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  1. The fact that the retest of the 200 DMA hasn't happened yet, bothers me. On the macro we are still in a bear market. You can tell I am a conservative trader right?

  2. Question man. You pay funding rate all the time . How much in total you have paid already ?

  3. Short squeezes can happen but don't have to happen. That is a very important information- Sunny

  4. Dude that trade is my whole bank account

  5. 100x Long on Bitseven is the Sh!t

  6. Too much emotion about altseason… let's see the next week if altcoins dumps…

  7. 1 MILLION USDT Giveaway by KuCoin exchange. 10 000$ top 500 winners and 10 000 $ random winners each. good luck :

  8. Take at least some profits off the table

  9. Congrats on the trade! good work

  10. well i missed out taking long position, please sunny tell where is the next best take long position would or could be if you were not in long right now?

  11. you got balls, the only man up to show up result of what tell to be doing. Congratulations

  12. Sunny in this video trade what did you start with ? newbie trader.

  13. I think it is still early to call it alt coin season. most of them back to their price before 3 months. thanks for the video

  14. Just like how you do your presentation

  15. Wow, Phil Collins looks horrible. he could use a shave and a fitness program…

  16. Look at BULL at binance its a bitcoin with 3x leverage with no fees or interest

  17. Btc is meeting resistance at the top of Weekly Bollinger band at 9.850 USD.

    Take Your profits, Sunny. And Use them on a 3X leverage All in trade at 8.400 with stop Loss below 6.400 ??

    Price will never go below 6,4K because of halved selling pressure after the halving.

  18. Warren Buffett (the billionaire jackass) admitting that Blockchain technology can be the solution for future payments, and who has the best Blockchain technology today? Etheruem ? When is etheruem 2.0 launching? Be the summer 2020 to celebrate its 5th anniversary ? Etheruem is in for a crazy bullrun this year ??☝️????????️‍♂️

  19. Sunny: If you like additional tools for your trades. Take a look at the CND project. Cindicator has already a working product, who give you indicators . BTC, alts, traditional market.. And now they onbording the first financial institutions… Its definitely a additional value for your BTC trades.. They are not hyped or anything because thats not how they working, they dont care about that. Like every serious project..

  20. Nice trade Sunny. Let the profit ride? I'm also cautious with such bullish sentiment. Must test support at some point

  21. Chico Crypto was grilling you and Carl pretty hard in his latest video. Not even sure why he showed up in my feed but needless to say that guy is more of joke than anyone.

  22. i love those music intro lool

  23. Back in June or July last year, I made a prediction that alt season would take 5 months to come. It’s February and I was wrong. But I’m glad alts are rising because I thought xrp would stay below $0.25 a lot longer.

  24. Is it the Ethereum halving? Is it the Litecoin halving? Is it the Monero or Dash halving?? No…it's the Bitcoin halving funnily enough…we were herded like sheep. I assume the Bitcoin halving was priced in a few months ago. Now Ethereum is being priced in. Damn it, & i believed all the hype too. Sheep…& we all know sheep are stupid! :o/

  25. Sunny the Best Bitcoin youtuber!
    Thanks for sharing your videos and knowledge.
    In my opinion the 3 year safe harbour for shitcoin will be at first time not good for btc… just start another shitcoin speculation.
    Anyway we see you to the moon guys!
    #bitcoin for life?

  26. how to start bybit leverage trading in crypto. how to fund the account & withdrawl. what is the leverage allowed here. what is the fee, service charges per transaction/

  27. Hello Sunny,
    Can you please analyze the Chainlink too?

  28. Please make a video when you place a new order..

  29. Well, HBAR had its short round bottom moment and then it turned on a dime. Who knew.