Bitcoin Halving 2020 Price Predictions: From Ridiculous To Most Insane

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  1. hey man, was wondering if you still planned on uploading to spotify?? Love tuning in on there, I can pre download the shows @themoderninvestor

  2. Ah yes, the world famous Bitcoin DICKENING! It's a coming… But is it priced in? C'mon peeps, use your heads! Hasn't happened yet. When it does happen, you will know it, you will hear it! How can a dickening go unnoticed? Uh? So silly. The thing about BTC is that everything is immediate. Instant karma. Our friends from BAKKT (who control the market, aha, aha, ahahaha) have about 0.2 BTC and they pretend as usual that they are the authority on every subject. Frankly, all those suits who invest in Bitcone through Bakkt, will discover they have nothing, because the Bitcoin blockchain don't know dick about Bitcone or Bakkt. Unfortunate.

  3. I still see the transaction limit killing bitcoins upward momentum. With prices around 100k, transaction costs may average over $200. Something like that may not hurt as a store of value, but it makes it a LOT harder for the every day person to get in if they can only put that much in to BTC in the first place. Sure Lightning network yeah, at some point or another it still needs to be moved on chain and those costs will be too high.

  4. I believe it will hit $25,000 a month or so after the halving. Then all the guys that bought BTC at $20 in 17 will cash out because their wives will make them dropping it to $15. Then very quickly it will moon to $50 followed by a correction to around $30-$35. I'm not guessing beyond that. I do hope it's not because of war.

  5. When people talk about 100 million dollar BTC I can't help asking myself what is the value of 1 dollar at that point. 1 BTC could easily be worth 1 Billion Dollars if the value of 1 dollar fell to essentially worthless values. For instance 1 BTC is currently valued at 365,617,849.73
    VES (Venezuelan Bolivar) because as we all know the value of 1 VES is not very much. People tend to incorrectly apply the rules of today to the rules of tomorrow. The truth is anything can happen and usually the least likely scenario is what will happen.

  6. we need some pokemon GO rage into crypto. people where going mad those these. people where coming outside there houses for a couple of weeks. parks where filled with pokemon catchers…

  7. I'm personally hoping Bitcoin stay below $10,000 all year long so I can buy more.

  8. I will continue to buy my small fractionals regardless of the halving. Not worried any longer about the price. That Honeymoon phase ended last year for me.

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  10. 42:46 Hey there new to investing but over the past 3 years, but I keep hearing that if everyone thinks the same thing is going to happen, then the opposite happens. Which sucks because I too agree with everyone… #delima

  11. I have a really bad feeling that Bitcoin will have a run up to around 18k right before the halving and then crash back down. Possibly lower than where it is right now!

  12. Bitcoin doubles first the prior bullrun up to around the 40ties, then a break and sideways action till 2 half of the year when the two big ass high Bullruns will fly in and kick the Coin to Planet589. oh no oops that was xrp… i guess the million this year is very well possible as well as the 10millions Bitcoin

  13. Based on Bob Loukas' 4 year journey theory we should be seeing a return to the previous ATH towards the end of 2020, then prices will go steadily, slowly up from there throughout 2021 to the new ATH

  14. Drugs today mate? Voice sounds drug effected!

  15. I believe!!! it will not do well as everyone anticipating but the halving after this one gonna be hard core!!

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  17. So is it still a good time to invest in bitcoin

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  20. October -December 2022

    80,000$ bitcoin.

    🙂 let’s get these millions.

  21. Love the channel! Keep up the great work!

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  23. I think by May 2020 ie Botcoin Halving time, BTC goes to 20k range.. due to post halving and double top, it will drop to 7.5k range and sit there for 6 months or more.. then slowly start the cycle and peak bull run will be in 2021..

  24. Hey guys I am building a Bitcoin Castle in 2022. It's gonna look like a real castle. I got about 93 Bitcoins and my estimation is $200,000-$300,000 in mid 2021 to 2022. I am aiming on selling at $250,000. Then re-buying in 2023 for the next cycled and cash out in 2025. So stack and Hodl also DGX is a good coin to cash out it, cause it's backed by gold and stable. Also Bitcoin Halving is May 16 2020

  25. I believe PlanB changed his silver stock to flow back to 2-4 or something

  26. Price would be heading towards 1kg of gold.

  27. Halving won’t do much. It will be the effects that carry into the fall.

  28. Heard alot of people investing in Dogecoin

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  30. Price predictions are moot until 20K becomes the new floor.

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  41. Everyone interested in Bitcoin, should buy before march 2020.

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