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  1. like most tards, buy the fake dip e let it rise and then take all your money, over and over again lol. join us and start shorting. you can see the volumes lol

  2. I'm not surprised they canceled Mark Cuban really.

  3. I still believe bitcoin will be $100,000 within a few years

  4. Yep.. beware of all defi stuff man… but Iโ€™m happy for cheap BTC..

  5. It is the time to buy crypto and short sports teams

  6. You should see how much fatter my Bitcoin wallets have gotten thanks to that day. I love it.
    Along with my Ledgers now that increased many fold from the weaklings positions that I bought out. haha

  7. what a great opportunity to buy , my future me thanks for this :p

  8. book of revelation and the Bible warns us that , in this world we will suffer, the world will go bad
    and some one will raise up solving the world's problem, and he will be convincing, but do NOT be deceived he will be the anti-Christ,
    do not accept the mark of the beast, New World Law, one world gov. one world money, one world power is soon to hit us ppl, Christ is our only true salvation, specially for our eternal life, after death,
    Christ died for us in that cross, for you, best believe. God loves you very much, cheers everyone eyes open, your soul is important.

  9. Wait till you see how BTC and rest of the shitcoins are no more ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Don't you worry… that is coming

  10. Buy what?

    A fucking farm bro. Buy a farm.

  11. 821,050 #BTC is considered a LARGE amount.


    May 2020 is coming closer everyday.

    #Satoshi is back and fully supported by Real People.

  12. Bitcoin was invented and created by #DrCraigWright
    The #Bitcoinย WhitePaper describes and outlines what #Bitcoinย is all about.ย 
    Nothing has changed. #Satoshi #Is #Back
    Period ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™

  13. May – 2020 is coming up pretty soon. Tick-Tock. This was just a test kids. Be ready for the real thing in May. -Joakim
    BTW – you are a nice and friendly host.

  14. 00:29 Introduction
    02:47 Nugget's News Interview
    03:56 Market Cap Overview
    08:55 Technicals (Bitcoin)
    16:03 Stocks Tank
    17:13 Eth VS Stocks
    18:50 Bull Market Off the Table
    19:16 Eth Transaction Fees
    20:46 BTC Hashrate is Down
    23:28 Coronavirus: Big Picture
    32:00 BTC Price
    32:58 Local Bitcoins Sting Operation
    37:20 Quote of the Day / Conclusion

  15. rumors of a 30 day shutdown i think has some wanting to hold cash

  16. find macafee before disappears!?..1million btc not likely til next WW..of course, he wont hurt himself per his bet

  17. Gold and silver seem like a good option to store value. and there is no counter-party risk involved.

  18. i just received 2btc from Lutheranhacks , com they are so good guys

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