Bitcoin DROPS to Key Level… What Now?

Bitcoin drops to a key stage on the charts – what may this imply? What are the following key assist ranges on the charts. We study the information. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. Alessio I absolutely look forward to your videos, much appreciated!


    I have 4 invites for anyone that wants some free EOS or XLM on coinbase. Just watch the videos and take the quizzes.

  3. Ok then, it's time to buy more bitcoin

  4. I just got bit by a G*d damn bed bug, now where was I before I was so rudely interrupted. Oh yeah I'm going to buy more bitcoin.

  5. The reason Eth climbed so high in 2017 was the ICO bubble. The fact that Eth enabled that for the first time due to a properly deployed mainnet with working smart contracts is not the reason Eth ran up so much. It is specifically the ICO money that came in. You can have a functional technology it doesn't mean the price will run-up. Similarly, I don't think chain link will run up 30,000% like Eth has done until we get a similar huge influx of money. At the moment it is purely speculative money.I personally know 3 quite large Bitcoin investors that didn’t even know (until I told them) that the stock to flow is cut in half every four years. The world has never seen this type of asset before and may possibly never see it again in the future and Julius Gregersen is one man that has helped a lot of people including me with the right trade signals to trade successfully through the situations hence growing my stash of bitcoins. As a professional and seasoned trader, he helped me already make 5btc in the last 2 weeks using his unique trade signals. He can be reached on (Juliusgregesen7@gmailcom) for any crypto assistance*

  6. Prediction: Chinese President to address & push blockchain development sparking huge Chinese market re-entrance.

  7. Dear A Rastani, Don't spread nonsense rumor. Price will not go anywhere because weekly volume of 23 Sep is the key. After that not any price bar closed below that price. 7714 is strong support. Now weak hands r out of market. Price will move upward.

  8. I do agree with your friend

  9. A mini bounce happened, maybe is time to sell before it goes lower?

  10. Guys please tell me how to be a member and to watch the members video with day uppdats. Thanks

  11. Two days later: BTC is back to 8500…. how does this fit into this all nice „analysis“?? Hodl is key…

  12. Thanks for your excellent job Alessio!!

    Could someone help me by telling me the MT4 indicator? I didn't find it in tradingview

    Thank you for sharing knowledge

    Love from Mexico

  13. $9,400. How's the gamma and pulse looking?

  14. Dear Rastoni, See current levels. Price n Volumes r Father of any analysis/forecast!! All weak hands now out n one dare to reinter.

  15. Hey Alessio what is up with the one eye symbolism on the thumbnail? 😉


  16. So I guess you're bullish now?

  17. all of charles rule are out the window, $7200 means BTC going up to $10500 in 24 hrs hahahaha like i said many times before BTC dont give of shit about your charts LOL

  18. How’s that chart working out for you ??????

  19. Wow! So much good quality content in less than 10 minutes. Great video Alessio.

  20. ???? Fuck Tone Vays & Fuck Alessio. They told everyone to get out of your Bitcoin and buy it back at $5k. They were LYING to you. They want the coins to themselves they are DOG SHIT traders. If you sold your BTC you are now FUCKED. You have to pay up a premium. I hope you learned your lesson for listening to those two retards. ????

  21. What a JOKER!! I was waiting for this! Just 2 days after this video was posted BTC shot up 28% to $9600. This was not even considered probable by this clown!! Whenever this idiot with his idiotic graphs says its going down, it goes up! Whenever he says its going up, it goes down. Dude, just say the opposite of what your chart says. You have more chances of being right that way! Unsubscribed for life, GOODBYE you have no idea what you are doing or saying!

  22. Have you changed your mind yet, I am so glad your views are opposite to mine. I went long at 7400 when just about everyone was bearish, I have had 7200 as. my bottom for the last month and was thrilled to see the recent drop to my buy level. Keep on going Alessio, you really are hopeless

  23. I sold Bitcoins and suddenly reverse pump made me upsad. I guess thousans Shocked like me. What a market.

  24. i can say with ease that those who got mad in the comment section probably bought at 20k and 13k ? high probability

  25. I dont know why some ppl are rude toward Alessio,so Alessio told if btc go under 7200 there is chance to go 6500,if not also chance for wild card,never told for nothing 100%,after all if someone want to dump or pump as two days ago you can not read it in any chart,thank you Alessio

  26. HEY Allesio, waiting for your video for last move of BTC??

  27. Regards dear Alessio Rastani.

    Congrats for your predictions/analysis on crypto-market spectrum. I'm a simple/humble composer/multi ethnic instrumentalist that has discovered your videos here on youtube.

    I've always found your videos very helpful and expecially in my case, for being an apprentice/novice on crypto-art world 🙂 it helped me a lot to understand much better the whole process of this new cryptonian world.

    Regarding the movements from yesterday and today, do you think #btc still hasn't bottomed yet, and we'll need to see another drop to 5500 $ or more likely to 5800 $, before it will reach 15000$ arround November and maybe will surpass the all times highs after January 2020 ?

    It will be possible that by the middle of 2020 we'll see the price of #btc reaching more than 50000$?

    Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music albums 🙂

  28. This guy is hilarious. He gives both sides (bullish and bearish scenario). Then when one side materialises, he comes out and says I told you so. Lol

  29. How can you get it so so wrong?

  30. My gut feeling is we've just seen positioning ahead of a sell off in the financials next week, XLF rallying into resistance on declining volume, could be a wild week next week!

  31. Log vs decimal charts. I must bring a clarification to your attention… in trading view, drawing a Fibonaci retracement… price values will stay the same in both. Otherwise it would make any sense. A 61.8% line between 2 fix points will stay at the same price value. Visually, the position of the lines will move, in accordance with the chart`s scale.
    I personnaly prefer working with log charts…
    Anyway, thank you for your great content.

    post-note: one details, in my charts, in the "fib retracement" options, "fib levels based on log scale" option is not selected. Then the retracement will follow the type of scale.

  32. The downtrend is so sneaky it's almost painful

  33. Didn't watch the f**** video but I'd sell you this guy is obviously just putting videos out to get likes.

    He is purposely driving the price of Bitcoin down so he can buy more.

  34. Crap ?????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  35. Sir please update on silver and gold.

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