Bitcoins future being manipulated by mainstream media! The history of money up to Bitcoin!

Do you know you bought some issues WRONG about Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a foreign money and its the folks foreign money. Lets not let the banks and regulators take that away from us.

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  1. Did you know you got some things WRONG about Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a currency and its the people currency. Lets not let the banks and regulators take that away from us.

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    Equipment used to make this video

    Rode VideoMic Pro-

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-

    Smooth 4 cell phone gimbal-

    SanDisk 64GB memory card –

    GoPro Hero 7 Black-

    Canon EOS M50-

    Flexible tripod-

    Lighting for studio-



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  2. Lot easier spending at 10k+ than 3k….aye?

  3. this is really getting to you isnt it chris lol the topic of this video LOL

  4. Libra had a completely different use case than Bitcoin. There will be Bitcoin and then there will be tons of other Chuck-E-Cheese tokens. Which just like Chuck-E-Cheese wants to use for their purpose, every other institution and government who want to use their own token system which they control within their own closed economy.

  5. It is clear to me that crypto is still far removed from the general population. It CANNOT be easily spend. Cash, Paypal and credit cards are much easier to spend on items. Sign ups at exchanges are a pain in the ass. If you did not keep an eye on V-Chain and Icon creating their owns chains and you miss the deadline you are out of luck. Bye bye fiat. We are not even close to mass adoption until things get easier and secure. Computers did not take off until Mac and Windows entered the market. IPads were a success because again they were easier to use. 99.5% of people are just not enticed.

  6. so lets see. How much bitcoin is mined in China? well over 50%. you know it, I know it. Its a fact. Also did you know that 85% of ALL bitcoin is held in only 1800 wallets. You know it, I know it. Its a fact. Do you really think thats the best place to invest your money? ??? I like your channel but there are better opportunities out there. Main stream media has their knoggin up there u know what in pretty much everything they say. hence " Stupid People "

  7. Mr. Kristof: FIRST: financial turmoil, banks fall, hyperinflation..THEN: Bitcoin will be used.

  8. I sold some of my artwork for Bitcoin over the weekend – it was so cool to meet another Bitcoiner IRL

  9. Problem with Bitcoin is that it is taxed as a capital gain/loss. Imagine the nightmare doing taxes and having to mark how much your gain or loss was for each purchase on your taxes for every day purchases. IRS and US Treasury need to change how they tax Bitcoin, but not taxing it and treating it like a currency.

  10. My two cents- if there are so many smart people in BTC why is it not being adopted mainstream?

  11. Love your channel, but getting a little tired of the same content video's for a few weeks now urging us little fish to spend our Bitcoin, while the whales and sharks are waiting with their big fat stacks buying all of it. They are not spending it that for sure.

  12. Seems to me now
    That the dreams we had before
    Are all dead, nothing more
    Than confetti on the floor
    It's the end of a decade
    In another ten years time
    Who can say what we'll find
    What lies waiting down the line
    In the end of twenty-nine

  13. Bro what happened to you?
    You used to be cool, but now all you do is speak the truth and I don't like the truth cause the truth disrupts my moon boy dreams!!!!!!!

  14. hi kris , here in aussie there is nothing on the mainstream media about bitcoin , 3 main channels for media, and a couple of alt channels , once in 18 months they have mentioned bitcoin , apart from that there has been nothing, regards

  15. I think Litecoin has a higher probability of being a currency than Bitcoin… mainly because they have a Grin developer working with them for privacy and when Bitcoin fees rise due to network congestion, everyone switches to using Litecoin to transfer value.
    Also, Litecoin may potentially be the Dark Web's major currency. Not sure how up to date this is, but here is the source:
    Litecoin's price is REKT at the moment… but it also tends to lead Bitcoin's price…

  16. Bitcoin will only be put to use when fiat money collapses. For now it will be stored. We live in extreme societies. Unfortunately most of society is only moved to take action when they are forced too.

  17. Wow, I always knew you would grow up here! Bravo , however let's leave the btc a commodity, they will over regulate btc as a currency, we can already use it with bitpay. And a host of other cards, but the tax ramifications isn't straight yet. Only when the capital gains tax is dropped will it become a viable payment solution! If you dont think it's being used like a currency, look at Cyprus, Brazil. Argentina, Greece during their country economic conflicts, they all used btc!

  18. Hi Mr. Kristof,I appreciate your passion on the subject of Bitcoin's purpose being a medium of exchange. At some point, those accumulating and storing Bitcoin will realize that it's true value is in its use.

  19. All I know is I hope it works eventually. All this waiting is chapping my ass.

  20. People will spend their BTC when they are able to earn BTC. Right now, people are buying their BTC (like gold) and we shouldn't be surprised we're treating it as a store of value (like gold).

  21. To be candid. the part about Nixon is technically incorrect.. It deals with that the many countries did not wanting US currency and wanting gold (which started to happened after 50's) as well as US use of Fiat as a financial weapon to many countries who did not oblige to US policies.. Think about why would the US government require people to hand over their gold (not jewelry) and was a crime to own gold bars? That is where the debt market was created and why you lost bargaining power.

    At the end, buying your way into the economy is not going to end up being acceptance. It is the stored value of the currency that leads to people backing it (besides the political means)..

  22. I love Bitcoin, the best idea since the Silver Liberty Dollar. But Bitcoin will eventually die from declining circulation from lost wallets (lost private keys). I have been saying for a long time that something needs to be done to fix the lost wallet problem to put lost coins back into circulation.
    Also you don't look old enough to remember the charge card sliders.
    Do you also remember telephone party lines? I do.

  23. Do you watch the Keiser Report?

  24. Libra won't work as it's a centralized token subject to censorship. Libra is destined to failure if it ever launches.

  25. Adoption will occur when people earn BTC. If they buy their BTC, it is, by definition, surplus/savings that do not have to be spent. All things being equal, rational person will wait for appreciation rather than take a 1.5% hit. If people start using crypto to avoid taxes, regulatory reporting, registration, etc., the 1.5% hit would not act as a deterrent to use as currency. However, not all earned BTC can be saved, forcing adoption overnight.

  26. Can you imagine Home Depot accepting BTC? Let’s say over a holiday weekend they take in 500 BTC and Sunday night, Monday morning the price drops 20-30%, before they can sell it. How many times do you think that will happen before they stop accepting BTC. Of course we all know it could just as easily go up too. Point is it is too volatile for them. Even small businesses like a pizza shop will have trouble staying in business with the price swings of BTC. I think we’re still a bit early for using it as a currency. Keep up the good work Chris, appreciate you man.

  27. Health n Happiness to you n yours , keep telling them and eventually they must listen or as you rightly say another block chain coin will fill its place ( libra should not be dismissed ) keep em coming champ .did you decide to go Bitmain for your new miners innoscillocon model scares me from a overheating point of view I've asked them for 6 months about temps and they jus ignore the requests .Bitmains s17 e has twice the circuit board area twice the fans etc.. So I'm going Bitmain route ,prices in the Uk are crazy so going to Bitmain directly .

  28. The history of money could take up multiple college courses, but I see what you did in order to make the points about modern monetary tools, to include Bitcoin. Yes BTC is a currency, but it is also digital MONEY. Food for thought: You could say it has the features/capabilities of a hybrid! ?

  29. I agree with everything you say and I think I would use Bitcoin more often if I had an easy way to deposit Bitcoin to my bank with no fee. When I get paid from my job my check goes directly into my bank and I have a debit card attached to that. If I got paid in Bitcoin it would be much easier to use Bitcoin more but my company doesn't offer that feature so what I have a keep and HODL but if I had a revolving system it would be much easier. I think that may be the reason many don't use it more to be honest. With you having a mine you get paid in Bitcoin weather it's small or large it basically like you working and having a direct deposit directly from Bitcoin. Any solutions to this? Not Coinbase, lol

  30. I am using litecoin as payment and bitcoin as saving. I am mining monero on my rig and buying bitcoin for cash.

  31. does your analogy really work when the value of BTC keeps changing and everything you compared it to was a tech issue more then a value issue. Yes it needs to be used for sure

  32. At the very least, use it to on-road into other currencies- such as ETH, EOS, NEO, NASH- if you can't buy groceries with it yet. Do something such as buying miners, computer parts, something, with it.

  33. With #Bakkt launching at the end of September I expect to see people returning from their vacations and volume to continue its growth on exchanges like Binance/Primexbt thus driving prices at the end of September at 13–14k per BTC, going back to the previous yearly high. My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Rob Marcos program,He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate, i have made 8Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 1.5Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned traders.Rob can be contacted by Telegram @ ROBMARCOS621 or WhatsApp+— +1.919-391-8034

  34. This is why i believe in the future of Cardano even more than bitcoin,as a currency AND a future store of appreciating value. It will be used more like a currency, it will be tied to the value of products,services and commodities particularly in developing economies who will be joining the global economy like they never before have had the opportunity to.. No longer will the big bully countries like China and the U.S. pay pennies on the dollar for poorer countries resources and products,they will be put on an open GLOBAL market and be sold to the highest bidder because their resources will be tied and implemented to the ADA currency (There's already development, real life deals and infrastructure being put in place for this). The implementation of Cardano will truly be a new age industrial revolution and a what emerges from it will be an intergrated global economy like never before.This is what cryptocurrencies can do and what they were truly meant for imo,(not ONLY to hold onto
    ..) But a means for a much more equal playing field for economies from around the world! That is just the tip of the iceberg of the great things that Cardano will accomplish. Also you don't have to worry about people not wanting to spend ADA because it will be scalable, I know that there's so many haters right now on most altcoins and ADA included just because of price but trust me they are thinking of EVERYTHING to make Cardano future proof,which is why I truly believe Cardano will be one of the 1-2% of altcoins that actually survive and if you survive long enough in the future in this market,VERY good things will happen for the holders of that particular crypto I promise you that! Cardano is coming,and you've been notified! But look for yourself and do your own research and good luck on your investments!

  35. No one wants to use it, it costs twenty percent of change, and price will be brutal after two more halfings… Adoption is only digital gold by banks etc.

  36. Kristof.. people won't and can't use BTC if no one mainstream is accepting it and people are not paid with it. If you want to assist in it's adoption start a Bitcoin Community Trust/Foundation like XRP have right now.. ? Put some of those profits into action…

  37. The fact that it's not used to pay for groceries or coffee doesn't mean it's not used. Bitcoin is very good for one thing and is used for that thing.

  38. no we just dont want to be that pizza guy when i can use cash fiat, i have a decent amount of bitcoin but i have cash to use and would rather spend that first. In the future things will be priced in bitcoin and the volatility will go away, however at this point with so little people in the game it has massive upside potential.

  39. At just about 9:54 enter the words Hashgraph and H bars…. Hello Future

  40. My bank doesnt accept bitcoin, my grocery store doesnt accept bitcoin, my country & state doesnt accept bitcoin for taxes, i dont get paid in bitcoin, 99% of things in my life accept fiat so thats what im going to use until those things i mentioned above change!

  41. Unless there is some huge financial crisis and we get hyperinflation and other big problems, the average person in a first world country just isn't going to care about using BTC. For responsible people, banks and credit cards provide valuable service. You don't need to risk carrying cash around and getting robbed, if someone steals your credit card the banks refund your money, they provide insurance on purchases, you can borrow money for a month with zero interest. They do inflate the costs of everything due to cost of transactions but with private crypto currencies, VISA for example could offer much cheaper credit card transactions. Our best chance of adoption is from countries where there are problems and people there will take it upon themselves to transact with crypto.

  42. Dude, what's up with your hair? I think you're transmogrifying into a Unicorn!

  43. If you HODL you are supporting BITCOIN And the use case IMO. ?

  44. So he's talking about the original debts that are still around since the beginning, that could get cleared up by Bitcoin, but realize it's Jacob and Esau

  45. Let us start with you first premiss it can't be used. I purchased thousands of bitcoins at $1 and now I use them to buy flights hotels and computer equipment directly. Also, I purchased a multi-million dollar home indirectly with bitcoin. So your first statement is incorrect making your following assertions crumble like a house of cards. That's like saying well I can't buy a car because there are very few gas stations or roads. There are roads and stations and they are building more you know it I know it and that is the reality you seem to forget. Oh, one more thing bitcoin has gone through the roof when bitcoin was at $10 or $100 I said it would be more than gold and people laughed at me I would never back then thought it was going to be worth 10k today!

  46. No confliction, it called "saving"", and its a modern from of it given that fiat money is being debased. And main stream media is not pushing that narrative it pushed consumption.

  47. Energi shatters with its passive income. If we consider their roadmap, I think we can expect miracles with this coin. The future is near.

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