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  1. all these bullish patterns 'wow cup and handle wow sick bruv'. lol at people actually assigning meaning to a pattern, lmfao just shows the amount of retards in crypto

  2. there is no such thing as support or resistance there is only psychology and sentiment and massive manipulation

  3. expect the bottom to be between 4-5k

  4. Please talk about the real BTC you know its BSV it is the only one that can scale to handle everything!!!

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  6. Buy now if you haven't already…gonna goto 8.4 possibly 8.7k before coming down to 8k then big dump around Dec 26th too 6.1k…then more action until end of March 2020 followed by another dump too 3.6k…

  7. Sunny, can you tell us more about CEDEX exchange? How long is it on the scene? Pros and cons? Is it safe? etc.

  8. Buy in the dips, sell at tops…It's stupid that these TA's can't see the actual pattern…lines people lines

  9. lmao Bitlord really was freaking out on Twitter xD

  10. :))) sunny humor is your strong tool :))) new slogan came to mind “subscribe for free delivery mcdonalds” :)))

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  13. funny love it!!

  14. Nice update. It's better to keep earning more btc as possible so when the markets is finally back to its feet you can be elevated financially too. I keep earning 4 btc weekly..

  15. Yay, I get to buy more satoshi's at a discount.

  16. No doubt u shorted this before making it… hahaha

  17. If it goes to 3k I'll be getting 10 of them.. whatever happens happens.. go to 3k baby !!!

  18. That’s 312 Million OTC BTC taking place in legitimate transactions / 500 Million BTC was stolen from Coincheck before & Bitcoin still stays strong ?? . Seems like everything that takes place just makes it stronger & stronger …

  19. Not done yet their are still a lot of suckers to hold the bag it will go up agin and the fall to zeros

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  21. This video will not age well my friend!

  22. Got an Abra wallet with $10 and bought Bitcoin and Litecoin. Was down to 8.99 but back to 9.79. Ready to fund more and buy more.

  23. buyin come rain come shine

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