Bitcoin Isn't Stopping At $100k With Global QE – Dan Held Of Kraken

Bitcoin Is not Stopping At $100okay With Global QE – Dan Held Of Kraken
This was a tremendous chat with early Bitcoin adopter & libertarian Dan Held from Kraken. We clearly clarify what is occurring within the international monetary system. How central banks, governments, households & companies obtained themselves into a lot debt, & why Bitcoin is the reply to this debt primarily based financial system. With an excessive amount of debt within the system the one possibility is unfavorable rates of interest. However that’s straining the banks which might carry down the financial system in the event that they collapse. The bond market is in a bubble. The inventory market is overvalued. Property is overvalued. Progress is slowing, it seems like we’re heading for a world recession or melancholy. It is going to take extraordinary measures to pay all of the unfunded liabilities & preserve all of the derivatives from collapsing the monetary system. That is what it’s essential know earlier than the subsequent monetary disaster. We mentioned why Bitcoin is exclusive, why it’s unstoppable for governments & regulators, why worth will proceed to rise in comparison with fiat cash, Bitcoin as a retailer of worth vs a funds community, blockchains typically & a spread of different subjects! #Bitcoin #Cash #Cryptocurrency

Disclosure: That is an unpaid interview for a venture that I deemed worthy of analysis time, recording and posting for instructional functions.

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  1. Wow! The director of business for a Company that profits from the trading of digital currencies saying $100K Bitcoin! It's almost like he's giving an incentive to people to get on exchanges and buy bitcoin so he can profit…

  2. I am an old guy but know tech way, way more than "the young people" The key with the guest was he started in college – open mind but a collaboration of other open minds! He waited for 7 years!!!! WOW! (so long)What happens when the zombies come? I think we need a bitcoin billion character on Walking Dead. What people fear is bunch of pimple-faced geeks like "nugget" running around making shyte loads of cash

  3. Great Interview, One of your best. Cheers.

  4. You’re right it’s not stopping at $8000 it’s going down to $8

  5. Sounds like another pyramid scheme, what happens when the lights go out ?

  6. Whoa whoa whoa… you can’t just say that we’re not going to talk about CSW/BSV… the last time everyone said that BSV literally shot up from $90 to $428 and I was sitting there thinking… they all said not to look at BSV and it has outperformed literally everything they tell me to buy. Never again.

  7. is it just me or does no one care about an ETF these days ?

  8. you publish this 10 days after recording???

  9. While we HOPE, but no one knows sh*t…. things can and do happen…. wars solar flares, whatever….
    It hasn't even come close to $100,000 YET…. so don't count your chickens before they hatch.
    Anyway, confirmation bias is a real thing too so that's why i'm watching LOL

  10. Which army is protecting bit coin?

  11. Great interview thanks…i always enjoy listening to Dan

  12. Excellent format, continue to please us with your vision of the situation.

  13. you guys are dumb af, you think the central banks will allow bitcoin or any crypto to challenge their control?
    They don't give af, they go to war and kill for control of resources. Cryptos introduced into the markets enabled them to manipulate them and yet dumb fucks get hyped "OMG YES BITCOIN AND CRYPTOS ARE GETTING ATTENTIONS AAHAHA ?YES IM GONNA WIN"
    You will forever have to swap an electronic token for another electronic token or swap out for fiat or the new central bank electronic token, they only ever increase in value when another player joins the game, therefore cryptos are forever a pyramid scheme pump and dump manipulated game. You guys are just new age pumpers.

  14. Decred’s goal of competing with Bitcoin faces significant challenges due to its competitor’s entrenched position in the market. Can Decred overcome Bitcoin's significant first-mover advantage?

  15. It is currency not a digital gold

  16. Great Pod. Buying a ham transceiver to play with. The bitcoin radio transmission has been done – sent from Canada to California last year I think.NVK tested it.

  17. This interview was brilliant! Subscribed : )

  18. Nugget, talk to someone who know about Art & Prices who understands how high "believable prices" can go. Art prices are a collective hallucination that becomes a reality, likewise BTC is priced as a collective hallucination……that becomes real. PS now that you have so many paying members, allow me to sell you a banana gaffer taped to a wall for USD$120,000

  19. Great interview ? Dan seems like a genuinely nice guy. ?

  20. ok so if bitcoin is going to $100,000 I'll wait till the bullrun and then buy at $30,00 sell at 100,000 and still have made $70,000. that'll do me

  21. This is one of the best interviews for FA. Ty guys!

  22. BTC will see 100k when people are using it. Right now people are not using it and it doesn't look like that is going to change soon.

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