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  1. thanks for the insights chris, the tradish markets are in recession

  2. Thats why you should not tell people that BTC is bullish every video you make.

  3. just dollar cost average and keep buying all the way down. sell on next bull run! this is whole sale prices

  4. 743 rd like my friend. Great call on what was happening . As of now it is at 4800 but is a great buying opertunity

  5. We broke 5k not good now we are looking @ 3.5k. Chris we will overcome this patience will win this game. Thanks for your videos man.

  6. Sell sell sell its crashing completely tomorrow morning!!! Get out now!!!

  7. I wonder what pearls the BTC maxi's are clutching now as they sit in their safe-place sucking their thumbs. I don't care what motivated or what the catalyst was to bring BTC down so fast & hard. I certainly don't wish bad on BTC… but the BTC maxi's are stuck-up cocky condescending snobs that have no problem trashing everything but BTC with their lies, propaganda and pretensions drivel. I love the Karma.

    I hope this blood-bath humbles everyone and the most hardened maxi. BTC will recover along with many alts.


    Gordon Gekko : Fox, where the hell are you? I am losing MILLIONS! You got me into this shitty crypto and you sure as hell better get me out or the only job you'll ever have on the Street is SWEEPING IT! You hear me, Fox!?

    Bud Fox : You once told me, don't get emotional about crypto. Don't! The bid is $4500 and going down. As your broker, I advise you to take it.

    Gordon Gekko : Yeah. Well you TAKE IT!


    Gordon Gekko : Right in the ass you fucking scumbag cocksucker!

    Bud Fox : It's two minutes to closing, Gordon. What do you want to do? Decide.

    Gordon Gekko : [calms down] Dump it.


    Good video Chris.

  8. Bear/usdt eth/usdt bnb/usdt eos/usdt >200% I'm loving it

  9. 785th like . Crypto: Red Day, whoa nelly!

  10. You have to trade both ways guys. I got wreaked in the stock market n crypto last week…. then I said Its time to fight back and eat up the sheep rather be eaten by the bears…. vix ETFs and binance bear/usd pair and I made back my portfolios x2 this week. Now I'm waiting for the bounce

  11. @Chris. Holy diving board action. worst ive seen since in the space. I took some of advice and shorted down to 4700! increase my bags by .3 bitcoins! Thx Chris! ?

  12. back to 5.300 guys lets relax and calm down a bit

  13. Picked up some bargains today. XRP, LINK, XTZ, ETH, BTC

  14. Chris thanks for ur video ,there’s something about ur voice or emotion that’s cheers me up even no markets are recked, I wish I could talk like you your a professional ,and wish ur videos were longer, those shoulders are massive also.

  15. I told you so but you did not listen

  16. The sky fell back too $9000 Australian Chris lol boom bought at the bottom ??

  17. the voice of reason thank you

  18. When you buy the dip.. and then it keeps dipping, and pretty soon you got way too much dip and no salsa chips for them. I only finally learned to not play catch-the-falling-knife when I lost a ton of money in the past attempting to play this foolish game. Highest risk. Smallest rewards. Not even worth it.

  19. Nothing to do with head and shoulders. No TA will help with what is happening…

  20. Nailed it. Welcome to Cryptoland. Hang in there it’ll get better #848

  21. The BEAR tokens on Binance took a big hit! How is that possible?? Aren't they suppose to follow the price of BTC, ETH, XRP?????

  22. Hi Chris
    The first paragraph is what i posted yesterday and the second paragraph today.

    Hi Clark,good stuff as always. I think we are at a very critical time specially tomorrow Friday just before the weekend. If The market and BTC does not recover before Friday night we can look at the next level towards $6200 and approaching Sunday evening depending where you are when Asia starts waking up if it does not recover we can look at a BTC price sliding towards $5200. Of course if there is a substantial uptrend tomorrow Friday and when approaching Sunday evening another boost we can definitely look at higher numbers very fast. Any case we all know BTC can rise very rapidly. On top of that there is only about 108225 BTC to mine available now before the halving. If the price falls further now that amount will be mined even faster shifting the halving date closer and cause a buying spree and mining spree to still get some BTC. If the price do go down , as always a very good time to buy more BTC at a bargain price and Dollar cost average and hold.

    With all this commotion going on , i have watching upbit. The upbit total portfolio is rapidly increasing as you can see here.
    I am monitoring hbar on upbit and correlating the trend on binance. It is definitely climbing. A buying opportunity. Just for your info. As always thank you for your input. Have a great day. Even BTC has recovered substantially since this morning. I see all of this as a buying opportunity. I am also applying the dollar cost average strategy on my other primary altcoins, because i know this will not last forever and when it all recovers it is going to be great. We all must just put the power of positive thinking as individuals and as global positive thinking to change for the better.

  23. “The reality is that “we don’t know what we don’t know.” Anything could happen between now and the end of the year that could impact the price of the coin. Right now, Bitcoin is extremely speculative; the price is set by the market, with the classic laws of demand and supply driving its value, Bitcoin has swung back to $5,000 and will keep moving in an upward trend, so everybody should buy more and join the gain, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Douglas’s strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, YY'all can reach out to him through His * Mail *(Douglastrading10@gmail. com)" or Whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374..

  24. There’s talk of a years long bear market. With futures contracts and derivatives, stock traders are screwing up our crypto space with their cheating crap.

  25. I bought shit tons of XRP at .12.

  26. "Jumping right out of the (tall) building."

  27. Nows a great time to buy!, This is the bottom or very close. i cant imagine we will stabilize at 4500 but hope we do. Its a great buy price.

  28. It’s tanking to 900 ?

  29. The FIAT inflation guy just got his Moonboots on…:D

  30. The recession just started, be ready for far below, sell and wait for the rock-bottom price, the stock market will plunge even lower before closing Friday 13 /March 2020 (which is today) …..!!!!



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