Don't Be Fooled by This Bitcoin Bearish Signal

There’s a bearish sign that many chartists name the “demise cross” sign – that is when the 50 SMA strikes beneath the 200 SMA. However how helpful is that this bearish sign and what’s the right strategy to apply it? We clarify within the video. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD #AlessioRastani

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  1. This was a great video, Thank you Alessio. To many people using this signal, in a non-meaningful way. Thanks for the clarity

  2. I told you begining new buble , I called that "collapse monetary". I setup timer for 16 October , than recesion will start.

  3. Thank you Alessio. Is the situation the same for the golden cross? I mean is the cross meaningful only when both moving averages are rising?

  4. Bitcoin is a scam. All of it is a scam. Simple equation, if millions of people became billionaires from thin air and no commodity/service… you create a bubble and inflation. Think about it people.

  5. This is fantastic info. Thank you so much.

  6. I was going to buy 1 bitcoin for 6646 pounds today shall i?

  7. Great info. Thanks very much for your great videos and information

  8. Alessio you're an excellent teacher!

  9. How about the death cross of march 2018?? The 50 MA was declining and the 200 MA was in an uptrend and still resulted in a massive sell off

  10. Except for the death cross that occurred in 2018, in which the 200ma was still advancing and the 50ma was falling, that resulted in a 55% fall. You are correct that it is not always valid, but the same applies for the other side of the coin. The truth is that the Bitcoin price will either hold support at around $8,000 and move higher or it will fall lower (i would pitch around $7,000). The fundamentals suggest that Bitcoin will move higher, but we do not know.

  11. I;m telling you, Guys : The Moving Averages are Perfect for the History Charts … :p

  12. its not the death cross , its the depth of the hole in the ground once it falls

  13. Bitcoin is losing dominance…we may be seeing a big trend reveral right now.

    alts are gaining again.

    I love Bitcoin but it's a fact that the ATHs occur after the halving event.

  14. Love that, thank you! If you have time, it would be so cool if you could keep going with TA explanation videos like this and TA that people potentially misinterprete

  15. soon btc will dump at $6500

  16. Don't want to spam but could you please kindly answer this when you have time? "Alessio, thanks for the educative video. Have a quick question. What if we use EMA instead of SMA? EMA seems like concerning on daily and sloping downward. Thanks in advance for responding this."

  17. So the deathcross in early 2018 wasn't meaningful because longterm was still going up…

  18. So…. What do you guys when the light goes out and you can't charge your phone? I've seen cities lose power for days.

  19. i heard that 2020 is gonna be a good year and i am really optimistic, so i am waiting for old coins to rippen and also invested in new coins like Telecoin..

  20. BTC2 is now $1.72 get yours before it's hundreds or even thousands each get at least 50 of them so you won't regret it later.

  21. Nice video, some good examples shown on how to utilize and plan accordingly.

  22. At you were saying 50DMA moved below 200DMA, but actually 50DMA moved above 200DMA. I see this is also death cross, but in downtrend(where 200DMA is above 50DMA already), the only cross that can happen is 50 DMA go above 200DMA.

  23. lol you talking shit , you saying the dead cross from btc 2018 means nothing because the cross move up and price goes up again just after, but didn't you forget after that we got 1 year bear market??? so that s means nothing lol? crazy , and the one what could happen now looks exactly like the 2018

    lol can't belive 6300 likes and this is big shit,

  24. Alessio, Im not sure about this theory. If you look back to at March last year we had the same cross-over. Bitcoin got massivley rejected.

  25. So basically you did the first video showing how the death cross is predicting a bitcoin crash… Then you watched another guys YouTube video showing exactly what u missed in the first video, then made a video about it yourself… Should have got your facts straight in the first video.

  26. Hi Alessio, the video is so helpful, but can you check the btc chart 2018, deathcross with 200MA rising but the price is still going down.

  27. What about 16.04.2018? It was a real death cross.

  28. Great information once again!

  29. Thanks Alessio! A question – the same death cross on March 2018 acted as a resistance consistently until the capitulation. While your examples showed the opposite, on the other side, the 2018 death cross says another story or beginning of the bear market in 2018. Can you shed some light on the 2018 scenario?

  30. Indicators and setups have no obligation to play out in future trades. As a programmer from way back, it is possible to tune and over-fit almost any trade setup to greater than 90% success rate, only to have them fail in tomorrow's market. More in-depth market analysis and forward studies are necessary.

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