The Bitcoin Chart They DON'T Want You to See *REACTION*

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  1. Crypto won’t follow any Technical Analysis…’s all about volumes , if the market is going up it won’t look at EMA or Line break

  2. I am new just my crypto trader chars, I am being asked for ID, selfies LUNO ,is this normal….or am I being scammed, have been you asked for the same from other companies ask for the same? I would appreciate all the help I can with regards this as I would like to invest some more .any good advice be appreciated. Thank you

  3. Looks like Alessio, has found a way to identify artificial price suppression via line break analysis. An easier way is to look for the headline "futures launched".It would be interesting if somebody could validate this by going back and checking the line break chart for gold when gold futures were first launched.

  4. I started watching it an then a friend told me to look him up for his credentials ,an what we found told us to aviod him what do you think about him sunny?

  5. I got used to trading a system, a few rules, for instance a baseline, not the 200ema like everyone uses,.. but one that confirms trends, well my baseline on the normal candle sticks is above my price (going down) but witch means i could only look for sell (since 14 july 2019) on the line break chart the price is still above its been above since 2april at 4051 , last time it was saying sell it was on 7 januari 2018 at 15144 , my baseline on the linebreak chart is now around 7490, im not conserend yet and still bullish, unless i see the price have a daily close under that baseline we can still go up

  6. If you listen to him carefully he always covers himself by saying it could go up or it could go down.

  7. use 1w instead of 1d and then look at the 21 ema

  8. the pump to 14000, Allesio told that was a b-wave in the alliot wave. Now we are in the c wave. After the c wave it starts a new 1,2,3,4,5 wave. So short term yes we will drop hard. And its almost the same story what he telling u now

  9. I followed Alessio for a long time, what I learnt was to do the opposite of whatever he said.

  10. Isnt he explaining this after the 2012 and 2016 halving as it shows towards the end of the 4 year cycle respectfully in 2013 and 2017 when the drops occured, and this cycle just beginning so very different scenario this time. Doesn't make sense his analysis.

  11. I find that a lot of youtubers in the crypto space need to create content to keep the view counts but the quality is not there. So far the only crypto channel that has consistently brought interesting TA and fundamentals is tradingenius channel. Yours is not too bad regarding fundamentals & news. Alessio only states the obvious once it has already happened and he was quite bearish when we were at 3k. Always brings things like the delta vortex, sounds like he is constantly fishing for premium members…

  12. I follow Alessio for a long time and I am surprised he has come up with something of value, I have done very well trading against Alessio's recommendations

  13. Sunny, all those times when line break chart got below 21MA, it went all the way to 99MA. How likely is this right now, a drop to 99MA?

  14. We go to 6.3 anyway. Anything else to say? If I have the best TA for sure I don't share in youtube. Regards

  15. The chart is incomplete. It just shows a bearish sentiment.  PLEASE, on your daily line break chart add ema60, ema100, ema200 and Bollinger basis and you all see that on the line break daily chart current BTC price still remains bullish.

  16. wow, this is great video, but please check new project based on MSME , they are doing really good they are Accelerating Growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Emerging Markets On BlockChain using TOKO.

  17. The way you view TA is correct. It is self fulfilling.

  18. My guess, maybe he just realize the UI had that view option?

  19. Alessio‘s video was waste of time…and this video was a waste of time. Talk about nothing.

  20. sunny decree, all of Allesio's new videos present novel ideas. The line break chart wasn't applicable for his previous methods that may have worked for him in the past. Ergo, there was no need to use it back then, like it is now. Simply put, certain jobs require tools.

  21. Am not that worried about bitcoin, it always have a way of surprising the market and besides I hodl other coin like #Toko

  22. Yes I enjoyed that Alessio video recently as I watch AR often. Thanks Sunny for the positive confirmation.

  23. Hahaha too obsessed about BTC oscillations. And I demonstrate you why. Set the line break daily chart for BTC-USD including ema200, ema100, Bollinger basis… or try also BTC-EUR even including ema60, and you'll see BTC price is above all those emas! HOWEVER… do the same for Ethereum and you'll see there's nothing bellow Ethereum price… but nobody is making so much noise about!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. If A is correct I welcome it. Cheaper bitcoin and DCA. ?


  26. Please no. We don't need any more retards with the open-mouth "emotional" click-whoring images. This is for kids/teens. It's insulting to your audience and looks dumbazz.

  27. Whoa! Hodl the phone…fuck I mean hold lol

  28. An authentic reaction of something you did not watch fully??? WTF?

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