Great Depression Part Deux IS COMING by 2026! Why Bitcoin Is The New Hope!

The Great Depression started in 1929. Virtually 100 years have handed since then, and the monetary cycle is coming full swing as a result of the Great Depression Part Deux will come this decade. The similarities between then & now are eerily comparable. Rebublican president bowing all the way down to the elite, excessive tariffs & a booming financial system. However these ROARING 20s will come to and finish & Bitcoin is the brand new HOPE!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: That New Years Hangover
00:38 The Roaring 20s Part II
01:06 The 1st Great Depression: Why Did It Occur?
01:28 Entry to Low-cost Credit score to Purchase Shopper Items
02:28 Common American Employee-Purchase Right this moment, Pay Later
03:25 The Affluent Ones of The Roaring 20s: The Prime 1 P.c
04:08 The Wealthy & Elite Earlier than & After The Great Depression
05:48 Wages of The Common American Employee within the 1920s
06:17 The Similarities Between Politics: Then & Now
07:53 It is Worse Right this moment Than In The 20s
08:51 The Wealthy Are About to Overshoot & Collapse
10:07 We Have Entry to Low-cost Credit score As soon as Once more & Miniscule Wage Development
10:49 The Inventory Market Crash Will Throw Us Into One other Great Depression
12:10 Bitcoin: The New Hope: Questions That Will Be Answered
12:43 Outro

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  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: That New Years Hangover

    00:38 The Roaring 20s Part II

    01:06 The 1st Great Depression: Why Did It Happen?

    01:28 Access to Cheap Credit to Buy Consumer Goods

    02:28 Average American Worker-Buy Today, Pay Later

    03:25 The Prosperous Ones of The Roaring 20s: The Top 1 Percent

    04:08 The Rich & Elite Before & After The Great Depression

    05:48 Wages of The Average American Worker in the 1920s

    06:17 The Similarities Between Politics: Then & Now

    07:53 It's Worse Today Than In The 20s

    08:51 The Rich Are About to Overshoot & Collapse

    10:07 We Have Access to Cheap Credit Once Again & Miniscule Wage Growth

    10:49 The Stock Market Crash Will Throw Us Into Another Great Depression

    12:10 Bitcoin: The New Hope: Questions That Will Be Answered

    12:43 Outro

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  2. Not retail investors pushing the price on DJIA, mostly buybacks from companies, because of cheap money

  3. Great video. The hair is looking great. Long Live VeChain, XRP, IOTA, and BTC. My safe word is Pundi X (My million dollar$$ wild card).

  4. well see if bitcoin lasts 10 more years. A lot can happen in that time

  5. Im not religious but I pray with you Chico!!!

  6. thanks for this New channel "Chico Eco"

  7. Your OUT CHICO…You are correct on what is happening but not why.We are at the end of the central bank system AND TRUMP KNOWS IT. Our debt is so large it can never be repaid. The Central bank system with the help of deep staters ,Republicans and Democrats have been taking manufacturing out of the US sending our jobs to China. Trump is going to play their game encouraging quantitative easing and lowering of rates & he will be bringing jobs back from China (LOOK IT UP , IT IS HAPPENING NOW) and rebuild our infrastructure and military & get as many dependents off the Federal rolls as possible.After taking the house and senate in 2020 Trump will call for an audit of the Fed that the Fed will fail and we will start all over going back to a Gold standard. Your Trump assessment is a travesty and I am usubscribing now. GET AN EDUCATION YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!

  8. You need to shut the phuck up! What are you now all knowing all seeing chico phuckhead now :)) wut a millennial turkey brain you are, but funny!

  9. Brother once again you have outdone yourself. How does one thank you. May the force be with you.

  10. Very well done. Really enjoyed how the mistakes of the past will get repeated in the future. Gonna be a wild ride. Hold on to that btc!

  11. How do we get people to wake up?

  12. Cheers for making a vid about this, love the content

  13. Chico! I love your videos and watch religiously BUT… I disagree strongly with this one. There's a ton of garbage you put out. I don't blame you. Your government school purposely propagandized you. I'll just pick on one thing. WWII DID NOT end the Great Depression. Just think about that for a second. Why would blowing up most of your resources, and putting your most productive workers (young men) into non-productive (military) jobs make the nation richer? War always enriches the 1% while bankrupting a nation. WWII in America saw rationed meat, rationed butter, rationed copper, and this is prosperity??? The Depression didn't actually end until 1947 after most of FDR's atrocious New Deal was rolled back by Congress. That's what caused the post-war boom. A massive cut in government expenditures. Please watch the great Tom Woods explain better than I could:

  14. Sorry but your analysis is way off and misleading. You did not mention the USMCA trade deal OR the trade deal w China that will increase AG purchases by $9 billion per year AND protect intellectual property…..sorry man gotta give you a thumbs down for reaching on a click bait narrative.

  15. hey, check out this discord group I found. they pump coins together then dump. why am I not surprised ? :
    Dear member of BigPumpSignal,

    We are happy to see that you joined BPS and are ready to add value to our group. The main reason BigPumpSignal exists is to team up and manipulate the market. We collectively mass buy a coin on an exchange to let the price increase. After a while, the members of the group sell the coins with profits. If you need more information head over to the #❔starting-guide.

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  16. Perfect example of the Prapagandization of your generation. The great depression would’ve been ended much sooner if not for the socialist policies instituted by F. D. Roosevelt. It would’ve been a normal recession, ebb n’ flow of the market. Instead he got us in the World War II on purpose with a lie, killing millions of Americans in the process.

  17. The market is doing so bad you’re talking about 2026. The Hopium is real.

  18. You know whats funny I haven't seen a Cardano fud vid on this channel ever since the Shelly testate came out kinda weird right?

  19. Chico is the mufkn TRUTH boi!! U keep opening them minds my dude ur a beacon of hope in a sea of ignorance! Bless!

  20. Hey there. I study a US land cycle. It’s an 18.6 year credit induced cycle that’s has been the same since the 1800s.
    Phil anderson is your best economist on the subject. He called the 08 high to the month and the 2012 low. The next cycle high is in 2026!!! Worth having a look. Cheers.

  21. By the way the book that explains all this so you understand the underlying fuel for the cycle is “the secret life of realestate and banking” by Phil anderson.
    You will absolutely love it ?

  22. WRONG 2026 — be way before this bro!!!

  23. This guy does not understand the economics of the 1920s or 1930s

  24. You definitely sound smart.
    20k for alignment, right?

  25. check out the Mud Floods,Orphan trains,Free Energy Theme Parks,Lost Antiqu-tec ,Tartaria & Flat Earth & how it all sets the scene for the World Wars & the continuing Depressions…its all connected ..all best for 2020 x

  26. Not gonna lie, the quality of your videos just keep getting better!

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  28. Excellent video to talk about the America history and How the American dream each away to only people follow this dream. Well, I think that I don't like how to world is to manipulated our society, especially the middle and poor classs that lived in America working in a job that getting more poors that peoples?. Now I knowed the US Dollar is devaluated in the while time that caused inflation in our currency and economy.

    That is very hard to people heard this that they don't know. Bitcoin is the bestdigital currency that resolved all problems with the centralization and liberty for us.

  29. Do you invest in stocks at all or are you 100% invested in crypto?

  30. Dude. Hope btc hits hair cut amount soon. People I refer to you have trouble with the sasquatch look:) Time to get queer eyed:) and thanks for all the great info. Have a bsc in economics and you get it, basic economic facts and what they mean. appreciated.

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