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  1. It’s going back down, it’s only the first break up, that’s what I feel, dump and pump

  2. This is your Perfect entry for a long right here , but of course it is also a good entry for a short ,but anyway do your own research lmao love it 😛

  3. Well done Sunny for holding Multiple BTC for these many years when most would find it hard to accumulate 1btc

  4. What do you think about the Dragonfly Doji on the daily?

  5. I hope all the shorts get burned, melted, washed out, obliterated, bombed, destroyed, and delivered straight to hell!

  6. i hodl since october 2017 and made it all the way down to 3k… didnt panic sell a penny (always bought more and more of btc) .. now my bags are full and im ready for a massive bullrun 😀 lets ride together crypto fam. 😀

  7. Having to put that shit of a clickbait title either shows ure stupid af or ur targets audience lacks about 20iq from average if they are clicking this titles.

  8. I feel like it's forming a sort of waning momentum pattern, if you connect the wicks(4H). However, it is questionable, because it's very intricate. I'm slightly bullish, would not be surprised for us to pullback some more before higher moves. If the sentiment is truly changed, more people would buy a cheaper bitcoin. IMHO

  9. the last time btc traded in a range this long and at this price was back in September and we fell off a cliff, but we had a pump a month later 40% the china pump

  10. Goodmorning Sunny.. 4 thinks i do when i wake up

    1. Watch the time
    2. Watch the chart
    3. Watch Messengers
    4. Watch the new Sunny video ??

  11. Great update! Love your content ????

  12. 좋은정보 잘보고 갑니다.
    서로 소통해요.

  13. Fundamentals dont have anything to do with Bitcoin until its adopted for daily use. Its all about the halving and the four year cycle 2020 and 2021 is bull cycle 2022 will start a new bear cycle.

  14. You missed one detail. The 20 week MA is about to death cross the 50 week MA. This wasn't the case in 2015. So which is worth more? Those crossings are silly. The waves that the MAs make are a delayed echo from the past. In markets with big waves they are worthless if you ask me. Only in time frames which smooth out the waves they make some sense.

  15. last time it was so long BTC went from 5000 to 2800 usd… 40% drop…

  16. HEX is 5x in one month.. Lol

  17. BTC will start a down trend to about $8800 soon then up to $10,2k with some sideways action to reach $12k. Followed by a drop. That’s just my opinion but let’s see how it plays out. Watch Litecoin and BTC will follow.

  18. Make My Wallet Great Again

  19. Big market move coming. Be sure to top off your altcoin positions because you'll be pissed once they start pumping if your bag isnt loaded

  20. I made so much Money today on bybit. I had the good sense that there would be a pump on Opening of the chinese markets so i bought a 100x 1btc just before market Opening. Yes yes don't lecture me it was completely reckless. Then I sold at the top 3mins later when i saw it didn't bust through 9600 the way i had hoped. However I didn't expect the sell off… when i saw the sell off i was like "fuck it" and bought the dip with 4.4btc (the Profits) and 25x…. not perfectly but around 9300, sold off at 9420 or so. Half an hour later I withdrew just short of 6btc from my account. I was more lucky than anything else, but this must have been the most Epic trade i ever made!

  21. Excellent analysis, spot on. Bitcoin is Mother Nature's immune response to the bankster warmonger infection.

  22. Bitcoin is going down to 2000$-3000$ USD in 2020. Time to Sell High before the Big Dump.

  23. Are people too bullish now though..

  24. Every time every youtuber screams bull market btc does the opposite and drops the new low. I bet this is what will happen this time around.

  25. I am collecting some money for my first car, just a bit left to buy Tesla if you don't mind to help, please send some bitcoins
    Thank you

  26. Bitcoin tested 9100 is 8900 or 10k next? Careful people!!

  27. Hey Sunny, at what point do you close the trade due to funding fees? I have a long since 26th January, up aprox 38%, funding fees 10% of my profit on 5x leverage.

  28. Could you discuss if it's possible to sell bitcoin in another currency that it was bought

    For example i bought in EUR but want to sell in USD

    That's interesting for those who are here long term and one FIAT currency might be more interesting then the other after 2 or 3 years.

    would like to hear your oppinion on that

  29. This headline really sounds like those ones on and on used by Carl, the Moon. 😉

  30. Or you could close 50% here, and set your stop higher to maybe below the 200 MA on the daily? Have some profits and more if it decides to rise further?

  31. Let's say it for this time ''It's a MOON CROSS'', dude :))

  32. Every time you come with breakout it goes down . You bullish 50x-100x bitmex sunny

  33. Such a wonderful voice registry

  34. No value without utility… remember that.

  35. Sunny imma have to call you out on the "easy to set stop losses." exchanges take advantage of these ranges and pick off traders who set their stops just under the range wicks. Do you get money from people getting liquidated through that bybit link there? Just asking the real questions cuz i love your videos and respect your analysis at times.

  36. Successfully got 25btc from Anonymous +19379690166 .. All thanks to the honest and. Trustworthy man

  37. If LTC goes to $1000…I'll eat my own toenail

  38. You must have ripped off from funding rate lol?Don't you?