Bitcoin Cash can go up a thousand times from where it is now: 'Bitcoin Jesus'

Roger Ver, founding father of, who’s generally known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” joins CNBC’s “Energy Lunch” group to speak concerning the cryptocurrency markets, the worth of Bitcoin and extra.

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  1. That top lip is hella distracting.

  2. lol this is the running joke of the blockchain community

  3. Fucking disgusting. bcash is a shitcoin. It lost the big block war and now it's a coin that has no purpose and is slowly fading into obscurity. Don't worry though, Roger will keep himself and his shitcoin relevant as long as he can by snatching any interview he can.

  4. This guy is confusing the public about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and that's exactly what he wants.

  5. I own both Btc and bch… you would be a fool not to place a bet on both ponys.

  6. I beelieve in crypto, I believe in its potential, I believe there is no way we will be using FIAT forever – some sort of digital asset will be used as a medium of exchange. We got rid of dumbphones for smartphones, letters for email, cheques for plastic. 
    However, news for crypto works one way = Great positive news is like farting against a tornado. Negative news is like removing the last brick for the skyscrapper to fall down. Dont get me wrong I'm buying more and more crypto, but I am tired of positive news doing nothing!!

    Bitcoin is a scam, has no value, bubble burst bla bla bla

    Fidelity? Lightning network? Supposed wallets on smartphones? UFC LTC advertising? Amazon LTC support? Blockchain training center in India by Cardano team? ETH Constantinople fork? 2 New Hardware wallets : D'Cent and Ledger X launching soon? Stories how Venezuela is using crypto as a means of survival? Whales/institutions buying large amounts of OTC crypto despite bear market? Starbucks??
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  7. how can bitcoin cash be up thousand of percent in the last 5 years when it is less then 3 years old?

  8. When the governments are against it, we the public must push for it.

  9. This guy participated in the drop of Bitcoin price just after he switched to Bitcoin cash.

  10. I'm in on BTC 2 at $1.89ea. Bitcoin 2 probably is the best investment I have. I will stack them also.

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  12. Fake News! No one is dumping Bitcoin for B Cash???

  13. Lmao as of today BCH is down 98% from its all time high!

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  15. Fiat has kept us in slavery long enough. Invest in BTC2 to free yourself. At least get 1 and hold it.

  16. Dont Buy Bcash(Bitcoin Cash)! The founder and current CEO being interviewed is a felon and CNBC is not mentioning it!

  17. There is a gold BTC and there is a cash BCH..Buy both

  18. 'Bitcoin Judas'…..that's the right name for this guy!!….LOL

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