BITCOINs Fall to 6k Begins!? BEARs, Bakkt & CMEs Attack

Is Bitcoin about to tumble down to 6k? The Bitcoin Bears, Bakkt, and CME Bitcoin Futures plan on bringing the value down! Bitcoin miners have began to capitulate, and the BTC worth is beginning to settle into a variety if the 14okay pump in July didn’t occur. Will 6k be Bitcoin backside? Nicely Bakkt and CME, are gearing up for an additional assault and Chico Crypto has uncovered a direct connection between the 2 Bitcoin futures platforms. That is an episode you don’t need to miss!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: The BEARS ARE BACK!
01:00 Bearish Sentiment & Then A Pump?
01:35 Crypto Youtuber’s Have been So Mistaken LMAO & ByBit Shills
03:04 Chico Is Sticking To Our Bearish Name To 6k! Why?
04:21 The place Bitcoin’s Value Ought to Be
04:49 Cease Chasing The Dragon!
05:26 Miner Capitulation Is Coming-Bitcoin 1st Spend
06:48 Crypto Markets Held Up By Simply 500 Million? This IS FUD!
07:44 Exposing Bakkt Some Extra!
08:16 Why Bakkt Is not Good For Bitcoin? The Agriculture Trade Comparability
10:15 H-2A Visa Program: Who Introduced This On?
11:39 Bakkt’s Donations To Republicans
12:17 Why This Would not Make Sense?
12:35 Bakkt’s Direct Ties To CME Group
13:23 Concluding Ideas
13:43 Outro

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  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: The BEARS ARE BACK!

    01:00 Bearish Sentiment & Then A Pump?

    01:35 Crypto Youtuber's Were So Wrong LMAO & ByBit Shills

    03:04 Chico Is Sticking To Our Bearish Call To 6k! Why?

    04:21 Where Bitcoin's Price Should Be

    04:49 Stop Chasing The Dragon!

    05:26 Miner Capitulation Is Coming-Bitcoin 1st Spend

    06:48 Crypto Markets Held Up By Just 500 Million? This IS FUD!

    07:44 Exposing Bakkt Some More!

    08:16 Why Bakkt Isn't Good For Bitcoin? The Agriculture Industry Comparison

    10:15 H-2A Visa Program: Who Brought This On?

    11:39 Bakkt's Donations To Republicans

    12:17 Why This Doesn't Make Sense?

    12:35 Bakkt's Direct Ties To CME Group

    13:23 Concluding Thoughts

    13:43 Outro

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  2. What happens to BAKKTED when the banks fail?

  3. When it comes to agricultural workers if you pay enough they will come. Sorry illegals.

  4. Yeah Chico, the moon called a target if there was a continuation move breaking the downtrend , Crypto Kirby saw we pulled back below a higher high immediately and called for continuation down, and crypto crew university has been saying 6.4k for months. But they’ve also showed a different scenario. The problem is 90% of people don’t understand what TA is for… they think it’s some kind a crystal ball. It’s for spotting high reward set ups with low risk seeing where price will move to if it goes in either direction. It’s for risk reward not prophecy. Anyone who doesn’t understand that should never hit a leverage button.

  5. Great insight as always mate. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. I don't have the link, but Trump was accepting BTC for his properties back in 2013. So the Trump family may own a bunch of BTC and possibly BCH/BSV

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  8. i look at you and i look at your video and i understand that between all youtubers u are the most donkey one

  9. I'm confused, first Chico said that the natural evolution of crypto is a longer winter, yet we had a mini run instead he claim this is due to institutional manipulation but then he claim they are here to tame Bitcoin. Seems they actually made possible for btc price to pump faster instead of the organic growth, so to what degree this is bad, for crypto holders.

  10. I’m in some paid groups and people complain about bybit for missing SLs but every YT influencer is incentivized to promote it. Also Bybit ran cash promos just to deposit Bitcoin. All that money they give away doesn’t appear from thin air. Seems like a pyramid scam

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  12. One hell of a leap to associate republicans with anti crypto. The pro censorship side is overwhelmingly that of the democrats.

  13. I truly hope none are so naive to believe Trump does not like crypto. He is a very shrewd businessman and if he can put you off the scent so that he can profit he will in a heartbeat. Even Warren Buffet said he did not like crypto yet has invested in crypto rather heavily. Opportunity abounds, don't let it pass you by.

  14. Holy crap Chico the non-Technical Astrologist embarrasses the majority of YouTube's crypto chartmonkeys, especially the moon.

  15. Those YouTubers get 30k a month from bybit. That's why. You should shill it too lol. Good vid. I'm calling 2500 BTC then off to 50k.

  16. If falls you buy if pump you sell.

  17. Great video, keep digging!

  18. Why use Bybit when you can use Digitex Futures and trade fee free with their ladder UI!!!!!

  19. BuyBit and Unstoppable Domains shills for days.

    PS, do not invest in Unstoppable Domains lol.

  20. I appreciate the no schilling; b-roll, references, and terseness. I'm beginning to think this market is just too new and …possibly manipulated, perhaps unpredictable, to leverage trade. Look at the 2017 unprecedented bull run. There's so many times even in that insane-a-bull-run that 10x leverages would've been stomped out. Now that we know the T-Admin allowed short trading to put down pressure on the market, will it even stop at stock to flow market value? I think we're in for a worse capitulation than most think. Great buying opportunity!

  21. Now I knew you were charged your.hype bitcoin. I keep on laughing at you ???

  22. Goddamnit i keep getting liquidated

  23. Anything for the central banks

  24. Why does everyone think the long term chart is flattening out, there isn’t amy reasom for it to be that way

  25. Where can i see that chart with the purple first spend?

  26. I’m really blessed this new year, I’ve received a total of 0.914BTC from Mr Sam Aryan as profits

  27. about time someone telling the truth, I am accumulating the same for some time, BTC, ETH and deapp

  28. I agree this is very possible.. but the sad truth is only those with specialized, high-powered machinery are able to profitably extract bitcoins nowadays. I started with 0.28 and now 0.83 has been mined so far.

  29. I've been calling out The Moon for months. Hopefully I've saved a few people from losing their Bitcoin. He's a cult leader. His subs only hear what they want to hear. They forget he always gives 2 sides. But on his following uploads he then claims he was "exactly" right. Can't believe he's world's top Bybit leader for their competition. His subs must be kids or extremely naive. MMCrypto is just as bad. Was stated as "Europe's TOP trader" last month by Crypto Trader YouTube channel.

  30. Precisely. 6k around Dec/Jan was what many thought before this 4x-5x move anyway.

  31. Chico, trying to understand: How can anyone control the price without actually owning Bitcoin? The price depends on what buyers and sellers agree to trade it at on crypto exchanges that deal with USD, no? I mean that derivatives, substitutes, etc., not being actual Bitcoin, should not effect the price but be an effect of the actual price, no?

  32. Tbh trading is a scam. I've learnt some of the "best" courses etc, and it's all garbage. If you have the funds behind you then yes you can make it profitable, the average person does not win in trading. The amounts of $ I've spent on courses, groups, trading etc is disgusting

  33. You all should read the constitution. Only gold & silver is money you dumb f#@ks

  34. Hahahaha, the crypto lark part had me dying, thanks for always keeping it real, much love

  35. You stupid fucking cunts. Nobody can predict this market by looking at triangles.

  36. I came here from the dingdong song lol….

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  38. You called it. You’re definitely gaining credibility with me and I’m sure with others.

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  40. Trump's a crook so secretly he loves Bitcoin !

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