Trace Mayer: Bitcoin To Reach $100,000 In 2021? – Bitcoin CANNOT Be Stopped By Governments!


Josh Sigurdson talks with Trace Mayer, host of The Bitcoin Information Podcast and one of many world’s most influential specialists with regards to cryptocurrency.
Trace talks in regards to the potential for Bitcoin in addition to different infrastructures like Mimblewimble within the face of concern corresponding to recession and plagues as tens of millions of individuals seem to look to issues like Bitcoin as a secure haven. With the halving developing in Could of 2020, many consider we’ll see an enormous rally within the worth of Bitcoin. Trace believes that someplace by the top of 2021, Bitcoin will hit $100,000 simply.
Trace additionally talks about the long run forecast for Bitcoin going to 2030 and the prospects of privateness cash within the face of presidency makes an attempt to cease the cryptocurrency motion.

Keep tuned as we proceed to cowl this subject carefully as now we have for a few years!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

That includes:
Trace Mayer
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  2. So How can Bitcoin work if world Governments BAN WALLETS how do you convert to cash? Wallets are the tractability link Governments can track and destroy.

  3. thanks for dropping this impressive video, John McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 2 million USD before 2030. If said this is to happen, like his past predictions happened, IT will be very very unwise for you not to know how to Increase your BTC instead of Just Hodling. I lost 8Btc to Bitconnect in December-18-2018. and I was left with 2Btc, I started looking for ways to increase my Bitcoin, and get my loss back and make more profit. One day on Dailycoin Buzz channel YT, someone Recommended anybody that cares to listen to reach out to Mr Mark Jean , who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors a reliable method to Increase their Bitcoins, Its just 2 weeks since I reached out to Him, I can Proudly boost of increasing my Portfolio from 2Btc to 7.5Btc Y'all can reach out to him for more reliable information on Telegram @ Marktrading884 and via WhatsApp: +12098817868 or mail marktrading884 @ yahoo com

  4. Bitcoin-digital gold;Grin-digital cash.

  5. B I T C O I N = F R E E D O M

  6. They're already slowing it down, as most major banks don't allow bitcoin purchases with their credit & debit cards

  7. People said, it wouldn’t reach $100, never $10,000. It happened and $100,000 will happen whether you like it or not.

  8. Bitcoin is not going to 100k next year. The markets don't move straight up like that. As we saw in 2017 when bitcoin shot up to 20k. "Whats fast- won't last, if it's slow- it'll grow." Plus the banks manipulate bitcoin just like they manipulate the forex market and every other market.

  9. Superb !!!!!!!! Thnx a million.

  10. Interesting stuff! Is there a WAM vid or blog summarising all the economic risks we are facing?

  11. The next prophet to preach the BTC gospel. Nobody knows when and if ever it can reach this price! I'm in crypto but most of the predictions were wrong. McAfee predicted BTC price 1 million. He wanted to eat his….. when he would be wrong. 😂 He was wrong. He is castrated and nobody believes him anymore.

  12. Without internet and power it's worthless 🙂

  13. The state government can tax bullion purchases, how long until they tax cryptos? The problem is the freeloading federal government that goes after the smart and productive people and rewards the dumb and lazy people that wants socialism until kingdom comes.

  14. only if people buy or manipulate . it is easy to manipulate no one control. Tangible assets are always best.

  15. Bitcoin works in the current fiat system, but when the fiat system collapses so does Bitcoin especially if we have a reset .

  16. Yes they can by shutting down electric bitcoin and all crypto will be down…and once government have one world digital currency all other crypto including bitcoin will be worthless.

  17. They will turn off the power

  18. You gotta be kidding me, you want your wealth in crypto when an alleged bioweapon/international supply line shutdown is the agenda ? You think you know what your doing thats ok but I guess you'll cull some idiots that take your advice.

  19. Well government is slavery.

    Crypto, any crypto you like, is accepted here 👍

  20. I dont trust bitcoin.
    First your wallet can get hacked
    Second the exchange may run off with your $$$
    Third, what happens if the grid goes down?

  21. What happens if the grid goes down or the government pulls the plug on the internet? What if this is the biggest scam in human history?

  22. History is rife with incredible stupidity but Bitcoin will be, when the history books get written, one the greatest scams ever perpetrated on the human race. A distant winner over tulip mania; John Law's Mississippi Company, Charles Ponzi's stamps;; Bernie Madoff and today's Tesla's stock price. Goes to prove: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

  23. Quantum computers will change everything! If they haven't already.

  24. Political expediency is based on 'Investment decison' in all things. The value of Human Life is ALWAYS a lesser compulsion… and merely accutremont to Prime directive.

  25. Like..I mean….like…mumble wimbel 😆

  26. Just makes me wonder what happens when the internet goes down. And the fairy dust money aka bitcoin cant be accessed. Buy gold or something real.

  27. MimbleWimble is the future. BEAM will lead the MW pack as the most investable protocol of the three coins.

  28. Halving is already priced in. I sense a bull trap. Retrace to 8200 likely.

  29. Josh–I usually like what you do, but this interviewee spewed so much jargon that no one could understand what he was talking about other than people who already knew what he was talking about.

  30. Nope. Not interested in buying George "Satoshi" Soros money. The Fed and the IRS can easily track it. Soros is the central banker in this case.

  31. Bitcoin not stoppable !? Really ? If I am not mistaken, Bitcoin depends wholly on the existence of Internet. Governments of powerful countries like US , UK , Russia have powers and abilities to switch off the Internet at will. So in effect the same deep state that owns the US , UK EU in the west can turn off the Internet anytime they wish which instantly kills Bitcoin and all coin owners records as well as transaction records. It's the same with paper currency banks that also use Internet to conduct wire transfer , accounting and deposits balances in accounts . Sorry I would only use it very temporarily as a modes of payment, but will stay in physical gold and silver thank you .at least I know where I have hidden my tangible accessible gold and silver .

  32. altcoin scammer, what about grin coin in conference? trash boy

  33. Just heard you on TinFoilHat. Really enjoying your content.

  34. Trace shilling a shit coin, welcome to 2020

  35. I’m investing in Bitcoin. It’s either gonna boom or not. No one really knows we can only try to predict. It’s a gamble just like any other investment!

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  37. I thought you were hardcore into btc, what happened? Lost all your btc did we? What happened Tracy? Haha

  38. Nimble wimble = trash
    Trace = scammer

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