Bitcoin Is Just Getting Started! – How Bitcoin Will Return To ATH And Beyond Within 24 Months

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In at the moment’s video, we focus on how Bitcoin will most definitely return to its all time excessive of $20,000 – and even farther. How and when will this occur? We focus on this and extra in at the moment’s Bitcoin replace.

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I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and many others. needs to be made at your individual danger with your individual capital.

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    Ledger has the best hardware wallets on the market, and are the only brand I trust to store my Bitcoin


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  2. For 19yrs old – U know A LOT. – Good for you. Thanks for your knowledge!

  3. I like your videos man just dont do much close ups, I feel like you are yelling on my face.

  4. bought my first BTC at $350 and sold at $750. So, 2016? I missed the big run up but I really got involved when BTC bottomed in 2019. Been very happy ever since.!!

  5. I got in in 2016. Love this video. Great info. How did you get so smart?

  6. Holy crap, Jebb! This video is really good. Todays content was heavy and very real! Can't wait for this channel to blow up. You deserve it!

  7. very good context and voice.

  8. I got in crypto the same way you did, around the same time. "Whats going on guys, Nick here bringing a brand new Cryptocurrency video." Damn you, Crypto Nick!

  9. a recession would be terrible for btc.. you cant buy anything with bitcoin man.. get a grip

  10. Vitalik Buterin said Stock to flow was meaningless in crypto.. I tend to believe him

  11. Dam your young and so far ahead of the game

  12. Can’t wait for the next halving! ???

  13. 2017: ETH other alts. 2018: realized I should have been buying bitcoin. Stackin' ever since.

  14. Great commentary Jebb. You have become my favorite YouTuber to cover bitcoin, Even surpassing that of DataDash. Appreciate your research, enthusiasm and technical analysis. PEACE!

  15. My Name is John Garrison, you can read my one page Bio on Linkedin, I founded the Entrepreneur Funding Systems, which is a venture capital firm. For the last two years I have been watching most of the youtube videos about Bitcoin. Without question Crypto Jebb is the best, most honest and most enjoyable to watch Bitcoin analyst. Great Job Sir Crypto Jebb, keep up the good work.

  16. I will be back in 22 months from today

  17. Today's video is much beter than the regular daily tech analysis. I got into Crypto mid Dec of 2013 just before it crashed into bear market. Good news is I’m still here.

  18. Nope, sell, short April 4000

  19. Ur wondful Jebb … Thanks for Ur work !!! 😉

  20. I bought my first btc at 2018 ATH for 10$ ? but then i started to learn what bitcoin is, how it works and how the market works as well, for a year. Then I started to buy more. Now I'm hooked.

  21. What day in August? I want to celebrate with you

  22. Just Subbed brother ?Yeah i just starting learning about cryptos this year . Amazing potential , I'm hooked.

  23. So, the story has gone from hitting $100K in 2020, to hitting $100K in 2021, to hitting ATH in the next 24 months, to hitting $100K some time THIS DECADE!

    Old saying: If you can't hit the target, move the target………….

  24. Crypto Jebb's Thumbnail: You Need To Hear This
    Youtube : This Video has been removed
    Me: Nice >:(

  25. Any reason you yell at the beginning of video and the music is so loud? I use headphones and it's terrible the first few seconds..otherwise, good content all the time..

  26. A hyper bounce up $3k-$4k 24 hour all the na sayers wondering why no rocket launch the folks saying they will buy the dip ..ur opportunities are dwindling by the day ..its comming .the hyper shot..with no explanation except drying up exchange stock of available bitcoin a blink alot are going to say wtf ..just happened ???

  27. 1800 bitcoins mined per day currently ..cut into half come may..down to 900 bitcoins mined a day ..among the worlds populatiion ..and with India now permitted to buy sell invest in crypto .they are the 2nd largest country population behind China ..that alone will eat up stock to flow in the blink future ..buckle up for a boost

  28. Not $100k half way between this decade as u ststed but ..$100k by end the of 2021

  29. I trust the fundamentals..more so then anything ..i dont trust the stock market

  30. big bullish pennant: yes, people see that, its very interesting. Its also scary because it could break down
    coming recession: Bitcoin vs Fiat ratio has BTC winning no matter where prices go. If inflation makes a dollar only worth 50 cents, and Bitcoin trades sidways, then Bitcoin actually doubled…

  31. Judging by RSI we could be breaking downward to hit new lows. I don't believe this is bull market with no volume.

  32. Bitcoin won't make all the MSM headlines

  33. 11:10 short the Fed long Bitcoinium

  34. Hi Jebb, I've been following you for over a year now and I watch almost every one of your videos. I'm having trouble finding where I can trade with leverage/margin while living in the state of Georgia. I would so appreciate your help and direction….

  35. The reality is that I’m still in losses. Everything else is irrelevant. Dolls cost averaged… more losses.. can’t take anymore so just sitting it out with stressed stomach.

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