Physical Silver Decouple Bitcoin Can't Decouple: with The Moon and MMCrypto

Take a look at silver costs at and for your self.

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  1. Carl seems stumped if hes not talking about buybit and shilling his viewers

  2. MMCRYPTO widze ze jestes bardzo zainteresowany tematem nie da sie tego ukryć ?????

  3. Thank You DAavincij15 For Educating Karl and MM, They Owe You a Lot….

  4. fuck illuminati you are playing their game with this shit BTC… BTC to 1 million no because of TA or freedom BTC to 1 millio just becaus is part of the #agenda21 …..we are investing in the evil yes we gonna be rich but a lot people will die fuck #NWO so sad #BTC

  5. UK ROYAL MINT SOLD OUT all silver and about the same number in £18 to £24 as $18 to $24. spot price paper not real silver oz £13.50

  6. interesting question was: what would you buy silver when gold gets 2k or alts when btc gets 20k. I'm wondering what do you think about it Davinci?

  7. Due to the latest pull back, a lot of people could easily have a financial breakthrough or get doomed. there are signs that Bitcoin will pump and become incredibly expensive. so to be a part of the revolution, it’s best to start growing a strong portfolio now rather than holding. i was brought up as a smart trader to always look for way to make profit no matter the condition of the market which i have been doing using Jose Amaury daily signals/strategy, with his signals i have been making good profit ahead of the next bull market. Again i was able to grow my 0.9btc to 6.8btc in just 4 weeks of active trading and looking forward to another profitable month again. it’s only fair i encourage others who wants to make profits to find a competent trader like Jose and copy trades for maximum profitability. Jose can be reach via telegram @ jose37 for inquiries into profitable trading system.

  8. I Forgot to Tell you Davicij ! … A Pupil is Missing … The Guy Merten The One From Data-Trash .. This Fellow Needs Help Too….

  9. Indeed very good to see how Bitcoin is decoupling from the other traditional assets!

  10. Don't travel all you , be care …

  11. is there any silver coin or token and which exchange?

  12. Kommt ihr eigentlich zurück nach Hause wenn die Grenzen zu sind

  13. A time limit should be placed on each idea

  14. Davincij, I miss the intro that had your cousin in it. Thanks for the update.

  15. Love to see the three of you together. It's like the best financial channel in history.

  16. Gold is going to $1000 / Silver $8 – as for supplies… I'm not far from the Swiss & Austrian borders here, and supply is a non-issue. I think the supply issues youtubers are talking about is very geographical dependent problem.

  17. Holding Bitcoin and precious metals is always a good hedge against the Banking system.

    Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving getting closer each day ..?..??‍♂️

  18. Try to buy gold or silver in difficult times. Banks take 50% premium at the moment. Imagine bank selling bitcoin with 50% premium on top. Crazy right? You will stay an hour outside trying to buy some silver/gold coin until the security will tell you that everything is sold out. Any complains about liquidity in crypto market??? You will come next day again and feel like shit. You will try to get rid of your paper money and pay premium they want. After that everyone will rethink BITCOIN and will not complain or abuse it. I am writing about the situation in Germany. Imagine buying metals in other countries … I guess it is even more difficult. Love you channel Davinci! Thanks for so many interesting ideas you told us in "good times".

  19. maybe if the means of production were owned by the poeple as well as the means of monetary creation and making laws as well as decision making, then we could have a system where prices don't fluctuate, where the production (aka wealth) is redistributed to all citizen equally so that no one lives in the streets, plus having a real stable coin that would be neither inlflationary nor deflationnary nor speculative, and that way, all theft of wealth by the top 1 to 10 % would be physically impossible and all capitalists and financial crooks and fraudulent systems such as banks or fiat woudl cease to exist. only freedom and power of people would exist free of any from oppression, coprorate oppression, state oppression or religious oppression, its called democracy and social libertarianism (or real libertarianism as the US version is just a extreme form of capitalism that as nothing to do with libertarians that are by essence against capitalism)

  20. I watch your channel because of you Davinci, please let douchebags like altcoins to zero Carl (and also NWO/Bakkt paper bitcoin Ivan) stay at their own channels. No respect for them, Chris is ok.

  21. I tried to pay my roofers in cash and they told me to wait they could not get the money in the bank for a few days. It was only 7000 and they asked me why I wanted that much cash.

  22. nice one! you made an extra video for your channel. give you 10 dumps up!

  23. Zoom stock is on the rise for people that are into stock trading. Everything is being streamed, school, yoga clases, meetings etc so look into it if you want

  24. Lol silver decoupling?? Ask that scumbag dealers at what price they’ll buy that silver back at. Decoupling my A$$. The dealers are scamming people, people are just to ignorant. Yeah they have that ticker to quote you your sell price. Wake up Jerm.

  25. Why would anyone buy Bitcoin when they need fiatmoney to pay rent after becoming unemployed. I can see many bearish factors for crypto this year.

  26. davincji15 please say what you think about ripple

  27. Keep an eye on DASH everyone

  28. someone answer me please – if the price silver physical is decoupled from the paper derivatives why is the price at Bullionvault, which holds physical, very close to that of the ETF?

  29. Why would we go into altcoins w btc at $20k? That would incur a capital gains tax event! Not only that if the alts don’t pump you won’t make enough money to pay the taxes on the btc you sold at 20k. That’s what happened in 2018! Terrible idea imo

  30. keep up the good videos. your videos have low volume. just letting you know. thank you!

  31. Why, Oh why are the lawmakers planning to leave out those poorest people from the stimulus checks? Have they no shame? .. a filing for 2018 and a minimum income of $2500.00 to qualify? .. and what about those who did real well in 2018 and lost everything the following year .. no checks for them .. 2019 doesn't count. Think of the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people who will not qualify for any food aid stimulus check .. for being either too poor .. or doing too well in 2018, followed by bankruptcy .. they should send an aid check to every American with a Social Security number. … and also the health workers who earn just a tiny little bit too much .. just like the poorest, they also receive nothing. No hazard pay.
    Send every American a check .. NOW .. or people will do what is needed to find food. I shudder to think what will happen in two weeks when the most vulnerable are .. priced out of the stimulus aid.

  32. 1:53 HANGOUT Syndrome Cris LOL

  33. This was hard to watch. Two leverage trading shills who feed off getting their subscribers rekt, and currently spending some of that money in Thailand. On top of that they are BTC maximalists who knows next to nothing about blockchain technology and the potential it brings to the world.

  34. spot price for silver eagles?

  35. Davinci is just finding out that carl its just another clown. He is getting better but not there yet. Next cycle.

  36. u should stop make videos with those clowns my man…

  37. Listen, but don’t remember the name of the site where you can draw where people draw Bitcoin on the wall, you pay for the drawing symbol, unless, of course

  38. Thanks Davinci! Could Bitcoin be in trouble if Trump resets to the Gold Standard? What are your thoughts on NESARA law? Cheers ?

  39. Bitcoin having found some stability after climbing to its current price from the $4000 region, it is set to continue in its upswing with buyers taking the lead because all indications says we have consolidated and corrected and its just wrong calculation for anyone to say from buying now at its current lows. This happened the last major dip and I am doing now, what I did then which was to buy and trade consistently to increase my portfolio. I did and lost some funds until I met Wallace Houte whose signals I still depend on 100% to trade with. This was my biggest and quickest ROI as I was able to learn how to and trade my portfolio from 4 btc to over 10 btc in a few weeks and I think we need more experienced traders like him to guide the beginners and intermediates to trading profitably. He can be reached for advise on WhatsAap (+44 7727427929) or Telrgram (wallhoute) and I strongly believe from experience that the best way to benefit from crypto is to follow the guidance of an experienced trader with good results

  40. Davinci is twitching. I tried to recopy that twitch to understand why. ?. Get well sir. Go alkaline. And take a Clorox bath for 1hour up to your lip line. Just soak. And let it work. 1/2 cup per tub. Need you around because you'll become the future "Have lunch with Warren Buffett" replacement

  41. This is wild to see all three of you in one spot. DaVinci a wildman! Silver is decoupling hard, wow! I bought my last @ $20, which I thought was a lot and I will buy no more, and now, you cannot even buy the stuff! Yeah, you're right. Own industrial supplies of silver, and peg it to BTC. Still gotta have street coin.

  42. You gotta pay to store the Ag, too. But, right now, it's good insurance to have guys with guns watching over your silver in a vault in Singapore. The PMs and BTC are complementary. Decouple them hard, now, and burn the fiat! Light off your dry powder on Monday! Silver's available for delivery in April, but you can own BTC today. I, too, have held my silver forever, bought my first BTC in December and am blowing my dry powder Monday on 0.2 BTC and 2 ETCH.

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