Bitcoin $10k Pullback, Justin Sun Loves XRP, Binace Cloud & Layer1 Bitcoin Mining

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  1. Excuse me sir but, The Simpsons don't know the future because what they do, is just like a TA analyst, they put numbers up in the air and see if they guess it right. When they do guess it, you will hear them say, "I called it way back". Have a great day!

  2. justin Sun never said he loves XRP Ripple the Rat coin

  3. It would be like a singer-song writer only listening to their own music… Kanye

  4. A little algorithm for Youtube comment.

  5. I live in New Jersey and I hate this state. Foods good, that’s about it. Taxes are terrible. My wife and I will be moving as soon as she graduates. The rich are moving out due to high taxes, if the rich move out than they will just bash the middle class with taxes. Its a very corrupt state.

  6. I feel a holiday coming up 😉 dont burn out bro

  7. Let's remember TMI predictions for bitcoin vs justin sun. 1.5yr vs 5 yrs for passing 100k!

  8. Pump your own shitcoin to accumulate more bitcoin. Newcomers this is called the circle of rekt.

  9. Roger Ver is not THAT stupid…lol

  10. Justin is definitely a mad marketer

  11. Thank you for the content, TMI. ?

  12. I agree with you, who care about gain fiat is going to zero! Lambo can go f** themself ! Positive vibe !

  13. Justin Sun just figures that he were corralling people that are smarter than himself he might make a bit more money than he otherwise would had he just nagged against Bitcoin like some of the others do.

  14. Yes Image if a tornado took out bitcoin mining in Texas…….. It can happen !

  15. 'Read All About It! Bitcoin DROPS WITH The Stock Market !!!'….

  16. BINANCE is china mafia crypto.They don't want bitcoin prices to go up .BNB & TRON is SCAM

  17. In my opinion these projects U Network, BABB, Credit, Wavesbet and Dent could be easly the next 100x or 1000x

  18. I like to think i'm your biggest fan

  19. Listening to you on my way to Guerro Negro Baja Mexico! Looking for those damn whales you always talk about.

  20. ** BITCOIN is about to drop under $9000

  21. Yt is banning again ….
    all together, we are bigger than yt can ever be in freedom.
    Come on crypto lovers, all go to another platform together, we'll follow !!!!!

  22. 2020 Price Predictions: up, down, sideways. BOOM!

  23. Why is crypto crashing everytime it hits 10k?

    I'm seeing nothing but good developments rn.

  24. I think it's Montana. They're trying to make it a Crypto Nirvana.

  25. Yes, Justin Sun – Crypto billionaire holds crypto investment portfolio shocker.

  26. Thank you so much hacker James for letting me gain my trust in you. He is so real and legit. Contact him +17603145152

  27. You are God sent hacker James, you just got me out of depression. I got 4btc from him. Thank you so much sir. Text him and thank me later +17603145152

  28. When I heard about hacker James, I just had to try my luck but knowing him his my greatest thing. God bless you sir +17603145152

  29. Hacker James is the best of all. You dont have to worry when dealing with him. God bless you sir for helping us. +17603145152

  30. "We're below 10k again…exactly where we were, erm, 28 hours ago"

  31. Bitcoin pullback, ALICE MARTIN WINTER is the success trader to work with

  32. Tmi thank you king for the great report that always makes me laugh and calms me from the red sea! Happy red day friend

  33. Simpsons already predicted the future a while back they had a episode i believe season 3 episode my sister my sitter where homer and margi walking in front of crypto barn, all ads on wall says enter your code, and other signs.. I have to go through my collections of Simpsons but i know i have seen it..

  34. I think these "news" sites have articles ready for either bitcoin going up and some ready for BTC to go down. They just copy and paste the price into there article and publish it. Bitcoin falls by 400 then publish the bear article and input said price. Bitcoin goes up by 500 then publish the bull article and paste the said price. Its almost robotic at this point

  35. Roger Ver already came out and said he was a early early investor in XRP and hold a couple million

  36. Roger ver was an original investor of xrp.

  37. @The_Modern_Investor – @8:00min. Roger Ver paid for David Shwartz salary for the entire year of either 2012 or 2013, representing his initial investment in XRP (Ripple at that time) which was the investment agreement between himself & Jeb McCelob… therefore Roger Ver owns a ton XRP but just never mentions it… just Google to see for yourself. Been listening & loving you since your first posts in early 2018 !!!!!!!!

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