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In as we speak’s video, we focus on the bounce that occurred to Bitcoin over the previous couple of days, in addition to what we are able to do to make it possible for we’re worthwhile on this time of uncertainty.

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  2. If the US issues a limited supply crypto/digital USD with an effective blockchain backing, what do you think would happen to BTC?

  3. How many Bitcoin do you recommend for the medium long term ?

  4. 12:00 lived in the Philippines i can testify the people there are so damn chill it's disturbing to western minds lol

  5. I think TA is irrelevant now. All that matters is the time it takes for people to realise that their fiat is very rapidly heading for zero.

  6. So do they have a definition of what businesses are essential?

  7. Things are gonna get bad. Soon jebbs right arm will be so ripped he'll be able to take on dwayne Johnson in arm wrestling!

  8. Hey Jebb!! What is the beat way to protect our Crypto Assets from Uncle Sam aka. IRS.???

  9. I hope the guy at the beginning says I order bitcoin to the moon!

  10. So has anyone realized that they are placing Florida man under home confinement one county at a time?

  11. What is an example of freedom of assembly?

    Hosting a party, having a board game night with the neighbors, or even going to church are all freedom of assembly examples. The difference, however, is that freedom of assembly protects those whom the government believes may “cause trouble” when they get together.

  12. Awesome video as always mr:) Stay safe. High five from Norway

  13. Thanks for your words. Very gratefull.

  14. It will crash and burn like the whole world in 2 weeks loser

  15. Love the content great views. I believe we will be more bullish then ever going into this halvening. May hit key supports but overall we will be back around 9k sooner than may (IMO).

  16. It was a pretty major deviation all in one go.
    I suspect BTC is putting in a head and shoulders before dropping while it normalises and finds or comes back into its down-channel over the next 10 days.
    England started the 2nd world war, not Germany!

  17. WWI triggered by Franz Ferdinand assassination

  18. Hey since you are going to have some time on your hands. How about a longer form video all questions considered. Keep up the good work. You are wise beyond your years

  19. You are to much locked in the house, let your dog take you out for fresh air ,stay away from the news😜

  20. Crypto Jebb. Just found your vlog. Love it. Great advice about working on yourself! Positivity…..not doom thinking.

  21. Quantitative easing feeds financial markets, not the real economy. This time, bitcoin is in the market as gold, they put money in it, then they will go back to amazon, google, and so on… BUT that's true, your government will inject money in real economy, too. They said 2000 $ / adult and 1000 $ / child, did they ? Sorry if I didn't understand all what you said x) Peace !

  22. Im sitting at home and finally focused and studying your TA program. My wish is to never return to work, gonna use this time wisely.

  23. The virus is the very best excuse for the governments to print the hell out of money . My friend was told he has the coronavirus to find out it is just the flu .

  24. silver gold , bitcoin to the moon

  25. God bless you Jebb! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on crypto like always and adding aspects of your faith as well. I commend that! I work for the government so I still report to work enabling people to work remotely in these times. I am happy to be working.

  26. Excellent video and love your thinking, such a good point at the end

  27. Love your content Jebb, always appreciate your analysis <3

  28. Hi Jebb, how many BTC do you reccomend for the medium long term (i.e 5 to 10 years from now )

  29. I work at a grocery store, half the crew has jumped ship. I work 70-80 hrs a week now. 100% of extra pay going to btc along with most of my savings. I’m all in and about to acquire my 4th unit. I expect to end up broke or very well off. It’s a chance I’m willing to take. God bless you Jebb. Love your vids and your constant positive outlook👍

  30. Tbh we will still see more down side, bear market is not done yet

  31. dont invest in Bitcoin! NSA is wachting you! beware!!!


  33. Hi, love the videos man but in the last two you said that you think the price will go down on the short term, what fundamentals or technicals are you basing that statement on?

  34. Don't forget to search about 1. Bill Gates on outbreak and pandemic, 2. Event 201, and 3. ID2020 … … … All of them are connected to Bill and MELINDA Gates Foundation .

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  36. Good positive attitude Jebb.

  37. BTC is dead , look at the LTC halvening, it dumped after that same will happen with BTC, miners get paid 50 procent less after halvening, they will get out,already 50 procent of hash rate has capitulated, what would you do if you get paid 50 procent less? HEX is now a great opportunity to make massive gains, transaction costs are always 0.01 cent, staking feature, choose your own timeline of the stake by setting the date, get intrest, ERC-20 HEX went up already 10 times in 100 days, when have you seen BTC doing this? people building new software on HEX , and if you have BTC you can freeclaim HEX now untill November 2020, finished product and audited by Fintech smart contract developers Coinfabrik.

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