Is Bitcoin's Bounce the Start of the "Wildcard" Scenario?

Bitcoin has bounced strongly off the 200 SMA, however is bitcoin’s bounce the begin of the “wildcard” situation? We take a look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. Love your WildCard playing out

  2. cant find the chart that excludes weekend data? what do i click on after the link?????????????????

  3. This is the only honest talk I've seen so far. But it doesn't help much either. Because the btc bubble burst is already too obvious now. Altcoins are taking over the one last bullrun followed by the whole crypto bubble burst that comes next year. The comparison of gold rise vs btc fall has evidenced this. As it looks similar to the 2018 year end scenario, perhaps WAVES will show its one last miracle, but I'm not gambling on it either. Not worth it. Because the whales can kill the whole crypto straightaway and move to gold forever, anytime from now. The higher bitcoin bounced, the likelier this would happen. This is gonna be the most painful life lesson to the stupid crypto fanatics. Many will kill themselves in 2021.

  4. If half of the btc analysts are as conscientious as this guy, the crypto bubble would have not burst now. These shillers are actually the ones who have killed the whole crypto. But you can still top up to help them escape by sacrificing yourself.

  5. You called it again man you're the best

  6. REKT! This is what you get if you short the mother of all assets.

  7. this guy is never right so you might as well just do opposite of what he suggests.

  8. Alessio didn't get his position. FOMO Rastani

  9. Excellent TA as always. I also was hoping go see a $6K BTC for an entry position. Will be watching the 200 SMA in the coming weeks/months.

  10. NICE wild card scenario. How about another scenario. If Bitcoin truly bottomed, then we might trade in a long range testing the previous highs and lows multiple times for at least 6 months boring out the impatient bulls.

  11. 2 scenarios here, either goes up, or it goes down. I should start my own YouTube channel now! ?

  12. ???? Fuck Tone Vays & Fuck Alessio. They told everyone to get out of your Bitcoin and buy it back at $5k. They were LYING to you. They want the coins to themselves they are DOG SHIT traders. If you sold your BTC you are now FUCKED. You have to pay up a premium. I hope you learned your lesson for listening to those two retards. ????

  13. This is not your "wild card" scenario as you presented it, it's just the bullish scenario. Why such a lie?

  14. Bitcoin bounced because some entity placed one or more buying orders and then traders supported the trend. How is this connected to moving average lines? I really don't get it.

  15. Alessio is a bull now. So it's time to short BTC. This strategy has been working great for me so far. In the previous video, Alession was a bear so I bought BTC. Am glad I did as BTC spiked 42%.

  16. Do people actually believe this analysis? Highly unlikely.

  17. We still on for 15k within 10 days of 31 Oct? ?

  18. You did not see this bounce coming…you probably went short and lost!

  19. Stop trading Bitcoin, just dollar cost average in a small amount every day for some years and chill.

  20. I can’t watch these videos anymore. Guy says he’s upset because he wanted cheaper btc after a 45% drop ?‍♂️ and says chances of bearish scenario to $1800 have dropped.. NO SHIT ?

  21. Maybe the bots are hyperloaded to explode-buy at 200 simple moving average (note for next time)

  22. now we have a V bottom which is for now a little bearish. Iam waiting for a W bottom on the Weekly! Thanks for that amazing video Alessio!! Best to you !

  23. About the death cross, if both average needs to be going down for negative outcome how do we explain april 2018? 200sma was going up and the 50 down and it all went down from there.

  24. So easy…..really. is only manipulate by the whales…ni more no less

  25. Alessio, What do you think about GBTC instead of buying Bitcoin for $ 9k? can you do a quick video on that ?

  26. You have the perfect blend of insight, objectivity, and showmanship…You also saved me twice in the last 6 months…great TA x bayesian analysis 🙂

  27. I just think there is nothing organic about the latest pump…& it never ceases to amaze me that people try to explain it away as perfectly normal. The Chinese statement was not for BTC but for Blockchain. Plus if the people of China really were bullish then it would be more than a momentary pump…unless you think all the people of China reacted positively at the same moment then collectively stopped a few hours later. Now we're calling this consolidation…but to me the price is simply being help up, because naturally it would fall. The news did not create this pump…the news was used to 'hide' this pump. Manipulation like this doesn't do BTC any favours. Infact it throws more doubt on BTC's stability & integrity. BTC is quite obviously manipulated to a ridiculous level. How can BTC ever be trustworthy enough for widespread use? Would you recommend your grandmother take her retirement savings & put it into BTC? Probably not because it's to vulnerable to manipulation, & nobody really knows who's pulling the strings. Decentralised sounds nice but in reality it simply allows the well funded crooks of this world to extort the f*#k out of it.

  28. Contrarian my friend, EVERYONE was saying 6300.00 btc. Bet ur but i doubled down.

  29. how come my 200 MA is different and not under that bounce on tradingview

  30. That mt4 link does not work. Shows signup page despite being already logged in.

  31. Sir please update on silver and gold.

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