Trading Bitcoin – Back to Being Bearish (w/ Zoom Q&A)

Trading Bitcoin – Back to Being Bearish (w/ Zoom Q&A)
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  1. Are you a bear in isolation? or a bull?
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  2. The government should apply draconian methods to ONLY dumb people and people with a criminal record. If IQ < 100, draconian methods apply. This will cut out a lot of the “do without thinking”. But if someone really needs to override the government they can do so by having someone in the remaining nearly 50% of the population do the task for them.

  3. HD looks so good, thank you for good work.

  4. Why do you talk about how much leverage a position has? Isn’t position size more relevant? X% of account. Any responsible trader will use their stop to get out in the worst case scenario, not their liquidation price so it’s irrelevant how much leverage you use, just how how much of your account is in a trade.

  5. Are banks/ govt technically ready to ban cash or is that 2+ yrs out ?

  6. Tone I like your Shirt and Looking good with clean shave lol

  7. If Bitmex implements KYC, gamblers (like me) will move "play" money to more fly-by-night casino type scammy sites instead (not necessarily for trading either). And when those sites run off with the loot, just like crypto ponzis, they'll cash out BTC for dollars… which is bearish for Bitcoin.

  8. Appreciate your time and work Tone, stay safe

  9. tone vays is always low leverage and too cautious, thats why never reached million dollar trades to my opinion, sometimes in life you have to go all in

  10. Using prisoners to manufacture masks is a form of slavery.

  11. What happened to Adaptive Capital? I hope everything is ok. I liked those guys and their analysis.

  12. Satoshi needs to be a penny, not a dollar, for Bitcoin to hit a million

  13. Did bitcoin finally give tone cancer? (Bald now?)

  14. Man, I keep getting distracted by the dude with the cigar ffs

  15. The guy with the cigar is so annoying.

  16. For over 5 years, cryptocurrency has been my most favorite digital investment and mostly when it comes to the king of crypto Bitcoin which has been so greenish ever since this year begin, although some people who sold due to panic when it was bearish will be back to buy and price will exceed all time high of this year 2020. we should not fall when there is a sell off and market drops. btc is actually becoming bullish as it has reached the dip, corrected and about to retest resistance at $6,200 which was once broken will shoot the asset well over $7,000. This is an indication to buy more at the current low and consider trading to increase that portfolio. i still believe it's best we make use of every market we find ourselves either bearish or bullish as what matters is finding a working strategy/daily signals to grow the little you hold at the moment, for me it's been so profitable because i was so lucky enough to know of Mr Connor James who is a pro trader and also signal provider. Trading with his signals has been so magical and profitable which i was able to grow my portfolio from 0.9btc to a total of 6.8btc within 4 weeks of active trading which you would agree is a very good profit. It is important i advice those who are willing to grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the upcoming bull market to take advantage of Connor’s daily signals, He can be reach via Whatspp: +13658026461 and Telgram @ Top_signals247 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  17. Thanks joe & tone. I’m relieved my stop at 4100 would have been liquidated as joe mentioned our 7600 long would have

  18. 40% of miners all over the world are unprofitable at 7.5K or lower
    60% of miners which are Chinese are profitable at 5K or higher

    IF BTC is under 7K on the halvening date….and the virus is still spreading….then i dont have a single logical reason to believe that BTC can hold this year.

    OR i wish that all BTC narratives come into play after the pandemic ends (mass adoption , regulation , goverment support , store of value , digital gold)

  19. Delusional Tone, a satoshi 1 usd before 2032. You are talking about a 100 million dollar bitcoin… I assume you wanted to say a satoshi 1 dollar cent.

  20. Where can i get that tshirt from?

  21. Tone back to be bearish and btc back for a bull run . great

  22. Why is Tone more orange than Bitcoin?

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