“Only 5-10 Bitcoin Will Change Your Life In 20 Years.” [How To Think About Bitcoin As An Investor]

Charlie Shrem believes that in a couple of years even 5 BTCs will have the ability to change the lifetime of their proprietor.

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SLP109 Preston Pysh – How To Think About Bitcoin as an Investor

Charles Shrem: “Solely 5-10 bitcoins will change your life in 20 years.”

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  1. I think he's ? correct ?
    Just wait until people fully understand the resource it is in the world's MOST SECURE NETWORK!
    You will see people side-chaining things we couldn't even think of, because people will start thinking… Why are we trying to build a secure network when you can piggy back on the world's largest and secure for nothing!!!
    I made the mistake of selling a bunch in exchange for property and now realise it's REALLY HARD to buy at bottoms in any type of volume people just don't sell at bottoms in mass.

    I would gladly trade back my property investment/s for the coins I had even when it was 6k ?
    No way I'm selling anymore in the next 10 years. (I'm old so after 10 years I will want to just enjoy life not worry about making money)

    They are pushing it so the Hedge funds will own the larger wallets outside of whales, miners and early adopters (which is not a large number of people in this whole space atm, so long-term hedge funds will own most of the new minting)… This let's wall St then pump or dump when it's a trillion or 2 trillion plus market…

    The internet went from 0-5 trillion before a bubble pop and then it's now a 40 trillion plus market.
    So if BTC was the 2017 bubble of the internet it's at least a 10 or 15 trillion cap in 20 years!?????
    #HODLtheDoorHoDor !!

  2. Twenty years is too much,what about the person die before then? The bitcoin wiĺl be lost.

  3. I only have 0.051928 bitcoin :/

  4. B-But didn't McAfee assure us that just 1 Bitcoin is going to be worth a million dollars….. by the end of 2020?

  5. I cannot hold at the next top because I still need the small amount of btc that I have to help me buy a house. If I would have 20 btc I would definitely hold 5 btc for the long run

  6. Started my accumulation. 0.0022 BTC. Gotta start somewhere. Just gotta sell the concept to my boomer parents then we can rally!

  7. Good work Aaron. Seriously, in twenty years, we’ll be talking in terms of Satoshis rather than whole Bitcoins, me thinks. ?

  8. 5 years from now, life will be very different than today, the elites would have total control, 5g would be in place,chemtrailing ,climate change,bank collapse, natural disasters, all traitors are in control. True misery coming.

  9. Oh yeah sure I have 40k just laying around to invest

  10. What are you doing to the mouse?

  11. 20 years Ill be 70 lol that is too late, I need it to change my life in the next 5-8 years lol so I can enjoy life more when I am 60 – I am more banked on ADA then BTC see how things go.

  12. If you don't sell, how are you going to make more BTC? ?

    Say you have 10 BTC and it goes to 50k and retrace to 20k. You'll have 500k then you'll be able to rebuy 25 BTC. So when it goes to 100k you're a multimillionaire instead of just having 1 million. There will be retracements…. (not financial advice lol).

  13. I want to buy a Bitcoin. The fees are ridiculous.

  14. Can i keep crypto in coinbase for 2 years? if its not safe how and were should i put it?

  15. BITCOIN TO 25k NOV 13TH. It'll start it's uptrend there Nov 13th at 12am then by the halving May 14th it should be at 20-25k where there we will have and even bigger uptrend then the last two pumps we saw in 2018 and 2019

  16. If you afford 5/10 bitcoin you've already living a good life

  17. I agree but my only worry is that whales can make lots of money shorting the market with leverage by selling a ton of BTC and dropping the price.

  18. 1 bitcoin will change anyone’s life. Remember 0.003 is more than each person could have if it was divided up equally. Having 0.1 means you have more than 300 people could have.

  19. Who's thinks ETH will rise in 2020?

  20. hoping way before 20 years, as I will be over 70! I am not a Millennial!

  21. Has Anyone consider BITCOIN Escape Velocity for Mass adoptions? Look ar the S vertical curve of technology adoption: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Technology-adoption-measured-by-population-penetration-in-in-USA-Radio-TV_fig1_281802039

  22. I and my colleague at work has had many reasonable talks about bitcoin and cryptocurrency being a great investment and so last year October I decided to go into deep in it not withstanding my little knowledge in it and how I can equally benefit from it. After doing some research, I stumbled into a commentary on twitter about a pro trader that can help manage my account and also teach trading to a lame man understanding I decided to buy BTC and do it myself, I bought 3 BTC, and I left it in my wallet expecting the price to increase in some months time because before the year ended in 2017 the price was more x20 of what it was in January that same year and this was done following the instructions I got from my colleague but the profit I expected never came, in short, the reverse was the case. So I decided to contact the man from the commentary I once saw, Mr. Nyberg, he explained to me the different ways to make profit in this bearish market. I invested $3000 worth of bitcoin in February 2019, and it quickly rose to $12,000 towards the end of March 2019, thereby giving me a 400% increase in profit within 40 days, and I was convinced that this is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin.
    If you're still confused about the steps to take now, I urge you to contact Mr. Nyberg Hansson on telegram @nyberghansson and WhatsApp +447723292381, for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

  23. 20 years long but my suggestion next 10 years change your life hold in 1 btc

  24. 5 – 10 ? What Happened to 0.25btc or 0.28btc to be in the top 1% and 1 BTC being more than enough ?

  25. 5 to 10 bitcoin? I only have 1 and a half.

  26. Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/hblack and use my username (hblack) as your invitation code.

  27. I'll be dead who gives a shit.

  28. Being realistic, there is no good reason to believe it will go up. The market fundamentals are very poor. Bitcoin has failed its intended use case and the technology is extremely outdated. With vast superior payment methods taking off left and right, there is no real reason to own bitcoin. Digital gold you may say? I certainly hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate as gold and silver. You could be waiting most of your life to ever see an ATH again if that’s the case. Futures trading and banks owning bitcoin are purely to suppress the price, not pump it up. Exchange manipulation, whale manipulation, and no retail interest is a bad sign. Government opposition is strong especially as the price rises. An ETF likely is never going to be approved I think the SEC has made that pretty clear by now. God bless everyone who is heavily invested in this market. I’ll pray for you.

  29. 20years lolol well no shit Einstein, a five yr old could have told us that

  30. Haha gone from 2020 to 20 years lol

  31. People, please stop financing stupid shit like cars and use personal loans to buy crypto!

  32. Haha. True that about owing 5-10 BTC. The guy also has youth on his side. In 20 years, I'll be happy if I can still hear beyond the crickets I've already developed in my hearing.

  33. "only 5" … that's a lot of money still

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