YOU'RE INSANE TO KEEP YOUR MONEY IN THIS MARKET! Bitcoin Crypto Market holds! XRP is NOT an Answer.

►BREAKING: The cryptocurrency market by no means ceases to amaze me. When you suppose you recognize the place it is going to go, it does the precise reverse! Cryptocurrency Market or Bitcoin BTC market HOLDS STRONG regardless of the worldwide financial and well being disaster! This appears good for the long run! Analysts says if BTC does NOT maintain 6k then it would drop to sub 5k RAPIDLY. Additionally, Ripples new companion kicks XRP within the enamel and says it is NOT the reply (for now at the least). Additionally, Bitcoin Money is set for its HALVING on four/eight


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  1. I am with you on this, I don't have the stomach for trading, only in Ethereum now with the Dumbfuckery going on!

  2. Are we best to help keep down the price and support another re-dump back to 3k? Guessing we need to help institutions' that were late to this and may want in.

  3. I love the video. HODL time.

  4. I don't think BTC is going down for now. We shall check the trading live at Blockchain and come to a conclusion. With this whole situation of the rollercoaster in the stock market, the performance of digital assets is showing us how it can behave during these crises. My advice is to not sell right now. Good times are coming for all cryptocurrencies.

  5. I'm stacking baby ????

  6. It was 10 years I believe not a year. Warren Buffett ! Sorry I get it and Agee with your point !!

  7. Thats an interesting paper there. One more "little" thing to consider about Bitcoin: Who the hell made it??? If it comes from China after all, chances are there is a backdoor in it.

  8. Pump it bruh. All these clowns hoping for 3k or 2k lol. I'm looking to accumulate right NOW cause there won't be a 2k BTC

  9. Glad you got back Ok… Great Content – Thank You again – We are all locking our selves away – Social Distancing…. We are going into winter in the southern hemisphere too… It will get worse before it gets better…

  10. How Dare You….. Bit Coin is Bit Coin… The rest are Poop…

  11. TA is history not the future…. DCA and HODL….. Long Term… With a few Lucky Trades every now and then..

  12. Many US banks are limiting cash withdrawals. The banks are run on a fractional reserve system. They are lending out money they don't have. Now banks can lend without having a reserve at all. It is easy to imagine the next step

  13. That helicopter money is buying BTC as soon as I see it.

  14. Please Get your Facts straight!!! Yes silver is @ $12.00 an ounce but good luck ? finding it at that prices because it’s sold out EVERYWHERE!!!!

  15. Gold & silver are Sold out I don’t care how much it went down. Try to find silver for spot price it’s impossible. Test what I am saying & Google it.

  16. If you do use cryptocurrency for payments or any other transfer of value it really is the easiest to use and i think the lowest fees too

  17. what happened in cyprus a few years ago!!!!

  18. The Fed is allowing the banks to loan out money with no security. This means they can also print money with nothing backing the loans Scary

  19. Helicopter Ben Remember when he did

  20. You cannot compare assets with different sizes. At least you need a certain asset to get to a certain size before you can compare it to others. Cryptos market is still small and with such size it can be anything. This is one reason why a big portion of institution money is still on the side when it comes to Cryptos

  21. BTC is still 81% positively correlated to the S&P 500 since July 2010. A short stock market closure is not unprecedented. It happened shortly for about a week after 9/11.

  22. Hey- i have to shout out- i am seeing WAAAY less scam posts on Twitter and YT, Great work!! you are making a difference!!

  23. So now that crypto has eaten Silver's lunch it's going after gold next. Interesting.

  24. Keep doing what your doing????

  25. XRP? EOS? That is one helluva bag'o'5hitcoins ya got there!

  26. Regarding the stock market, your only going to lose money if you sell. Don’t sell, wait a few weeks, buy the index and average down. Do you really think that this is the end of the world? It’s a scam to get you to sell so banks and funds can consolidate even more. If your not in the market, go Crypto and buy those coins with a strong underlying technology. Look for tech that solves a problem.

  27. BUY BUY BUY USA dollars … we are all going to be trillionaires

  28. I love your content.. I live in Playa del carmen mexico and I think we are the only country not taking the coronavirus seriously.. bars and restaurants still open. No one seems to care about what's going on.. so many resorts have closed and left many people without jobs for the time being..

  29. DCA all the way. Day trading is too much like financial russian roulette for me.

  30. Everyone is cashing out stocks bitcoins and everything they can for cash. The Dow futures are down 1000 now so Monday could see the dow crash another 3k. Before this hoax virus is gone the Dow will be down around 5k. Bitcoin will probably go back down under 1k.

  31. with an average of more than 2000 views, so far, only 50 people. helped in reporting the scam videos

  32. Is XRP the scam of the day?

  33. Last I heard, Peter Brandt got on the either-or non-committal train like 99.9% of a YouTube TA guys, which is totally unhelpful in figuring out how to plan or invest.

  34. Thanks for this informative channel

  35. You forgot about BCH halving? Wooooowwwwwwww…… btc halving much more important, but keep eye on the ball. Hodl BTC hodl BTC not xrp not xrp. Sell xrp to pay Bill's (bad currency). Hodl BTC forever no matter what (great currency). Hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl

  36. How much ya want to bet big boi?

  37. We have to wait for the collapse of the derivative markets before crypto's moon shot. And precious metals. The fake manipulating has to go away to have real markets.

  38. Im new in the crypto , why you need a exit strategy ? You cant just sold everything one shot ?

  39. Both can happen nonstop printing and bank failure you can only take out limited amounts of your bank account. Devaluation of money comes later, also unemployment, companies closing because no income.

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