 200DMA first.

  4. Personally been going for ripple (xrp) has a 3-5 second transfer time making it safer for long distance transfers. Do your own research but I'm putting my back on it.

  5. Hey Guys Can you do a video about fusion FSN? This seems gettimng big in the market. please, thanks.

  6. Yep bitcoin excited an extinction of 99 percent of alts

  7. It will NOT be Bitcoin. Bitcoin is in complete control of a few. It is constantly being manipulated. Energy was used to create it! Another asset controlled by a few. It is sweat equity that will give true fair global equality. The coin or token must be earned..The working class will have their currency. It can not be purchased initially. People must provide a product or service to earn the New Global Currency. A currency backed by people for people..

  8. Your Videos videos are very useful thanks for all your information.. Hats Off 👍

  9. Bullish 2020
    God bless Bitcoin

  10. It's just the flu, bros 😉 however, Bitcoin is cool

  11. BTC:
    I am not in danger, I AM the danger. I am the one who knocks.

  12. I don't think people really understand the total reality revolution that the block chain provides. This technology will make the technology of the 1st industrial revolution look like childs play.

    Bitcoin is like having a battle cruiser from star wars fighting against a tank from world 2 being the dollar… ultimately we all only live one conscious reality at a time. i would rather go out with a fighting chance to make the earth inhabitable again as opposed to sticking with outdated tech and wishing that i would have actually tired to see a future that we havn't dreamt

  13. I'm relatively new to purchasing bitcoin but now I'm positively bullish and a definite long

  14. Bullish – great review of history and opportunity.

  15. Yeah well, who was really watching the DXY in March?

  16. 2:45am-bullish
    8:00am-TO THE MOON

  17. I hope the government is not behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency because they wanna get rid of the dollar and have full control with digital Wallet but that’s my opinion I have a per folio of bitcoin Ethereum and xrp .. Take a chance and don’t look back!!

  18. So should we buy bitcoin?

  19. Counterfeit money is just something the rich people magically made to be fake where it’s the same exact process as printing money the only difference is that they can do it but regular people can’t what a fucking joke the government is

  20. Deep state has already made attempts and succeeded on controlling BTC. I would be very skeptical trusting it has no affiliation to US goverment

  21. Damn I know we want BTC go to the moon but this documentary is making it seem like its a new science. Chill bros!

  22. bulls are coking the bulls are coming moooooooooooooooon

  23. All the central bankers have to do is lower the rents and the economy will be fine for people can spend problem is rents and mortgages are to expensive reason people can’t spend

  24. Bitcoin will never win you know why cause the Feds got the big guns lol

  25. I believe Bitcoin will do exceptionally well but to think Fiat will collapse then you are just deluded i'm afraid. I own BTC, but most people won't and never will, so Fiat needs to exist. If you believe otherwise then you're just naive.

  26. so the early investors are the controllers, where the wealth is, and the miners are the owners like then what happens when it is also destandardised by the next generation? Gold mining went to gold standard, now digital gold=digital standard.

  27. Unfortunately bitcoin can be manipulated as well, by people who own enough of it. The same as every other asset though, so it's still the best option

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