Was Bitcoin's Bounce a Bull Trap?

Was the latest bounce in bitcoin a possible bull entice – that means was it a potential false breakout of resistance earlier than one other main drop? We take a look at the charts and clarify. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. Liked before even watching the video, thanks Alessio, I was waiting for a video!

  2. Imaoo we are going 16k$ above Halving us coming Alessia

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  4. hey allessio is your indicator on the bottom "lt pulse" free to use?

  5. i flow you since few years now , and i am sure after this years that you talk just to talk … you give NOTHING AT ALL … win from youtube man… cause you cannot in real trade … PEACE

  6. Buy ethereum at 110-130 $,
    NEO at 3.5-4 $,
    ADA at 0.018 to 0.022 $,
    RIPPLE at 0.16-0.18 $
    within next 3-4 months,
    BITCOIN WILL GO. DOWN TO 5200 – 6400 $ range by February 2020.

  7. only leverage traders got rekt Hodl is still in play..

  8. Can't wait for that secret traders success video! Pen check. Note book check! Excited, definitely check!

  9. The fact of the matter is, bitcoin has been $8300 for the last 2 years

  10. Great vid as always – you save me a lot of trouble > just watch your vids and I get a good idea what is going on with BTC, very quickly and pleasantly. I wish you more SUBS and even greater success with what you are doing.

  11. Buying in bulk and unit I trade on TBC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ITunes card and gift card at good rate with instant payment

  12. Yeah I waited and was right. Now I'm looking at $5300

  13. Excellent video! Thank you Alessio!

  14. You need to pay more attention to these "weekly candles" that occurred before the recent move down. They clearly show a big"rejection" of higher price..before it dropped. This tells me any attempt to move up from here will fail. A "weekly candle formation" is a very strong indicator.

  15. i really hope it doesnt effect the own Blockchian market .. i have high hopes on TELECOIN and BTC…

  16. It won' t go down anymore , just look at the unbelieveble amount of hodlers piling up as we speak ,that chart is absolutly exploding right now, look what happend the first hodlers pump , now the second hodlers accumulation pump has begun , so the price should follow very soon just like the first time from 3k to 13.8k

  17. Looking back in time….. you have high accurate probability rates
    Waiting for the best entry point now

  18. Alessio videos good. But I just want to say one more thing please apply price action as well in charts. Only charts are not enough. Thankyou

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