What is the Next Bitcoin Buy Zone? | Eric Krown and Charlie Burton

Eric Krown and Charlie Burton talk about the subsequent BTC worth strikes, Bitcoin margin and choice buying and selling methods, BSV worth actions and extra.

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  1. 0:47 What was the reason for last Sunday's Bitcoin drop?

    5:05 What is your outlook for the mid-term?

    6:37 Bear trend since last summer is just a pullback

    7:24 A long range is needed to shake more investors off the market

    8:42 Did Bitcoin touch the bottom?

    12:09 Risk of pullback remains until weekly 20 flattens

    12:36 Any little pullbacks are opportunities to get long

    13:25 How much Bitcoin should you have in your investment portfolio?

    16:18 How important is option trading in your daily trading activity?

    21:55 What is your reading of BSV's latest price movements?

    23:35 How crucial is margin trading in your trading activity?

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  5. Can someone send Charlie Burton a new HD webcam please

  6. "2020 or Whatever year we're in right now" 😀

  7. Of course these guys have nothing to say about BSV ?…For all of those who are still confused….BSV is BitCoin

  8. One day Bitcoin 2 will be trading for over $10k ea and you will say why did I not invest more into BTC2 when it was under $2.00ea.

  9. When cme future step into bitcoin market, there is no free market anymore,it's merely same like other commodities in marketplace.

  10. Krown has not used any language right through the interview impressive 🙂

  11. cocaine (eric) vs heroin (charlie) = BTC no one knows shit except this shit will go parabolic again and drop 80% afterwards

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  13. if you say "guys" at the end of your sentence, you lose credit-ability mate

  14. Portfolio allocation is very personal but also age related. 5-10% seems very conservative but makes sense when you consider that you accumulate more wealth as you get older. For anyone who is younger and has less to lose, I think a much higher allocation is worth the risk-reward (talking 25%). (eg someone with 1 million in savings puts 50-100K in but someone with 100K savings could put in 25K)

  15. Eric tried to fix his toaster just before this stream. He fucked up

  16. these guys think that they can predict something. Just because price bounces off some averages or supports dont mean you can predict it. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt.

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  20. Bitcoin is going to be the world's new gold standard it's going to be the replacement for the petrol dollar ……. If you would have invested $5,000 in March of 2009 at the right time today you would be worth over 13 billion dollars with a capital freaking (B) for billion …… Yep that's right in 2009 instead of buying a $5,000 8 year old Toyota Corolla you would have took that money and bought Bitcoin you would be a billionaire today hell you would have been a billionaire in 2017 ……. It did it before and it's going to do it again there is going to be another bubble but it's going to hit anywhere between 40 and $60,000 a Bitcoin the time to get in is right now because you're going to kick yourself in the ass if you don't later

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    I like Eric's analysis.

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