Miners On Bitcoin Halving

Will the worth double after the halving? Will it rearrange the market? How will the Bitcoin Money and BTC halving play out? We have requested the miners themselves.

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  1. LTC mooned before the halvening

  2. It's actually quite astounding how short term thinking the miners are…
    The Asian guy was the only one to get it!!
    Sure mining is going to be impacted short term but supply/rarity is only increasing so it's a simple Ying Yang situation.
    2 years from now everything they are talking about is irrelevant!

  3. not one of them hopfull about the halvining
    one saying it will do a litecoin type
    one say even if we rally we wont double
    i say be bullish , bitcoin demand wont be halvened but the new bitcoin will

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  5. It would be great if small home miners would take over and wipe-out the mining companies. This would be feasible if a proper ASIC was available – something that would use around $10/month of electricity allowing pure non-for-profit/altruistic mining. Even better if everyone would mine solo. I would participate in such an ecosystem.

  6. I see the hash rate falling dramatically, causing much more centralisation. Given the econmies of scale the the big players will have over the little guys, the little wild cat miners will be pushed out. Think of the Heartland corporate war of walmart vs mom and pop. In the end I think this is bad for crypto in general and particularly bad for bitcoin. I believe the strongest plays in crypto belong to the non mining more central tokens that can disrupt current arenas, like XLM. Most in the know investors and traders dismiss tokens like XLM. I think medium to long term this is where the smart money will end up.

  7. eat dics bitcoin dot com. you suck

  8. 3:00 I disagree that the intrinsic value of bitcoin is the electricity cost. The value depends on the security of it, not electricity. If the bitcoin encryption changed which was 2x more secure but 1/100 the electricity cost would he say bitcoin’s value dropped by a factor of 100? I would say it increased by at least 2x. 2x from what value? Who knows…

  9. Majority of Miners are RED BEARISH in General Lets ACCUMELATE like a Maniac…!

  10. this is bcash halving
    bcash isn't bitcoin
    it's a shitty scammy fork of bitcoin with a fraction of the hashrate
    don't buy the wrong one. you want btc not bcash.

  11. Price will eventually rise due to the same demand with less supply. That’s when miners who saved a portion of their bitcoins will be rewarded the most

  12. Bitcoin will do what it has always done in the lead up and post halvening. Trend is your friend.

  13. People so worried about miner revenue, this is what I don't get. Let's say the average Bitcoin sell price for the last few years is $8,000. That's a high estimate but OK. So if after the halvening, if the average sell price is $16,000 per Bitcoin, which seems very reasonable, what's the difference?

    The halvening can only be bad if Bitcoin price remains stable and doesn't increase. Or am I missing something?

  14. A lesson I learned a long time ago… Take the money used for electricity and just buy the coin.

  15. bitcoin was an algo written with sha 256 on a cia developed idea… algos are repetitive numbers in sequences… a handful know what is going on and technology will be forced to catch up with computing powers

  16. only bitcoin and bitcoin cash are accepted for a 3% discount to trade for gold and silver via apmex.com.… let that sink in

  17. True miners are not worried. The miners who are in it for the wrong reasons are worried. Those who know the purpose of crypto are never worried for those who are in crypto are united for the cause of cryptocurrency. ?

  18. One person said "the Bitcoin store of value hypothesis isn't proving itself yet". Is he refering to the volatility?

  19. Yeah this video increased the FUD for newbies. Well done. We’ve seen a number of halving already. Here’s what happens; it gets priced in early in anticipation of the halving. Nothing dramatic nothing exciting. Just boring old market adjustment stuff. Come on you know this.

  20. unbelievable, that there are still people mining btrash!

  21. Whether the minors come or go the same amount of Bitcoin will be mined and now that China has put forward a national decree that is extremely pro blockchain, any negative sentiment can only create a temporary buy opportunity. The end game for Bitcoin has already been written and I've been buying as much as I can whenever I can.

  22. Simple economics 101 no? Less supply, increased scarcity, higher btc price. Much wow. Such surprise. Many doge.

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  24. looks like miners are dumb fucks and get scammed with bitcoin cash etc.

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  26. Shouldnt even mention the BCH token(s), not sure why it was brought to attention in this video about bitcoin.

  27. 50k is the lowest 2021 prediction I've seen.

  28. Halving it shld go up.. just as cost to mine wld go up..increase btc scarcity…

  29. So many cry babies. What whaaaaaa. Stop crying.

  30. Was amazing working with XhTrade on Instagram.. I was able to learn to invest some amount in mining… And today I'm super rich. Cashing out 10,000 every week with a side hustle

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