Will BITCOIN crash before the May 2020 halving?!

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Will Bitcoin crash before the 2020 Bitcoin halving? Bitcoin has crashed a median of 30% before halvings and has progressively rallied thereafter. Will it’s totally different this time for Bitcoin or will Bitcoin crash once more?

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  1. The real bitcoin BSV taking back over

  2. No fluff, right 2 the point.. 🤙🤩👍 Thank you Sir.. 💯💯🌎

  3. Ah, that's why Epstein killed himself, or did he?

  4. We are exactly at this point about to start the next bull run if we brake above 8300 and do not brake below 7500 in a weekly timeframe. That's just simple like that. So You buy > 8300 and you put your stop loss < 7500.

  5. I’ve been waiting for a macro analysis like this. Thank you!

  6. Great vid. Any chance you can livestream analysis during crypto events

  7. One of my favorite crypto channels!!!!!

  8. This is the best crypto related channel.

  9. We start crashing in about 4 days and we are headed to $4.2k first

  10. haha if you dont want to make money then get out of Bitcoin.
    I'll gladly buy more at $5K but that level solidified long ago already.

  11. As anticipated, we are just a few months from the halving of bitcoin which will reduce inflation rate of the bitcoin and as shown from history, trigger a rally that will see btc strongly rise above the $10,000 region and what this spells out is that accumulation should be everyone’s anthem now and the best way I have and still doing that is by trading actively using Evan Winter’s daily trade signals and I have only joy since I started trading with his help having made over 4 btc in profit, my first month alone. He is that good I think he is one of the best and can be reached via WhatsApp (+ 1 5107756200) or Telegram (Evanwinter) Evan.winter001@gmail(.dot)com for inquiries about his trading service.

  12. Which exchange are you using now ? I did see you post this once before but I could not find that which post that was in .


  13. Omg btc really crashing now

  14. Bitcoin is crashing just like everything else. Only gold bullion is a true store of value.

  15. Over 30% so far. We need more greater fools.

  16. I got a proyect based in Bitcoin to teach Boys and Girls how start Whit the criptocurrencies, If you wanna donate I leave the Adress. Thanks! 33WVRWaPW1QaEeFdxoUDAKxnQoDdTToWYi

  17. descends. And then it will be replaced by the utopia ecosystem.

  18. it's not going anywhere. Too expensive toy, this bitcoin.

  19. Umm does not look like it's crashing. As of now at 7753 hmmm.

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