One Of A Kind: Why Bitcoin is 'The Next Bitcoin'

On this speak, Andreas addresses the hypothesis about what would be the “subsequent Bitcoin” or the “subsequent Ethereum.” Echoing earlier talks like ‘Spend money on Schooling As a substitute of Hypothesis,’ he argues that the concentrate on trying to find the perfect funding or time to purchase amid a sea of pump-and-dump schemes is a worse technique to spend your time than gathering information about how these techniques work. He additionally tells the story about how he purchased bitcoin for the primary time, why it is not the get-rich-quick scheme you might assume it is, and the methods they might fail.

This speak was delivered on the Athens’ Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech meetup on July 12th 2019 in Athens, Greece. If you’d like early-access to talks and an opportunity to take part within the month-to-month reside Q&As with Andreas, turn into a patron:

Investing in Schooling as a substitute of Hypothesis –
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The 5 Pillars of Open Blockchains –
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Measuring Success: Worth or Precept –
Bitcoin’s Origins and the Genesis Blockade –
Safety versus Complexity –
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Escaping the World Banking Cartel –
Cash as a System-of-Management –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has turn into one of the well-known and revered figures in Bitcoin. He is the writer of “Mastering Bitcoin,” “The Web of Cash” sequence, and “Mastering Ethereum.”

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Translations of MASTERING BITCOIN:


Translations of THE INTERNET OF MONEY:
Spanish, ‘Web del Dinero’ (v1) –
German, ‘Das Web des Geldes’ (v1) –
German, ‘Das Web des Geldes’ (v2) –
French, ‘L’web de l’argent’ (v1) –
Russian, ‘Интернет денег’ (v1) –
Vietnamese, ‘Web Của Tiền Tệ’ (v1) –


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  1. This is a great video about the human nature and physiology of why Bitcoin and Ethereum are so dominant today.

  2. And even if you're lucky enough Bitcoin/or other to fail, you still won't win. Yea, people may come, but because you can't ensure that scale you will fail.

  3. I keep hearing people talk about bitcoin that its going to go up big. But when it was 20k I had a lot of none investors tell me to buy crypto. That scared me as they always say when the shoeshine boy tells you to buy to get out. So have we not gone past the stealth stage?

  4. First you need to educate yourself bitcoin is a speculation bubble is not money too slow very high cost in transaction lightning Network 18 more months then 18 more months 18+ no end time

  5. Nano is what bitcoin was supposed to be.

  6. love ur speeches, but u allways go out of the filmed place!? stay a little bit more in the center, please.

  7. no offense but this was one of your least informative speeches.

  8. What about all that wasted energy during the PoW consensus? Also, considering how high the hash rate is, who exactly is profitably mining all this BTC now? I worry that it is not as decentralized as HODLers would like to believe….Does this guy have videos addressing these core weaknesses of BTC?

    The suggestion that whatever challenges to BTC will simply choose to market themselves as BTC is probably his most convincing premise.

  9. In 5 years people will create another crypto that will split one satoshi into microsatoshis to buy groceries löl

  10. As a Greek, we as by natural evolution look for the rules of nature and mathematics is the seem of fabric to a solution. If a computer can not crunch the numbers by default it is a wrong input. Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. The concept of algorithm has existed for centuries. Greek mathematicians used algorithms in the sieve of Eratosthenes for finding prime numbers, and the Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers. No human being can write fast enough, or long enough, or small enough smaller and smaller without limit …you'd be trying to write on molecules, on atoms, on electrons Such instructions are to be given quite explicitly, in a form in which they could be followed by a computing machine, or by a human who is capable of carrying out only very elementary operations on symbols.

  11. Great talk though sounds like he is dumping on IOTA when its technology is far superior to bitcoin. But he is right BTC has that highest probability of be around in the long term due to its first mover advantage that can never be taken away.

  12. Boooooom to the Moon ! Put your seatbelts on .

  13. "if you can't tell who the fish is…" *

  14. i highly disagree with what he says. because all it needs in the software world is a port like changely or other coin switching app and then you can instantly have a huge host of applications switching from one payment to another. bitcoin is a commodity in its input output

  15. Wow, hello is much shorter in English.

  16. I own bitcoin — however aantonop is not telling the truth how our system really works. WE are not on a gold exchange -our monetary system is based on Chartalism which is a completely different standard so comparing the two is ridiculous. LEarn what chartalism is and it is MMT – and that is what we have. A countries value is its natural resources not a how much of a shiny metal it has. Its value is its labor, its iron, ore, timber, ect — This is what many of these guys get WRONG.

  17. NOBODY knows how bitcoin works — it is still very SMALL — so he is WRONG.

  18. You buy bitcoin when people are interested and Andres shows he does not know how trading works — HE IS THE IDIOT AT THE POKER TABLE.

  19. Problem is that Andreas doesn't acknowledge what VIRAL means — things happen all the time that the " smart guys " don't see.

  20. As expected looking at these comments, altcoiners are salty when someone tells the truth. BITCOIN is the STANDARD.

  21. Trump, Kim Jung Un & Dennis Rodman are Satoshi.

  22. Andreas, what do you think about Bitcoin SV? 😉

  23. I think you've perfectly discribed the facts. Now I see a lot of comments going crazy about that, like we have to go and sell all our altcoins right away before the world realizes this! I think some of the altcoins will still be worth in terms of transaction speed, fees and a "more practical" market value, like everyday cash, while bitcoin may end up being a reserve of value, like a commodity itself. It already is a value reference for all the cryptocurrencies, like it is USD for fiat currencies and commodities.

  24. bitcoin is the myspace of the internet..

  25. Andreas woud you please consider coming to Anarchapulco in February?

  26. 2012 I couldn't find anyone who knew how to get hold of Bitcoin.
    2019 I only just found out to get Bitcoin.
    I'm in for the long hall.
    Not selling for 10 years.
    It's my savings account.

  27. For a guy who is not into BTC investment he sure knows how to detect market extreme signs commonly looked by capital market traders

  28. molis arxise na milaei ellinika kavlose h psyxh mou

  29. Another amazing video. Love it.

  30. that is the question to be asking and really no one better to ask

  31. beginning is classic…..'blah blah blah Satoshi Nakamoto blah blah blah hacker space"….run out of greek words ?

  32. The block chain is the real genius part of bitcoin….bitcoin is becoming full of greed heads

  33. would it make sense to invest 30k US into bitcoin for long-term (say 10 years – don't touch it)?

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