To All Bitcoin and Crypto Holders! Top 3 AVOIDED But Important Truths…

To All Bitcoin and Crypto Holders! Top 3 AVOIDED But Important Truths…


Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. I just subscribed to you again

  2. Very good presentation . Thanks

  3. Crypto every single Daily, you freakin idiot, Starbucks is the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. Tkx it was a fantastic journey to watch such a masterpiece

  5. Twice watched, Daily you are an artist! Your video work is fantastic. Entertainment and education in the same package. I like your whole take on this crazy crypto world. Thanks

  6. i can’t stop thinking of one thing that doesn’t make sense to me.
    If dollar dies, and bitcoin’s only value so far is to be paired to the dollar what would be bitcoin’s value after that?
    and who would set/decide prices, salaries etc… it doesn’t feel right to be unbound from a fiat currency.

  7. Whoever downvotes your videos can lick a dirty butthole.

  8. No new video for 6 days! Come on man!

  9. This Is Good For Bitcoin

  10. Take it from an og who bought in 2011 bagholders, youre all moonbois and your liberty/anti banks mantra is nothing but a cheap sales mantra. If you moonbois really are anti banks the price wouldn't tank everytime bitcoin is rejected from mainstream markets.

  11. You used an image of Nicolas Maduro just as you said dictator. In the failed coup attempt against Maduro and the people of Venezuela, the USA tried to force the democratically elected Maduro out and replace him with Juan Guaido, so they could get control of the oil.  They failed to overthrow the government, the USA did get control of the oil and have placed sanctions on Venezuela which targets the people of course. P.S. Love you videos

  12. This ending! Blew my mind! Watched it a couple of times!

  13. The only thing needed in order to replace inflation is a switch to smaller units, right? (ex. Now your 200 Satoshi milk costs 200 Millisatoshis because of increased demand or decreased supply). It's all digital, so theoretically I don't see why not. I'm not a programmer or anything, though.

  14. Someone holds an spc token? I found an exchange called Biteeu, they got a giveaway of spc token. Has anyone heard about this? Is there anyone who has already traded on this exchange?

  15. CryptoDaily ur a real talent, glad your part of the crypto space, priceless!

  16. Cryto-hello: ehlol owrdl

  17. Is your hoodie comfortable on the elbow?

  18. I’m back watching all your videos … your efforts are appreciated and I’m now (wirh the help of your meme reviews ) almost able to have my teens watch …. although they mostly laugh when I want to talk about crypto… hence I listen on …. from the commonwealth of Canada…. as an ex-pat

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