Bitcoin Has A Good Chance To Hit 100k In the Next Bull Run..But Why Don't Average People Care?

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  1. I want bitcoin to drop in price so I can buy more bitcoin

  2. Good Information for crypto?? thx for ur Video's!
    Great Content always?

  3. Average people are vested in altcoins and maybe it is a good thing. Bitcoin as it stands is very expensive and not everyone can afford to invest in some. However, there are a lot of highly promising altcoin projects out there worthy of consideration notably in this list is #Tokoin which has been very bullish since its successful IEO on Kucoin. It continues to lead the chart as one of the most performing blockchain projects and was recently rated as a top 5 IEO gainer on Kucoin as well as the 2nd most returns of investments. Not only that, it has continued to expand in terms of partnerships and continues to develop its main product of offering a digital identity and presence for Small and medium scale enterprises #MSMEs globally using blockchain.

  4. The next bull run could be in 2021.

  5. I have yet to successfully get across the importance of BTC and Defi to any of my friends or family, I know people who have said that they are going to invest but month after month if I ask them if they took the plunge they always say “no I’m trying to buy some other useless thing right now but when I have some extra cash in the future maybe I’ll do it” and that’s when I cringe inside because they have no clue what they’re loosing out on even after I’ve explained it to them.

  6. Hi, Any update on the coinmine devise ? Curious.

  7. Yes it’s will. That is what we all want, to see the big day. We have been all the way on. It’s the future for the world. Believe it. From Brazil.

  8. I have been earning alot since I got to know about bitcoin and this has covered alot of fees for me even till now. Apart from the fact that most of my holdings is in bitcoin, I still invest in other alts like Tokoin, ethereum and ripple which are currently my gem token.

  9. I think bitcoin will be the new currency once the whole world collapses

  10. I believe most average people don't care about crypto, cause we are conditioned from birth, and most trust the controlled media, and if they don't see it on mainstream media then they don't care. By the time they realise what crypto is it will be too late for them sadly. It pays to think outside the box and be a contrarian

  11. Thank you god bless your comente.

  12. Most my friends still dont believe in adoption ?

  13. why does everyone say there's 21 million bitcoin, over 6 million are lost forever, this will show in the years to come, the btc value will rapidly increased over the coming months, not everyone will get their hands on btc , buy and hodl guys, life changing investment for most of us,

  14. Whenever I talk to my coworkers about crypto or self-employment I can see their face go sour and they try to change the subject. I guess some people can't see beyond being a wage worker.

  15. the average person may have heard of it, but doesn't' have time to look into it.

  16. If you think BTC is going to do good just wait and see what gold and silver are going to do. After all they are the only real money.

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  18. $150K $BTC BABEEEEE! to the MOON !

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  20. I made $12,000 trading on AITRADA and immediately I noticed my balance had increased from $800 in about 7 weeks or so, I panicked and out of fear I withdraw my balance entirely. Just a week later, I contacted my account strategist and he informed me that if I hadn't withdrawn the funds, right now my balance would be at least $14,300. My advice is that sometimes its really worth taking the risks and before doing anything stupid ask a professional first.

    Who else thinks it was a rushed and stupid decision?

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  22. Hold on to your Cryptos ! The market scares you into selling, then buys up your asset on the cheap. I know because it happened to me once with stocks – inexperienced, I sold in a panic with a 50% loss – but 2 years later it was up 200%. That's how markets work. Just think where you'd be now if you sold out Bitcoin earlier this year, terrified it was "going to zero". But look how you were rewarded for holding on. So hold no matter what, so I decided to stop and keep up with my day job until I was referred to Christopher Robert  who has a lot of experience in Crypto trading,  he asked about my trading experience which I know was bad, so he showed me a specially designed layout which made me better at trading, trading has being so much easier and profitable, and now am recovering my lost and making more profit without him asking me for access to my account or any of my details, will advice all who has being in my shoes to reach him and check out is enormous strategy for more questions, Telegram (@ Chrisrobertt) WhatsApp(+17147863313) his is details and I am sure he would be delighted to be of assistance to you

  23. Btc is dropping another 3k soon

  24. Yeah none of my close friends believe in BTC and I always get an earful for bringing it up, and so alas I silently go it alone investing in it!

  25. If I buy Bitcoin, could I then cash that out into physical currency at a later time???

  26. Remember guys. Its internet in the 90’s.

  27. hi what do you think about chain link and dragon chain can you make a video about that?

  28. My friends could care less about crypto. Only care about NFL, and social media. I gave up trying to convince them.

  29. Government owns bitcoin. And everyone that doesnt pay taxes on it remember inter compounds daily. You'll just give over your money in the end

  30. We are manipulated over and over

  31. Nice video you have here. The major reason for this downward and stagnant trend is due to the fact that we are approaching a major bull run, and with the launching of bakkt, bitcoin is set to make a big upswing move. Look at the events of 2017, and what is happening now, you will notice that there is absolutely no difference from them. As a wise investor who wishes to hold more bitcoin before the bull run, you don't need to wait before then to start accumulating; instead you start now. I understand the fact that bitcoin is high a bit now, but I can assure you that it can be possible as a pro trader who has helped me accumulate over 4.5BTC for the past 2 months with just my starting 0.7BTC can equally help you achieve that.

    If you are a trader or a newcomer to the cryptocurrency space, this is the right time for you to hold more bitcoin now, and with the help of Nyberg Hansson, you won't regret your actions.

    Why not take down that doubt and contact Nyberg Hansson today through nyberghansson@gmailcom and WhatsApp +447723292381, and surely all your crypto problems will be solved.

  32. Ignorance is bliss, all i can say about my friends

  33. Bitcoin will never be used as a currency. So what use does it have? It has no value it's pure speculation. It is possible to change the code anytime and change the total supply or anything. DASH did it : they reduced the total supply from 84M to 18.9M a few years ago. They could also increase it to 999 Trillions if they wanted to so that millions of DASH are mined every week. Ill bet 100k that bitcoin will not hit 100k.

  34. So how can I buy Bitcoin when it is at it's current price…. I don't have that much money to buy even 1. If anyone have a plan or idea to acquire it…. please can you share it? I just only got into crypto and bought couple hundred bucks of XRP and XLM… and would love to buy Bitcoin but can't afford it.

  35. Don't care because I've lost a lot with it. Now that I am investing in #Tokoin, I see this as a promising project. I made $ 10,000 in a short time.

  36. thanx.Great information.
    Im a newbi since yesterday. Where do I buy Bitcoins?

  37. Tokoin is a platform that establishes digital business identity and reputation of MSME as an acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions.

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