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  1. Because they have been secretly accumulating for years, you idiot, and simply dumped when they launched the futures. Period. If they didn't hold bitcoin, futures alone would have done NOTHING. Got that?

  2. They don't allow the ETF for obvious reasons. But I don't consider that a market manipulation. Because if you consider THAT a manipulation, then EVERY SINGLE MARKET ON FUCKING PLANET EARTH is being manipulated, mkay? 😀

  3. They do this every day with fiat, I remember the euro start up and it was nearly killed of at birth. Fear of no control. There flexing muscle and it’s up to us to stand fast but looks like a $5k BTC then the Whale will suck up the panic sellers. Next year will be the news of quantum computing really cracking Btc lost wallets. I’m expecting that around the halving. If you had a few million wouldn’t you invest in grabbing a few million lost coins?

  4. Man, there is never paping up anything on the screen

  5. just a way to controll the market till they can

  6. throw off btc and you will be happy ? 1AfVr8KcQHNVwfgVEcaYoL6PBGB8wjWjN1

  7. Stop complaining about dollar price and just decouple if you are so triggered.

  8. Give me a low E on that tuba

  9. Bitcoin is mostly just a speculation tool for day traders. This will be what drives its value for the foreseeable future. They will milk the moonboys until there are none left.

  10. The real question is, who's gonna hold the bitcoin shitbag?

  11. "We will tame bitcoin"… and we thought futures was a good thing… until it wasnt. Lambos and moons…?

  12. Don't think it is manipulated by them, THEY WISH. we already had short opportunity platforms. and was the volume really that big for CME CBOE?

  13. No worry. Everything's going to be fine. The future is all going to be about smart technology, and crypto is the best technology/currency/vehicle that will be used to provide tools for the breakthrough from all these ruins they are currently creating. We need this collapse to help eradicate the cancerous parts of the system so we can finally move on into the IoT age. A new age where the value of gold and silver will be overshadowed by the usefulness of deep data.

  14. derivatives = manipulation.

  15. I actually think this might be good in the long run, gives more people time to buy low, and it balanced out buyers and sellers which makes the price much more "true" to its intrinsic value. They wont be able to do anything next bull run now.

  16. They rigged the market and we didnt know. They let us believers walk off a cliff and stood back and pretended like they didnt know. Then 2 years later have the nerve to admit it. I guess youre not a criminal if you make the law

  17. Hows how the gov created cash settle futures, then involved the institutions in shorting the market. They rigged the market for greedy institutions at the retail investor's expense. This is deplorable.

  18. BS. It’s a real free market as we have not seen anymore in over a century, nothing more and nothing less.

  19. wondering how many $$$ were made by these crooks and their friends on short trading as the futures started up?????

  20. Wall Street/ gov has manipulated crypto and will continue to do so.

  21. We have lost another battle to suited old rich guys.

  22. Bitcoin is limited, fill your bags now !!!

  23. Wait, you're just now realizing this? Thats the WHOLE point of futures markets…Duh.

  24. I don't think Sonny understands Correctly. Look, we can all short BTC if we want. If we think it's price will decrease go ahead and buy shorts and profit from any downturn. The derivatives market is open to the general public you know! It's not a closed market only for the rich and powerful. In fact Sonny promotes a site where people can bet against btv (short). Sonny even shorts BTC himself and here he is calling it manipulation. Lol.

  25. So many crooks try to run the show

  26. Adding liquidity isn’t manipulation. BTW, bitcoin will end as a broke unwanted orphan that people will laugh about.

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