REALISTIC BITCOIN GAINS ahead of us! The Bitcoin Halving is Coming!

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  1. So, you get very high, huffing bitcoin?

  2. Halving events are not what they used to be….it could be a bust…just like Litecoin

  3. What do you think of the bug found in the lightening network?

  4. Bitcoin is going to the moon I can say that.

  5. Sunny makes my day Sunny every vid, thanks

  6. Hi Sunny, please take a look at the bitclub network. Finally, after not increasing the hashrate for quite a while, the website is down with the usual excuses. For me that can look like an exit scam. I expected that this day will come anytime soon.

  7. If you bet that bitcoin will be go bearish from this formation you are actually betting against the trend

  8. good analysis as always! keep on eye on google trends, bitcoin searches are above the level of the last bull market 2018, china

  9. hi sunny. zunächst einmal finde ich es super super schade, dass du nichts mehr in deinem deutschsprachigen channel machst. gutes material auf deutsch ist sehr schwer zu finden…

    ich würde dir aber gerne noch einen link meines charts unterbreiten. auch ich gehe eher von einem symetrischen korrekturdreieck aus. die aufwärtstrendlinie seit anfang april bildet dabei die untere grenze, welche mittlerweile bereits mehrfach bestätigt wurde.

    das abfallende dreieck finde ich aufgrund des großen bereichs der unteren linie eher zweifelhaft.

    evlt. hast du ja mal zeit, dir das ganze anzusehen.

    sorry für die mäßige quali. geht leider nicht besser:,3538814

    Beste Grüße aus dem Frankenland (Nürnberg ;-))


  10. Just hold. Cash out on the way up slowly ..can't lose

  11. Why would the halving have such a big effect? by today's values, after the halving we'd go from ~$20mill in BTC mined a day to $10mill. Why would a daily $10mill difference in available BTC have such a large effect when daily volumes are in the billions$?

  12. Can you tell me where you get the lion head in the background from? I plan to buy it for a friend.

  13. Since bitcoin is already known there's a ton of traders influencing the price. And traders tend to price in the important milestone moments like halving

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  15. Didn’t the LTC halving teach us anything?

  16. Morning Sunny, did you notice when the halving happens the price was lower than the peak

  17. Your channel is one of my fav. Always keeping things realistic and you're never one to shill, just talking about interesting and meaningful things in the Crypto space

  18. these low market cap projects Credit and Wavesbet are really amizing

  19. Hello . Where can i find site that is lending bitcoin without colateral? Or anyone here can lend me btc? Contact me:

  20. you are too bullish and too much a wishful thinking mind, and in a way too pump your own stash, there are forces in the world that you don't talk about..

  21. Very well done videos, and I appreciate the explanations of basics as you go along.

  22. Yes, it´s damn boring! But your content is not boring at all, like always! Please keep doing your great job! We´re going to get crazy, and excited, and not well sleeping soon enough 😉

  23. I'm the guy that had the tweetstorm about the banks screwing my grandfather over and paying off his mortgage with Bitcoin.

    I just subscribed, looks like you have an interesting active channel with lots of subs & views ?

  24. Bitcoin 6:29 Halving MY 14, 2020 (ANIME REF on my channel) F you all if that offends you.
    Itrs true. 1/8/20

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