Bitcoin Price Prediction | This Man Got it RIGHT and Now Predicts Bitcoin Again (2020)

Bitcoin and crypto forex proper now’s trending down, nevertheless not all the things seems so unhealthy. On this video we are going to speak about a man who precisely predicted a number of bitcoin bull and bear markets and now he has one other prediction.

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  1. Some people call him faketoshi, i call him gaytoshi

  2. Very underrated Kevin Svenson. The man deserves more credit

  3. it's not gonna happen cause everyone knows about it now

  4. Until Aimstone says who the "analyst" is you're completely discreditting yourself and the video you created. We can't research it and find out ourslves so we have to guess if this is really true. What a shame.

  5. Who shall i believe? An opinionated youtuber or a guy that built a company hired developers and produced the most scalabel blockchain to date! Proof of Work concept still works today and my answer is b!

  6. Seems this video of yours got pretty viral, congrats man. Forgot to give credit, but it is what it is. Great video! I'd absolutely love if you would explain and talk about DEX's, and why they are important for those of us who want to remain anonymous while trading. Blocknet is a personal favourite of mine, though there are plenty of options out there.

    Great channel, keep it up 🙂

  7. To start the slow rise after halving we need to drop a lot more, we will probably see 4000-4800 before April 2020

  8. Even if you would make zero income with the channel, chilling shit like bybit is a nogo for me :/

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  14. Will the real Satoshi please stand up.. please stand up..

  15. This dude is a scam he's reporting on somebody else's charts and not his own

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  21. Is it fitting to put resources into the bitcoin showcase in this period?

  22. It's amazing how a crypto youtube video can be outdated in only a few days.

  23. Mining ⛏ trucks all broken down makes prices spike ?

  24. I wish to block that channel.

  25. Faketoshi holds the most blockchain patents above any company or individual. His patents are going to reek havoc on those who do not pay him licensing fees. Before you laugh at him, do some proper research

  26. 12:50
    click and repeat.. its weird! promise

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