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  1. I'll just shill a Chinese based, government linked Crypto…TKY (TheKey). You can thank me in 3 or 4 years. ?

  2. Let's not forget that if the same whale decides to use those bitcoin to trigger stop losses we will have the 3rd largest drop in bitcoin's history. Margin Calls/liquidations are a severe danger in this illiquid market.

  3. China owns BTC….81% is mined in China. Run from BTC and buy XRP!!!

  4. Love you did such a good job Sunny! Your a damn great guy! Love it! Your patience has paid off! Congrats! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thumbs up! You deserve it Sunny !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 … I've seen in the last two years how fast you have learned. You did so much right to survive and beat the markets respectively get your gains. This is one of the hardest lessons for traders. You have "sometimes" to wait "so long" for the right moment. That's the bad side of this job. But when you get the wave it's an enourmous wonderful rush! You did it Sunny 🙂 I really love how sucessful you are! It makes me smile brightly ( with a lot of memories ). There are just few traders who really succeed in this! It's a hard job! Therefore it's correctly said for the stock markets: "The money you make in the markets is for taking taking the pain. It's pain and suffering money!". So learn the last very hard lesson and think of your retirement after the next bull run! I know you are planning it. But then to do it is a completely another thing (+ you'll need weeks or months "to recover" from this love and fill the new (time) gap). For now: Enjoy your weekend sunny! You deserve it! You made my day! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Of course my own btc position has risen, too (but with fiat) 😉

  5. China is a shit hole country. Don't care about what their commie cunts have to say.

  6. Lol I was telling all my friends to buy at the time …. I knew it … was a halfling event … I'm having a sirioce problem buying it instantly …. used an atm last week complete rip off

  7. I bought low and sold high waiting till it goes down again to buy

  8. Always these trading actions. It's all about trying to take advantage of people that make mistakes in their trading 'game'. Trading is like rat behaviour to me.

  9. i love what you said at 7minutes… bart pattern, we already learned from our mistakes.

  10. This is a dangerous patern…sorry to say…but…you should all sell…BTC going to 3 000ish…levels

  11. The price went up because somebody decided to increase their buy price. With no clear justification, it was arbitrary manipulation and speculation. That's not how I price BTC. I prefer to price BTC based on a tangible metric. Bitcoin has many metrics but the one metric that all other metrics depend on is the hash rate. The security and reliability of the blockchain scales directly with the hash rate therefore so should the price. I calculate the price as (current hash rate zhs) / (0.01 zhs) * $1. Right now the hash rate is 97zhs so the price should be $9,700 but the market price is only $9,200 so it's about 5% under-valued.

  12. Ok I’m new to it but must admit it’s exciting and I do have that luv the thrill kind of bones..?Can only see the markets growing generally!?

  13. Today was a good day – Ice Cube

  14. I got liquidated at 7290… and I have nothing left anymore… this is a joke, and i can't even pay my rent anymore…

  15. Bitcoin just loves to wait until everyone gets disinterested, then kicks your ass for falling asleep.

  16. You're so excited about this. I love it. Thanks for update n info m8 ??

  17. The only reason BTC pumped was because the S&P500 broke previous high of $300. And the only reason THAT happened was because the FED has been printing nearly $100 billion dollars per day for the last several weeks! With all the extra (fake) liquidity businesses are buying their own stock in crazy amounts to pump the stock price. Its a house of cards. The economy is VERY bad but on paper it looks great!

    Walk down memory lane…

  18. trx sure feels like a company getting some kind of support from the gov

  19. Bitcoin’s price was quoted in five digits across cryptocurrency exchanges earlier today, but the uphill price swing was short lived and couldn’t test the $10,000 region for long. Just 24 hours ago, bitcoin was playing in bearish territory. This shows the bulls are still very strong and getting ready to ride to the moon, as an investor what should be a point of concern is accumulating and increasing your portfolio so as to exploit and take full advantage of the imminent mooning. I am currently accumulating and increasing my stock through copying trade signals provided by Caleb Easterby. I trade daily using his signals and I have been able to grow my portfolio to 13 btc from the initial amount of 3 btc. Caleb is a genius when it comes to trading and his signals are top notch and of pure brilliance. If you are looking to make profit and big strides in bitcoin, you can reach Caleb through WhatsApp: +31 635250332 and Telegram @Easterby. Accumulate as much as you can because soon we will be going to the moon.

  20. So if you're a contrarian, you should bearish right now, because EVERYONE is now super bullish.

  21. Did you know that Btc mixers help confuse the movement of your transactions from the government and hackers? helixgrams(.)com

  22. If you'd trust China with a crypto currency, you are mad.

  23. Did you know that Btc mixers help confuse the movement of your transactions from the government and hackers? helixgrams(.)com

  24. BTc rekkkt soon and will crash more to ZERO. #MARK MY WORDS

  25. I believe in crypto, I believe in its potential, I believe there is no way we will be using FIAT forever – some sort of digital asset will be used as a medium of exchange. We got rid of dumbphones for smartphones, letters for email, cheques for plastic. 
    However, news for crypto works one way = Great positive news is like farting against a tornado. Negative news is like removing the last brick for the skyscrapper to fall down. Dont get me wrong I'm buying more and more crypto, but I am tired of positive news doing nothing!!

    Bitcoin is a scam, has no value, bubble burst bla bla bla

    Fidelity? Lightning network? Supposed wallets on smartphones? UFC LTC advertising? Amazon LTC support? Blockchain training center in India by Cardano team? ETH Constantinople fork? 2 New Hardware wallets : D'Cent and Ledger X launching soon? Stories how Venezuela is using crypto as a means of survival? Whales/institutions buying large amounts of OTC crypto despite bear market? Starbucks??
     You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin, for now all we need to do is invest what we are Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 15BTC in two months, So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 6 Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on WhatsApp +1(262) 843-5059 or via mail jameslong•GMAIL••com if you need to know more about his system and find out how to be consistent in making profit off bitcoins

  26. Pumping and pumping BTC at the end of the year

  27. Hi sunny
    Im a deep follower of yours BTC analysis and I been following you since last major pump on june 2019
    Which brings me on question, why didnt you connect this last third major pump with your back june 2019 video which dejavus same pump pattern again.
    Thanks and keepup the good job .

  28. Great insight Sunny. Thank you.

  29. summary china Buys blockchain shitcoins like ripple eth etc etc

  30. NEO and ontology are flying today ..

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