In at present’s video, I am going to point out you in depth what I suppose will occur and the way it will occur on this third bitcoin halvening on Could 13, 2020. Be part of me…

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  2. Boom shakalaka…Bula from Fiji

  3. Good news about Corona it's a hoax, just the flu ☺️☺️

  4. BITCOIN, ALT COINS, CRYPTO AND DEFI WILL BE ILLEGAL IN 2021 Due to Agenda 21 and Terrorism Funding and Decentralization..

  5. Buy bitcoin and loose all of your money

  6. Bitcoin has absolutely 0 value because it’s scam and absolutely useless. Bitcoin is not money and has 0 backing so why the fuck people should invest in this crap?!!!

  7. Remember, a Bitcoin halving has never been encountered in a global recession…

  8. be big dont go for 10 $ stuff btc is going to 100k one day you will be sper rich

  9. intresting but addin short to the plate can do wonders

  10. How does that mean Corona is ending? It's just on pause till we all leave our houses again you muppet…

  11. It’s going down to 4K-5k first before halving then pump

  12. At 8:53 you don't know? They'll get REKT.
    You are going to have lots of traders of all levels including the most experienced ones panicking once they see what they've done.

  13. Guys can’t you see that the cycles get LONGER each time!? What happened in the past (even if it will happen again) won’t happen as quick as the previous cycle. It will take much longer

  14. 2k to help in institutions' in that were late to BTC. Following CME gaps should keep under 10k for a few years.

  15. The biggest challenge for a bull run this time is the leverage trading ! It’s not gonna be easy for btc cross it’s all time high .

  16. Iceland 2008, Russia 1917 and 1991 🇷🇺 Argentina 48% inflation 2017, Greek banking crisis 2015, Cyprus Government Bank Fiat confiscation 2013, USA/UK/EU banking crises 2008, US Gold and Silver confiscation 1933 /34 🥇🥈

    Best to diversify away from government and fractional reserve banking system into decentralised crypto such as Litecoin or Bitcoin to spread risk as well as secure your assets

  17. It is hitting a peak for the countries that got hit with it earliest and then put in strict measures.

    For the UK and US things have only just started. Neither country is taking it seriously enough yet.

    America in particular have got at least another 6 months and a massive death toll to look forward to.

  18. Everytime someone predicts 1mil it crashes. Maybe I should sell. 😂

  19. This video was awesome, thanks Randall !

  20. Yeah,?you’re right. I saw it. This is an big opportunity to someone that’s whom has a rock head, metal heart, and cement feeling. I bought at 13k and when it dropped to 3k8…. I felt I got a fever but couple days later it got x2.
    I think this is a game but a smart ones. When you could controlled ur mind . You’ll be a winner.

  21. Hrmm, 🌈 🐻 can eat my shorts 🩳, bitcoin to the moon 🌙!

  22. crypto love motivation video, nuggets of info, peace 😎

  23. Like the positive vibes

  24. Shorts will get slaughtered once the FOMO sets in.

  25. When all BTC is mined, then we start to see a frenzy.

  26. 5:47 this ladies and gentlemen is what you will not hear on any other channel
    Others will tell you omg omg 3k btc but this right here is the truth and you know it

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  28. I do not understand the current excitement of people who act on crypto / finance experts and the most erroneous thinking that you can have as "it used to be, so it will be today and will be tomorrow". In the calculated time (and even more so in the future), the volume of turnover will be much more important, because the newly developed BTC are included in the limited percentage range in access, the amount of BTC already available (currently 88% of BTC is extracted), and this is of fundamental importance.

  29. Not 2020 it’ll
    Be 100k by end 2021

  30. Don't sell your bitcoin this time just invest with hack_castro on! G for sure mining I just got 3btc in my blockchain wallet

  31. U have no idea i saw ur old videos about nebulas 100 dollars price prediction now 29 cents. Ha ha ha

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