Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire – CeWEBrity Profile – Tosh.0

Eighteen-12 months-previous Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman meets Daniel in a crypto mine to elucidate how he was capable of make it huge in cryptocurrency.

About Tosh.0:
Tosh.0 is a weekly topical collection hosted by comic Daniel Tosh that delves into all elements of the web, from the ingenious to the absurd to the medically inadvisable. By means of segments like Video Breakdown, 20 Seconds on the Clock and Internet Redemption, Tosh has established himself because the preeminent knowledgeable on exhibitionist weirdos, injurious idiots and one of the best worst issues on the internet.
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  1. This didnt age well lmfao

  2. Tosh said that people who actually work for a living would be mad about this man-child…and he was absolutely correct. It's not about being jealous about how much "money" he has, it's more about his undeserved cockiness and just his general tone. He made a good guess about imaginary money and hit it big and somehow developed this odd attitude where he speaks in a condescending tone (if he even knows what condescending means). This boy doesn't even have the bare minimum of a proper education (a GED) so if bit coin goes under…he's screwed. Honestly, I feel sorry for people like him. He is extremely pathetic and has zero experience in living an actual life. He probably doesn't know how to do an honest day's work…and he DEFINITELY doesn't know how to pleasure a woman with that bit-sized winky he must have based on his demeanor and those tiny pants LOL.

  3. Soon it's worth nothing now lol great call

  4. Bullsh!++er grifting off of a bullsh!++ machine. I'll be glad when it all collapses.

  5. Say wat u want, but dont come at dipn dots that shits delicious.

  6. as some one from buffalo, i can confirm

  7. Only YouTube comments I like are from videos from these and other tosh videos. We are the realest trolls you’ll ever read from. As real as it gets I love every god damn second of it.

  8. Is bitcoin legit ? If he’s rich why isn’t everyone who uses it ?

  9. "self-made", yeah, so where did he get the money to buy bitcoin before 18? I'm guessing mommy and daddy gave him a small loan of $1 million

  10. Yeah he really is a tool. He does smile very much or laugh at Tosh's silly dumb little parts

  11. Provides a surface level explanation of his comprehension of the process; is dismissive about outsider understanding. Sounds about right. I guess you can make a ton of money selling time shares too. Getting rich isn't that complicated after all- you just have to find a system to work and/pr game

  12. In the Utopia you can chat with other users and ask them questions.

  13. Erik should vlog his life

  14. just wait until the IRS gets a hold of him.

  15. My older brother used to collect beanie babies. He once had every single one.

  16. Biggest tool in the fucking world. I wouldn't hang out with him if he paid me.

  17. This is what happens when nerds get confidence

  18. Doesnt sound like he cashed out during the peak.

  19. 6:33
    Realized Tosh is a hillbilly that lives in a big city and acts gloriously citified

  20. Jokes on him bitcoin is gonna drop in value after this video.

  21. 3 Beds for the Dynamite that's never going to BANG 😲🤣😂

  22. No bit coin and other online currencys will not make it forever and they will lose value very quickly and became worthless when computing computers will be accessible

  23. A prime example of a true predator, keep hunting brother

  24. He acts as if he knew bitcoin would blow up

  25. Well, I just realize I was sub to this channel and Youtube decide without my knlowledge to unsub… thanks youtube!!!

  26. Get back to work you ol wackadoo😂😂


  28. this kid is a douche bag

  29. comments says everyone is jealous of him

  30. So much hate… Be happy for him… He just got lucky on a gamble…. We all would like that!

  31. If this kid is a millionaire I'm the second coming of Christ

  32. Today its at $9592.37 each

  33. That kid is a total douche bag

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